Malcolm Harris: Son of a Bitch

Racoon scat journalist Malcolm Harris has taken hatred to a whole new level.

Hoping for the death of a Congressman

As a registered nurse I have seen rifle injury trauma.  Congressman Steve Scalise was in shock from severe bleeding on arrival to a major trauma center.  There is practically the need for  this in the operating suite when dealing with trauma on the scale sustained by our public servant.   I was the blood-runner for an arterial bleed once and I quit counting after thirteen units of blood and multiple units of platelets. These scenes are unimaginable to those not trained to handle such emergencies.

Congressman Scalise has a wife and two young children.  He has suffered unimaginable violence and “lucky to live” does not come into my vocabulary if he survives all of this.

Should we?  Should we demand courtesy visits to men such as Malcolm Harris after sending out such vile sentiments?

Should law enforcement pay the polite visit to Malcolm Harris, sit across from him and ask a few measured questions:

  • Since this event excites you do you have a plan of your own?
  • Tell us a bit more about your thoughts and can you expand on them?

No arrest.  No threat of arrest.  Just a gentle reminder that we live in a democracy. Our elected officials represent the will of the People.

May the knock on the door come for Malcolm Harris.





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