Texas Governor Greg Abbott Jailed for Blasphemy

Well… not exactly.

But Indonesian Christian Governor Jailed for Blasphemy

I am a close personal friend of the Muslim man who debated Reverend Terry Jones over the issue of Quran burning.

Good time had by all!

This man also has run for the presidency in the Sudan and is the father of Clock Boy.  I got my first magazine cover story (Vyshinsky in the Sudan) after assisting with strategy and prepping him for his failed presidential run.

Senior writer: Tammy Swofford

But blasphemy is a big, big deal in Islam.  And while our Texas Governor has not been jailed,  across the world,  Shar’iah is used as leverage against Christians who merely wish to live out their faith and function as fully-accepted members of society.

What does Islam teach regarding non-Muslims in positions of government?  This teaching is on my shelf with books written by prominent Muslim scholars.  While it is true that in places like the Hashemite Kingdom (a valuable ally for the U.S.) there are Palestinian Christians highly place in government – it is an anomaly. It is not the norm.

Perhaps one little thought from _The Principles of State and Government in Islam_ by Muhammad Asad will suffice:

The Qur’anic command, “Obey God, and obey the Apostle,” is immediately followed by the words, “and those in authority from among you.” – that is, from the Muslim community: which amounts to a statement that the imposition of power from outside the Muslim community cannot be morally binding on a Muslim, while, on the other hand, obedience to a properly constituted Islamic government is a Muslim’s religious duty.”

Hence, the ability for Muslim communities to:


Colonize along Ottoman-designed principles

Establish para-parliamentary governance right under our little democratic noses.

We will never see the “fake news” of the Texas governor jailed for blasphemy.  But this news is searingly truthful for Christians unlucky enough to reside within Muslim-majority regions of the world.


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