Trump: Walk like a Champion

The news outlets are racing about like their hair is on fire.

The President of the United States has posted a video parody from Wrestlemania 23 (2007).   In the original video, Donald Trump uses a clothesline move to knock down the WWE president Vince McMahon.  In the altered video, the CNN logo is superimposed on Mr. McMahon’s  features.

Ten years younger and looking quite fit, Trump walks like a champion. But ten years older, he is taking on CNN single-handed, and with a bare-fisted Twitter account.

You will find the video here

What do I think about this?  One word.  Refreshing.

It is refreshing to have a negotiation shark for a President.

It is refreshing to have a man who is not an attorney, nor concerned with the latest polls.

It is refreshing to see a man who finds himself a David facing Goliath and capable enough to take a smooth stone and a slingshot to challenge his personal enemy.

But most of all, I find it refreshing to see a man so comfortable in his own skin, with such a strong ego, that he can take a bit of humor and theater from a decade ago and transplant it into the ring in which he is now fighting.

Here is the question.  As an American, does the POTUS has the right to freedom of expression?

Here is a second question.  What is the I.Q. of those who cannot discern the satirical aspects of parody? Let the gerbils race along on their wheels. I choose not to join them.

The President walks like a champion.  I kind of like that quality in a man.


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One thought on “Trump: Walk like a Champion”

  1. The alphabet networks along with their print-media cohorts, cannot recognize satire when they see it. What fools they show themselves to be!

    The alphabet networks along with the WaPo and the NYT, are irrelevant as far as many Americans are concerned.

    I’m one of those Americans.

    Trump continues to show that the alphabet networks are Fake News, and his showing them up for what they are really does threaten them — but not with violence.

    These Fake News Networks are longing for a violent attack on themselves so that they can screech, “See what Trump has done to us! He’s not fit to serve as President! Impeach him!”

    Next up: the Fake News Networks will set up a false-flag attack on themselves. Trump supporters are not going to attack them with torches and pitchforks because, as I mentioned above, the Fake News Networks are already irrelevant as far as perceptive Americans are concerned.

    The Fake News Networks have lost all their journalistic integrity, so we’re done with them. They’re dead, but not quite buried.


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