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For many years The Last English Prince could show up at the Islamic Association of North Texas unannounced and pop into the office of the scholar-in-residence.  I sustained a vibrant decade-long friendship with the prior imam, Dr. Yusuf  Ziya Kavakci.

The last time I visited with Dr. Kavakci was a few weeks prior to his return to Istanbul. I brought along a cake, a Ramadan gift for his wife.

Fast forward to what happened yesterday in front of the campus:

The Americans who protested in front of the mosque  engaged Constitutional right.  We have the right to peaceful assembly. And in the state of Texas we support open carry.

What makes America a healthy democracy

Freedom of expression, engaged with responsibility, is a right which must not be abridged.  Minus vigorous support for Constitutional right we are reduced to the corrosive influences of Islam:

Facebook is not necessarily interested in exporting freedom

I will take gun-toting, sidewalk-dwelling, go-home-at-the-end-of-the-day peaceful assembly over this:

Peaceful assembly or turning little girls into charcoal?

Kiss the ground on which thou doth dwell.  Do not get too worked up over protesters with a truncated showcasing of Constitutional right.

And do begin to understand that a strong case can be made for safeguarding our social compact and progressive and beautiful social experiment.

Dr. Kavakci




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  1. The anti-shari’a demonstrations on Saturday, June 10, 2017, were almost universally covered as anti-Muslim demonstrations. They were not! But Orwell’s Ministry of Truth — CNN, ABC, etc., so stated; therefore, many will believe that the demonstrations were hate demonstrations. **sigh**


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