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Just sent this along to a friend in the Netherlands.  He is a biochemistry Ph.D.  We have been discussing geopolitical chaos.

“The solutions are simple. But since politicians engage sophistry, shy away from adult conversations with adult audiences, solutions will not be brought to bear.  I live with a basic premise. Adults can handle the truth and children must also be given the truth with a delivery platform which suits childhood development.  But we should never lie.  It demeans what is known as the human experience.
The truth?  Let me merely give a simple example.  Yesterday I took our dog Max to chase around a frisbee.  He managed to drive a squirrel up a tree.  Quite angered, the squirrel issued quite a tongue-lashing.  The dog barked delightedly.  The owner of the dog demanded focus on the task at hand.  Three of us, with three distinct sets of vocal cords and a cacophony of sound.
What God?  What God explodes across the universe with such immense creative force to then take the time to place unreasonable demands upon man?
* Step into the bathroom with one foot and out with the other
* Say one thing climbing the hill, another walking down, when embarking on the battle
* Detest dogs – who now provide us with olfactory abilities to detect cancer in urine, blood glucose anomalies in diabetic children and recognize molecular components of explosives?
*  Install a clitoris in women and then demand removal of the installation?  (Islam’s dirty little secret is that Aisha cheated on Muhammad and the aftermath and blow back from this event brought a world of hurt against women as “revelation” came regarding women and their submissive status to men.)
* Allow  sexual proclivities to damage the pelvic structures of little girls and create a “fistula belt” in the Sudan?
* Give women the means to survive against the stronger of the species with gifts of beauty and then strip them of the ability to benefit from a visual advantage? (In Biblical prose, God slapped man together, but He “formed” woman.  smile)
Every mandate regarding religion comes under the scrutiny of a primary question:  “Hath God indeed said….?”  If the conduct is illogical, the god is a jester.
I believe in a Creator who allows free moral agency because such freedom brings personal growth or for the foolish of heart, object lessons for the remainder of us.  I believe in a God who does not have I.Q., but wisdom.
Muhammad was a cunning bastard who had a tribal I.Q. and a political formula which has survived untouched for too many centuries.  It seems to me that it would be a great kindness to enforce policies which free Allah’s slaves, and also denies a platform for the slaves who do not long for freedom.
President Trump, whilst not eloquent, perhaps has a grasp on a simple solution:  a travel ban.
My solution?
And for the Muslims already on our soil with aspirations against the Republic?  We will deal with you too, but not in such a kind manner.  We will match your cunning, be bigger bastards than you, and face you down without capitulation.  We will remove you from the streets and deny you the glory of martyrdom.  America will be a place where you will not be martyred, but you will go to jail.”

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