I Stand Corrected….

The speculation of suicide bombers and terrorists with names like Abdul, Muhammad, or perhaps, Ali  is just that.

The kunya of all of these successful terrorists is “Not an imminent threat”.

Yep. “Not an imminent threat” attacked:

Fort Hood


San Bernardino



(I have left a few out – like “Not an imminent threat” who attacked shoppers at the St. Cloud Mall and the machete wielding “Not an imminent threat” at the Nazareth Grill.

  • The Last English Prince – with a kunya of “Snarky”
  • And “Snarky” will never unleash hell on any fellow human being.

Perhaps that should be the job of government?

It is necessary of course. Close your eyes and imagine the little girl without her legs, the little girl with nails in her face, the concert-goers with bolts in their backs.  We must not shy away from the horror of war on British soil, the war which is slouching toward American children in the future. One day – we will lose our own little girls and young ladies. It is not if – it is when.

Allow yourself to weep for the sheer horror of it

And then, contact your Congressman.

What is their part in this?  What new suite of laws?  What legal cordon?

What about Trump’s Muslim ban, as in his words – until we can figure out the hell what we are dealing with?

Nails embedded in a little girl’s face tell us all we need to know.

Pray.  And then make your voice count.

Demand Congressional accountability and flexibility in working with our POTUS to assure we are not the next “Manchester”.


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