Silence of the Lambs

The call came into my phone at around 10 p.m.  A friend residing at a home adjacent to a mosque was having noise ordinance issues because of Ramadan. The sounds of festivities were heard through the walls of his home.  What could he do?  Nothing. And Ramadan lasts for a month, with nightly events at many area mosques.

Look back in history:  A reach out to me was sought from a group of property owners in Katy, Texas.  Plans for a super mosque complex adjacent to the neighborhood would send property values plummeting.  While legal remedies were sought, one homeowner with acreage to the other side of the neighborhood started having pig races every Friday night.

Concerns are real regarding mosques in immediate vicinity to established neighborhood homes.  Problematic, is the operational design of the Ottoman Sultanate regarding mosques and acquisition of  property adjacent to these facilities. Modernized and still in existence.  Harmful to property values. Harmful to principles of assimilation.

When reasonable voices are silenced the lambs have lost their governmental Good Shepherd.

Thomas More Law Center

Cannibalization only requires the Silence of the Lambs.



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