Suggested New Motto’s for the FBI

  • Jihadi for a week.  Penitentiary for life.
  • You will be scooped up like poop while the pile is still wet and before the sun sets.

Just a reminder:

The Last English Prince believes that watch lists have had an unintended consequence of  facilitating American deaths on U.S. soil. What is meant as a safety net has also functioned as a potent vehicle for terror activities.  Believing that there is all the time in the world to observe some of the threats without removing them has snatched more than a few Americans from the bundle of the living. We watched: Fort Hood erected her tombstones.  You get the message.

It is time.  It is time for fresh eyes on the problem and a willingness to kill the sacred “watch list” cow.  We need a watch list cockfighting  rooster.  The spurs should be in the air and flying against the threat every morning.

We need to spend tax dollars on the right animal


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