Taking a Look at Al-Qaeda Internal Communications

The Last English Prince was forwarded an article written by a British Pakistani Muslim, making a brave attempt at telling moi and you’sems how we can defeat terrorism in three easy steps. I am reminded that education is always the best remedy for stupidity.

I just trotted over to a Jihadabad website and pulled off a longish internal communique from that hydra, al-Qaeda, waxing eloquent about all things jihad, including references to some of the first documents sent out by Osama bin Laden after touching down in Abbottabad with his wives and children.

We are not involved in a children’s game.  And it is a game that the faint of heart are better off not engaging.

The Last English Prince is not faint of heart.  But I also note that certain documents never make it into the marketplace of ideas. They remain hidden within the land of analysts and their nifty little cubicles.  So give me a bit of time to sift through the granular details and I will place actual text upon this page, with my own pithy analysis.



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