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“Allah will never give the kafirun a way over the Muminun.”  Qur’an 4: 140

While this particular ayat has application regarding the judiciary (a non-Muslim is not allowed to render judgment against a Muslim) it has additional applications.

One of the ways Allah denies the unbeliever “a way” over the faithful regards secret-keeping.  Perhaps one thing which is not fully understood is that proper vetting and rank  accomplished by humans are not the primary criteria for being entrusted with a secret and keeping the same.

My vetting process and investigation into my character and background were still incomplete when I took the oath of office and put on my uniform.  It was understood that should anything surface after the fact, my clearance could be revoked – hence my inability to serve in official capacity as a Naval officer.

Islam… is different.

Ni’mal Abd Innahu Awwab.

Qadassa Allahu Sirrah


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