The FBI and Watchful Neglect

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What happened in Florida could have been prevented. The seventeen year old was known to both Interpol and the FBI, and our “cousins” in England.

Did he proclaim the name of Allah over the slaughter?

Islam is like a Mandelbrot set. What seems like a comprehensive amount of information – can be reduced to a few simple sentences based on Qur’anic ayat.  From complex to simple.  It really is that easy for those who discern.

The Last English Prince has noted that many a mental construct surrounding Islam reacts to illusory aspects of a “religion”.

Our “think tanks” create Islam in the image of their own moral  agency.

The FBI pays for sensitivity training.

Punk kids who slit throats are left on the street.

To our detriment…

To our detriment – we do not see the convolutions which shape the revolutionary heart.

Watchful Neglect

Addendum:  How well does it work when the FBI chooses “redirection” as opposed to investigative concern and enforcement?

I have written extensively regarding the issue of Islam and recruitment into the ranks of terrorism.  The powerful nature of the message is such that one Tweet – let that sink in – one Tweet is sufficient to trigger and arm an assailant.

Perhaps the “sensitivity training” should be directed toward the plight of victims of Islamic Jihad.  And perhaps the FBI agents engaged in watchful neglect should be forced into the hospital rooms of the most current victims to observe the traumatic, lifetime effects of their stupidity in imagining  that “redirection” is the best course of action.

It is likely that Jovanni Brand was beheaded. His 13 year old friend, Dane Bancroft, was stabbed 38 times and the child’s mother, 12 times. The Muslim assailant most likely ceased to stab the mother because he no longer had the physical strength to continue.



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