Finsbury Park Mosque Attack: Cause and Effect

The Last English Prince does not condone violence.  But it is the flower of a flawed policy and security root system.

This flaw lies within a hybridization of narrative regarding the nature of the threat.

The shoe is now on the other foot

Or perhaps better stated, walk a mile in our shoes:

Two thousand nine hundred and ninety six pair of shoes

Twenty-two pair of shoes

Forty-nine pair of shoes

Twenty-three pair of shoes

Added to the Manchester attack are the 119 injured in the blast.

Vigilantism is the bastard child of a union between inadequate policy and security vacuum.

Vigilantism is the bastard child that knows it is not loved but still wants to survive.

Vigilantism can also be the action of a decent man who has seen too much and now fills the need to step into a bigger pair of shoes than his own.

One of my favorite films is _The Equalizer_ starring Denzel Washington.  A decent man engages edgy retribution against an organization that thinks it is o.k. to beat a prostitute.

As the protagonist embarks on a violent killing spree his message to the perpetrators is that they are out of time.

Perhaps the man seated in the van who rammed his van into pedestrians leaving a mosque looked down at his own timepiece as he put the vehicle in gear and drove toward his target.

We really, really do not have the time to probe around the edges of Islamic terrorism and debulk an ideological tumor.  We have run out of time, and what I have feared for over a decade now is a reality in London.

The bastard is alive, with a howl coming out of the windpipe – and this is how the baby looks.  Just wait… for adulthood.


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