Planning the Summer Vacation for Maximum Fun!

Travel agencies suggest that any summer vacation with a “Bucket List” will not be complete without visiting the “State of Emergency”.

Once touching down at the Charles De Gaulle Airport families can venture about with their cell phones ready for high drama.

First stop, the building where the Charlie Hebdo massacre occurred.  From there the kiddies can be taken to the kosher supermarket, Hyper Cacher, for a nice sandwich and a quick peek at the area where startled shoppers were held hostage by jihadists.

The must-see venue of note, of course, will be the Bataclan Theater in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.  If the youngsters are still of a delicate age it might be best not to mention the men who were castrated and left with the family jewels in their mouths, or the concert-goers who were eviscerated so that the last thing they saw was their intestines dropping to the floor.  The story can merely move to the set of windows where the pregnant woman dangled precariously trying to save herself from religio-political fiends.

Perhaps there will be the standard lorry speeding along the boulevard in Nice, knocking over pedestrians like bowling pins. Or perhaps the tourist can watch a fireball erupt under the shadow of the Champs Elysees, as happened today.

Regardless, a visit to the State of Emergency can prove an invigorating experience.

If faint of heart, a visit to the state of Hungary, Poland, or the Ukraine might be advised. These are the states that just might survive and never be stripped of their real names and reduced to “State of Emergency”.

What is the common denominator for Hungary, Poland and the Ukraine?  The topic, is also a delicate one.



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