Ethnography and Islam

The number of dates on a plate should be an odd number.

This was the case when I attended a formal Islamic event.

Do not ask for a knife to cut the meat.

Watch the trouser length.  An area mosque had a skirmish about trouser length.

Hanafi tradition allows date (fruit) wine.  But the criteria is that there must not be a state of drunkenness.  The man, should still be able to distinguish his wife from the female servant.

What is said traveling up the mountain as opposed to down the mountain?  Please do not mix them up.

Do not allow your child to aspire to painting and artistry.  At the day of judgment your child will join Renoir, Picasso, and Michelangelo in hell.

There are dogmatic insensibilities and Islam is a quaint curiosity shop.

Few – know the hidden passageways nor understand how to access the hidden rooms.

Make that …. Islamic nesting dolls.

Islam is signal, symbol and code.

I have given you a few grapes from a forbidden vineyard.

You have entered a secret passageway. What word signals a tautology?

You have entered the curiosity shop.


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