Otto Warmbier: The Death of An American Citizen Abroad

I have not “gotten what I deserved” in life; rather I have been the recipient of what I have not been deserving:  the grace of God, the infinite kindness of strangers,  warmth of friends, and forgiveness for my mistakes.

If Otto Warmbier “got what he deserved” than we should fear placing our own head on the pillow tonight.

I have had the discussion with friends:

  • Did Otto Warmbier perhaps not understand the risks?
  • Was it from a sense of entitlement and place of privilege that he platformed and catapulted himself right into danger?

The above may be true.  But the greater truth is that the consciousness which defines life was taken from him while jailed on false pretenses.  The greater truth is that he was a pawn in a geopolitical game he did not understand.

Far be it from me, to say he got what he deserved

My gut tells me that should this scenario unfold in the future, the bombers will be en route and the negotiation will be life-for-life.




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