True North Options Against North Korea

The POTUS inherited the operational Blackmail Diplomacy package adeptly leveraged by the North Koreans against our Republic.

When learning land navigation in the Navy we were taught to set our compass to a “true north” setting prior to pulling out our topographical maps.  Although noting that my skills were so poor I would have been the skeleton with the empty canteen without my buddy, I also believe in True North Diplomacy.

What the North Korean government needs to hear:

  • You know, that we know, that you know – nuclear options against you just might pale in comparison to our non-nuclear capabilities. The public fears isotopes. We only fear what we know. You know – we are capable of much worse.
  • Look into the abyss.  It is looking back at you.
  • This is not your lucky day.  Far from it.

True north diplomacy is thus:

North Korea must be offered a list of Pale Horse options.  Nothing more. Nothing less. 

The Pale Horse




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