Targeted Shooting: Alexandria, Virginia

Watching the news as it unfolds.  Congressman Steve Scalise has been shot. A staff member has also been wounded.  Capitol Police tasked with the protection of the Majority Whip have also suffered gunshot wounds.

One little sentence bothers me: (I believe it was uttered at Fox News)

The news commentator stated the Capitol Police were seated inside the black SUV.

If this is true the following thoughts bother me quite a bit:

Did they walk the field and secure the perimeter?

If tasked with protecting of the Majority Whip why were they not on the field?

If they were inside the vehicle were the windows up, air conditioning on, and more importantly, was the dashboard radio on?

Why did the Congressman from Alabama see the rifle prior to the Capitol police? It is not the job of the Congressman to identify threat.

How many shots were fired before there was a response?

Here is the deal.  I have not heard a statement from anyone on the field saying that immediately after the first shots were fired the Capitol police were on the field and instructing the ball players. There is a time-line “sound of silence” regarding the voice of the uniformed officers.

I sincerely hope the officers were on the field and not outside the fence. I hope they called in the threat prior to the calls being made by the Congressmen stating they were under attack.  The digital communications will provide the story.

I hope what was said is misinformation and not a fact.  Regardless, prayers are offered for all impacted by this horrific event.


One Congressman stated, “…they ran in…” and the time-line was “they ran in” after shots fired.

Do not mistake the intent of this post.  The officers exhibited bravery and provided a line of fire for cover so that individuals could leave the field safely.  But the question remains.  Were they inside the perimeter  when the shooting started? And how far away were they from Congressman Scalise, with whose protection they were tasked? What was the level of vigilance prior to the gunman setting up his shooting post? Seconds of time count when we are talking about lives saved.


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