Kathy Griffin: A Citizen who has lost Moral Compass

The Last English Prince has no memory of the Kennedy assassination.  She does remember the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.  That moment, defined my investment in citizenship to deep degree.  My compass shifted to true north. And I have never allowed the needle on the compass to move.

Kathy Griffin has a deeply flawed moral calculus as evidenced by her actions.  Would any of us wish for our seated POTUS to receive such a fate, any more that we would wish such a fate on someone whom we love?

Take it a step further.  I had a sense of personal satisfaction that Osama bin Laden was taken out in professional military style.  There was satisfaction that Anwar al-Awlaki also received a military calling card.

Those who would see their need for justice satiated with images of a beheading of our enemy are in need of recalibration of their moral compass.  And those who would satiate their hatred toward a seated American President with an image of a beheaded Donald J. Trump are deserving of a calling card from the Secret Service.

How many?  How many, having now seen the image – fantasize about doing the same? I have been seated in the presence of men who would have no problem with the scenario.

Kathy Griffin: Barbarian

There is nothing funny about what Ms. Griffin did.  There is something very, very wrong with her mental status and the mental status of the photographer.


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2 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin: A Citizen who has lost Moral Compass”

  1. A thought that occurred to me this evening: it’s not merely that Griffin has something very, very wrong with her mental status. She is the exposed face of the hate-filled Left and certain members of the GOP elite. She portrayed what many Never Trumpers are actually wishing for in their heart of hearts.


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