Al-Qaeda: Part IV The Networks

Continuing along for a final look at the document retrieved from a jihad portal, the editor of this blog notes the following paragraph:

In the first documents from Abbottabad, Sheikh Usama advised the Al-Shabab movement to hide their allegiance to Al-Qaeda and mentioned the reasons for this:  “If it becomes known, it will increase the mobilization of enemies against you, as happened with the brothers in Iraq and Algeria.  Secondly, some Muslims in Somalia suffer from severe need and malnutrition as a result of the ongoing wars in their country, and I intend, in one of my appeals, to induce Gulf businessmen to create effective low-cost development projects, similar to our work in (redacted name of country).  The results of this project will alleviate the difficulties of the Muslims of Somalia and help to maintain support of the Mujahideen by the people.”


Network is everything in Islam.  Whether the network is based on bloodline (an important concept) or organizational affiliation, Islam sustains geopolitical goals via strong networks.

It is possible, that I have held in my hand  a low-cost development project item – used as a false flag for communication relay into the “redacted country” mentioned in the aforementioned.  Jihad members may show up announced, but the announcement might be that a truck of food stuff has pulled up into a village, or in the case of the item handed to me – something to advance the goals of those who claim to bring light into darkness.

The survival of jihad activity in the vast reaches of Africa, Asia and beyond is dependent on non-digital communication, couriers, and today: encrypted telephones.  Network is everything.  Hence we must disrupt and dismantle the human communication networks along with financial streams and other aspects which feed political aspirations. But within the tribal spaces, we will encounter the most difficulty regarding the networks, their communication caravan routes, and the human mules involved in the task.






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