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As an individual who has been involved in both immersion studies (a decade with a legal Mufti) and networking with the Muslim community since 2004, it must be noted that I do not hate Muslims.  I have shared food from the communal plate and scooped it from the edge with two fingers (Hadith), chosen an odd number of dates to eat (Seerah) and observed secret Sufi rites. Islam is a Gestalt which few truly understand.

What I hate are the ideological tethers which do exist within primary source documents which function as a triggering mechanism.  The mechanisms do not only effect the vulnerable and “mentally ill”.  But they can induce a form of mental illness which creates an obliteration of conscience.

This is what the English face. This is what must be confronted with truth, because sunlight is a disinfectant. Have these conversations:  Honestly, gently, and with great courage.

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