US Marines Sing “Days of Elijah”

As a prior Lieutenant Commander in Fleet Hospital Dallas  (USNR) I have fond memories of Camp Pendleton.  Our hospital was configured to meet the medical needs of US Marines deployed into the battlefield. We are their medical backbone.

Five hundred beds.  N – 10 to set it up, including the Intensive Care Unit, of which I was a part.  Perhaps my favorite time in the area was spent at 29 Palms, whilst the Marines had their yearly live fire exercise. Wet bulb temperature was 114 F.  Hotter than hell and loved every minute of it!

Within our military, a vibrant community of Christians.  We should support it.  A man alone in the foxhole without the comfort of God is a man destitute of hope. And we should support our Marines of the Christian faith because the Christian ethos can soften the rough edges of what man must stoop to in time of war.  I believe in the use of extreme and violent force against the enemy.  We must win wars.  And I also believe once subdued, give the enemy a cup of water. Oath of office and Christian faith are not adversarial, rather complimentary. Both, keep guardianship over the other.

I have posted this video before, but for those who are newly acquainted with my journalism:

Below – US Marines singing a song which I have known for many years now:

Days of Elijah

With a proud history of serving as a direct commission Nurse Corps officer in the United States Naval Reserves.  Tammy Swofford



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