“Enjoyed talking to the incredible women working hard service center. Great strides being made towards the empowerment of women.”

“Had the honor of visiting 1st all-women process service center in , . Thanks to for the invite!”


  • The above tweets are coming off the FLOTUS twitter feed.  Reality is a bit different.  A “1st all-women process service center” is not about emancipation.  It continues to be about inequality.  And while income may empower it does not give equal status in a place like Saudi Arabia which also has “all women” universities – a place like Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive. A place like Saudi Arabia, where if a woman shows an ankle or an elbow on the street may find herself in harm’s way.

The talk is “sweet” coming from a woman who is fully emancipated.  The truth is bitter, for women in Saudi Arabia.

We can dress it up.  But maybe, the political construct should be presented with naked truth.

Women in Saudi Arabia are at the mercy of their men.

Another small thought:  Why are American companies involved in perpetuating archaic models of male supremacy?

My nation is also at fault for not setting a standard in our business dealings with other nations.

Raise no shout for the newly brokered arms trade deal.

A moment of silence, please.






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