Camille Paglia: Worth Reading

The Last English Prince has only read the portion of the interview posted on the page of Infidel Bloggers Alliance.  I intend to read the remainder at work later today.

It will be interesting to  consider her thoughts regarding Islamic terrorism.  Ms. Paglia is recognized as a brilliant thinker.  By comparison, Megyn Kelly is a pygmy.

In her own words

The complete interview from Weekly Standard can be found here:

Camille Paglia

It occurred to me that my place of employment has a firewall against Infidel Bloggers Alliance as “pornography” because Pastorius is fond of posting images which fall under a meta tag of  “boobs” on Friday. smile  We like to appeal to all audiences but primarily to a male readership.  An occasional sensory element keeps the readership loyal.  smile




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