YouTube’s Iranian Fireflies

This morning I spent a few minutes viewing resistance media which appears officially supported by the Iranian state.  One of the videos book-ended oblique references to a nuclear attack.  Another video promoted blood-thirsty behavior (martyrdom attacks).

Both videos were available on YouTube. Throw in a few thousand others of similar genre and a framework is exposed.

I remain perplexed.  While fully supporting Constitutional right I do not in any form or fashion support allowing our media platforms to host what is under Iranian state agency and meant to activate harmful sentiment against our citizens.

While understanding that clicks on these videos serve as “lightning bugs” (fireflies) for our security apparatus there is another consideration.  The firefly use of bioluminescence during twilight is meant to attract a mate.  This little beetle uses a chemical known as luciferin (from the same Latin root for Lucifer) to create light.

So while we seek out those clicks in the dark, Lucifer just might be taking up residence in another heart.

I remain perplexed.  We allow the Iranian state a framework to peddle their resistance media on our sovereign soil.

As a child, my brothers and I would capture fireflies and smear their little “butts” on our arms to provide a momentary moment of glee as the chemicals temporarily lit up our skin.

We have a Constitutional skin. Let’s quit the child’s play; quit allowing the chemicals to be smeared onto our skin.  Surely, other means exist for intelligence collection.

Nature as Intelligence Guide




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