“Jihad” Analysis as Permanent Employment: II

The Last English Prince has spent a number of months observing the Iranian political architecture on the social media platform YouTube. I was drawn away from the Sunni to the Shi’a side of the house due to some real-time events in my city.

This architecture is sturdy and the manipulation and agitation propaganda under Iranian State sponsorship cannot be denied.

Clarion Project (in 2016) provided an abbreviated analysis of one of the videos I viewed yesterday.  The analysis was sloppy, lacked an understanding of Shi’a militancy and history and basic elements of the video had not been addressed properly. (As a side issue, why is this video still available on YouTube?)

Clarion Project runs with a bold banner:

“Challenging Radical Islam.  Promoting Human Rights”

Their challenge seemed a bit weak, for this particular piece.

Here is the question.  And this comes from a former military officer.

Should we challenge or destroy radical Islam?

Take a step back to our last great war.  Did we challenge Nazi ideology or did we seek to totally obliterate it?  Should we have used the model in play today, we would still be fighting an extreme ideology across the European continent.

Let’s ask the basic journalism questions regarding the political architecture on our social media platforms.

  • Who?     Simple enough.  It is Tehran.
  • What?    Recruitment and agitation propaganda videos.
  • When?   Whenever they damn want.
  • Where?  YouTube
  • Why?       Because we let them.

We let them post their videos because a parasitic industry requires a viable host.

We are presented with a moral and ethical dilemma: Remove all of the videos with due diligence and enter a new era of accountability to the taxpayer.

Or we can let the host live, strong legs swinging off the YouTube platform,  and keep a few thousand analysts at their jobs.

Now I may be an intelligence pedestrian.  I may not have the badge and no longer carry the clearance.  But I have kept the military oath.  And to protect and defend means just that.  We should be protected from foreign agency on U.S. soil and there should be a shock-and-awe defense against these ideological products. These videos, in a nutshell, are merely pseudologia fantastica and/or mythomania.

What the hell do we think we are doing?

Child’s play.   Let our mission mature.






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