Condolences and Prayers for my Navy Shipmates

Having served as a Lieutenant Commander in the USNR I can attest to the professionalism and high caliber of character exhibited by my shipmates during my own  years of service.  Our traditions are strong because we hail from the seas. We are a hardy group, and good order and discipline are important.

I am greatly saddened for the loss of seven Navy sailors in the recent collision of one of our destroyers with a container ship.  An investigation will sort out the granular details.

Today, I remember the words to the Navy Hymn.

Eternal Father, Strong to Save

This hymn has three stanza and gives a nod to the Christian God, a Triune Divinity of Father, Son (Savior) and Spirit.  Many of the old hymns use this tradition to convey a primary tenet of our faith.

How we choose to live

God Bless the United States Navy.



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