Commander-in-Chief: Marcus Aurelius Trump

The speech was excellent on multiple levels.  The delivery superb and spoken by a man who truly understands the authority invested in his oath of office.  Marcus Aurelius spoke.  And it was not to an audience in Rome.  The audience was in Riyadh.

The Last English Price contributes to Infidel Bloggers Alliance and we are sharing thoughts back and forth in the e mail this morning.  Whilst the site is a “barking lot” we all know the truth:  Ibloga is a therapy couch for those of us who believe in Freedom of Expression.  We can lounge on the couch and make blistering comments – some which we truly believe and others which we just make up.  And the psychiatrist – Dr. Constitution – just loves it when we talk.  smile

If you have not listened to President Trump’s speech in entirety you can find it here:

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