Islam and Remote Access Tools

If the brain is just a computer….

This was my thought last night as I stood at the front window watching the approaching storm.

Of course the brain is so much more. It is receptive to hormonal cascades, blood flow patterns, hepatic enzymes and both aggression and humor triggers. The brain truly is the final frontier.

Yesterday I receive a rapper’s thoughts based on a homonym. Two of the three sounds for the word were used and the third one could have also found space in the thought. This was all about humor, and it was greatly enjoyed.

Speaking of another budding rapper, what about neuroplasticity and its role in brain-as-computer function?  This young adult Muslim male began his career with a rap which uses the words Constitution and revolution in the same breath.  He is progressing along with  his recording label (as yet not identified to the greater public)  and surrounded by like-minded young men who are Muslims from Africa.  Born in the USA to a white American mother and a Muslim father who hails from Africa; raised by his mother, he is now bonding with his father and the men of the family.


The man was a toddler when the aircraft hit the Twin Towers.  On his Twitter feed, a short cellphone clip of the strike on the second Tower. Why did he post this? What does this mean to him on a personal level?  I will ask him at a later date and after Ramadan is over.

As a Muslim, how does he view 9/11?

Islam has a remote access tool and it is a back door installment which is dependent on the neuroplasticity of the brain to function.  This RAT installs proxy memories which then function as part of a hardworking slave bot network  against the host.

Let me put it in simple terms.  I can remember my grandmother’s banana pudding.  But I cannot remember my great grandmother’s pudding.  Muslims “remember” the dish all the way back to Khadija, Aisha, and Fatima.  They not only remember the pudding, but in their minds, they were there when Grandfather first stuck his finger in it and said, “What a good boy am I.”

Our budding rapper is the cousin of another Muslim male who built a clock.  Prior to his ill-advised venture, he also sat down with me and discussed 9/11.  He is… younger than the rapper.

The rat continues to scamper along.

Editorial addendum:  The clip of the second aircraft hitting the Tower has been removed from the Twitter user’s page.  The young man, still gets the question. It must be asked. A journalist asks who, what, when, where, why and how.  The primary unresolved issue is “Why”.  In your own words, “Why the fascination?”  And perhaps, “How can you take responsibility and resolve this issue in your own heart?”  Life is all about trade-offs.  For Muslims in America the trade-off is a good one.


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