The Replicator’s Nest

The Last English Prince has coined a name for the nexus.  It is “The Replicator’s Nest”.

Stretching from my city to Dearborn, from Dearborn to Detroit, from Detroit to the Netherlands from the Netherlands to Lebanon,  and on to the Bay area, these men have given their bay’ah to Tehran.

On sovereign American soil:

Three native born Americans.  One Iranian.  Under the banner of One Cause.

The bay’ah looks like this:

Begin the video at the one minute time stamp

These are “small problems”, of course.  Easily managed.

But then again, consider the replicator’s nest. Children are easy prey.

Having been invested with the power given by God – the power of observation;

but with no signatory power, nor power of a platform, The Last English Prince is reduced to watching the nest.

Perhaps, it should be destroyed.


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