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I had a doctor waltz up to me yesterday and say, “Can you BELIEVE what happened in Manchester! What do you think?” He is from that region of the world (Muslim-majority region) and we talk politics and he values my thoughts.

I did not mince words. “If I had to pull nails out of a child’s face like were pulled out of the face of the little girl at Manchester I would torch the nearest mosque.”

The man literally turned fifty shades of grey right before my eyes. I then followed through.

“Don’t you think that something like that might just unhinge a person to do something they would not normally consider?”

He quickly tippy-toe’d away.

Freedom of expression, Baby! Better to draw that line in the sand than to ambush little girls and drill them full of nails and bolts.

Righteous anger? You better believe it. Does such anger have a place when considering the survival of the innocent? You betcha.

I await our Veterans blown up in their wheelchairs on Memorial Day.

Shield of Faith – strapped on. Crusader. I kind of like the title.

The message sent to our government is thus: Do your jobs. Because you really, really do not want us to have to do your job for you. You don’t want it messy. We would mess it up, with our righteous anger.

Saturday, May 27, 2017 3:05:00 pm


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2 thoughts on “Message to my Government”

  1. I fail to understand why more people are not enraged by the slaughter that occurred at Manchester arena. Grief at first, certainly, But then, fury should ensue.

    I don’t see enough anger.

    I do see a lot of denial and a lot of amnesia.

    The world shrugs and moves on — until the next atrocity committed by Islamic barbarians.

    This is a death spiral for the West.


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