Trump: Churchill in Poland

President Trump’s speech in Poland has all of the right elements, notable nuance, and sends the right signals.

Trump in Poland

As someone who leads a busy life I tend not to make demands on others to read or view what I choose for them.  The choices… are always your own.

So for streamlining of the video, merely watch from 25 minutes to the 32 minute mark.


  • In speaking of “bureaucracy” it seems the POTUS is really referencing the regulatory vises of globalism which constrain individual markets.
  • Strong upholding of Western civilization, noting our symphonies and works of art and the pride and confidence we should retain in our values.  “This is who we are…”  Yes. This is who we are and there is a place for cultural pride.
  • Migration based on love for our people and values. “We cannot accept those who reject our values.”
  • This is a speech which champions the West and her civilizational benchmarks.

At the 35 minute mark:

“The fundamental question for the West is whether we have the will to survive.”

My thoughts:  For too long, the narrative has been we should feel guilty for what we have attained and even retain a greater sense of guilt regarding what others have not attained for themselves.  In soft form, this is Marxism.  In strongest form, it is psychologically abusive.

Let us be that shining light on a hill. Let us say, “Catch up with us or lag behind. Have good governance or continue to pillage your own. Love us and what we have to offer or choose to stay in the governance cesspools of your own making. But we will no longer be made to feel guilty for what your own hands have destroyed.”

Don’t tread on us.  There will no longer be political tires run across our backs and we will remove the tread marks of globalism which seeks to destroy Western culture and civilizational values.

God Bless our American President.  And God Bless the USA.

Proud. Damn Proud.






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