Charlottesville Protests: Dark and Light

In his thoughts conveyed to the nation the POTUS mentioned needing to study these issues (re: why are individuals protesting?) and the need to “Cherish our History”. Part of this history? The many statues across our city parks which remind us of the high cost paid so that we could come this far. It is fair to say the battles were both brutal and sacrificial on both sides. We should continue to honor the descendants of those who took the oath of office and served under chain of command. This is the history we should cherish: our history of civil war, reconstruction, and our modern day state where slavery is something which ceased to exist so long ago.

The removal of Confederate symbols and statues of Confederate soldiers from the public space erases the memory of a very, very important season in our nation’s forward movement into modernity and greater humanity.

The issue to be studied? Do “We the People” have a right to be upset about a political agenda which most Americans do not embrace? Our taxes pay for the maintenance of the parks and the statues erected. Our history should not be erased.

When statues are removed in the dead of night, citizens will march in the light of day. Without legal remedy, what other choice is available other than freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly?


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