The Slaughter of Olivia Campbell

We are not allowed to rise up as a community and say “Enough is enough.”

But we are allowed to bury our slaughtered dead. We are allowed to hold meaningless little memorials  – because who can really, really wrap their head around “Manchester” or “San Bernardino”.

Seems like a hell of a bad trade-off.

Here is the question:  Do the civilized have a right to rise up against the barbarian?

Or does the barbarian win?

Do the civilized have a right to raise their children in safety?

Or does the barbarian win?

Do the civilized have a right to deny the barbarian safe harbor to commit acts of atrocity against those with outstretched hand and heart?

Olivia Campbell’s voice has been silenced. Listen to her voice as she sings about love.

Love is a word which is never mentioned in the Qur’an. Minus love, a religious equation is deficient.

It seems a hell of a trade off

Until this fire burns out – the most loving act of the loving Western culture is to legally thwart those who would kill our children from ever placing one toe on our shoreline.

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