Sonia Gupta: Kathy Griffin’s Spawn

Ms. Gupta, a former prosecutor from Louisiana, sent out the following Tweet after the shooting of GOP Majority Whip Steve Scalise:

“Before you start dropping to your knees to pray for @SteveScalise, remember that he’s a racist piece of shit and bigot.”

Sonia Gupta’s Twitter comment is here

Is this the best America has to offer, or is Ms. Gupta a very bad deal for American values?

In America we value:

Law and order:  You would think that as a prosecutor Ms. Gupta would uphold lawful solutions for personal grievances

Mercy and kindness for those who suffer violence: Ms. Gupta rejoices in the critical injury of an elected public official with whom she does not agree.

Social etiquette:  During time of crisis we extend thoughts and prayers. Far be it for Americans to rejoice when evil triumphs.

But perhaps there is a basic core value held dear which Ms. Gupta scarcely understands.  It is the concept of love.

Attributes of Love

Should we not harbor a measure of fear when in the presence of Ms. Gupta?

I would hope to never cross her path.  She salivates over the violence and seems emotionally satiated to know that when democracy wins, there are other means to bring democracy to heel.


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