Shutting Down Propaganda Media Violence

Having  watched YouTube agitation propaganda produced by a young European adult it was with great satisfaction that I noted Facebook has shut down his account and all new attempts to open an account.

This man’s YouTube needs to also disappear.  When watching vehicles and buildings being blown up with symphonic music in the background it must be noted that something is wrong with the young man’s ‘noggin. There is nothing beautiful about severed limbs and detached skulls.

The fact that this man has also posted a video of a beheading of a child shows a strange fascination with themes of violent death.

I am glad to see boundaries being placed on this young adult and his ability to platform violent themes.  I strongly believe in the concept of “digital tech arrest”.

You may not be physically locked up. But you will be locked out of the digital space and not allowed to peddle your wares across the internet.  I have written about this topic in the past for Daily Times (Pakistan).  And while firmly believing in freedom of expression I do not believe it includes the right to abuse of the freedom for recruitment into violent theaters of operation. British schoolgirls have disappeared into Syria because of such things.  Half-wit Americans have done the same.

His name is Rune Agerhus.  It is time for him to be brought to account.

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