Killing Gays in Five Easy Steps

The Last English Prince  has a  dear  gay friend.

He is fun, loving and kind.

War Footing Against Gays

I believe homosexuality presents my community (Christians) with a moral dilemma which is best approached first with love.

Otherwise, we are reduced to the barbarity of Islam:

  • Beheading
  • Burn them to death
  • Throw them off a cliff
  • Topple a wall on them and create a crushing injury
  • A combination of the aforementioned.

“The easiest one, chop their head off.”

And why is this man barely able to hide his smile as he speaks?  He practically salivates because of the mad dog scampering away in his brain.

Having watched the beheading video of American Paul M. Johnson, Jr. – an employee of Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin – kidnapped and killed in Saudi Arabia – I can attest that the beheading can be botched up a bit and while “easy” for the criminal it lies in the realm of a savage death for the victim.

Do I want my friend beheaded, cremated while still breathing, chunked off a cliff or crushed to death?  Of course not.

But then again, we have that pesky little incident at the Pulse Club.

This teaching is on my doorstep and in my city.  Think I am pissed?


Addendum:  talking with a friend today.

Does anyone else pick up on it?  The smile of nostalgia when this man speaks of “…the easiest one – chop off their head?”

I am a research journalist. When I analyze the facial response I see a smile that denotes memory.  Has Sodagar beheaded a gay while in Iran? That is the question. We may never have the answer.  But he… knows.


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