Islam, Exorcism, and the Beating of Children

Experienced eyes noted a flanking story which has not been addressed regarding the arrest of a Muslim who was training his children to become school shooters.

News regarding Muslim terrorist on U.S. Soil

Second Paragraph: This tells me all I need to know

“The allegations against Siraj Ibn Wahhaj came to light as authorities awaited word on whether human remains discovered at the site were those of his missing son, who is severely disabled and went missing in December in Jonesboro, Georgia, near Atlanta.”

Fifth Paragraph:  This tells me what I cannot yet confirm:

Authorities raided the compound Friday in an investigation that has yielded a series of startling revelations — including the discovery of the 11 children in rags and word that Wahhaj wanted to perform an exorcism on his son because he thought the boy was possessed by the devil.

Let’s move to text, from a selection on my shelf.  The Last English Prince has studied the world of Jinn for several months.

Umm Aban bint al-Wazi reported that,

When her grandfather Zari went with a delegation from their tribe to see the Messenger of Allah,  he brought along a son who was insane.  When he reached Allah’s messenger he said,  “I have a son with me who is insane, so I have brought him for you to pray for him.”  The Prophet told him to bring him.  So he took off his son’s traveling clothes and and put on some good clothes, then carried him back to the Prophet.  The Prophet said to him,  “Bring him close me me and turn his back to me.” The Prophet then grabbed the boy’s clothes and began to hit him severely on his back.  While he was still hitting him he said, “Get out, enemy of Allah!  Enemy of Allah, get out!”  The boy then began to look around as if he were all right. The Prophet sat him down in front of him and called for some water.  He then wiped the boy’s face and made a prayer for him.  After the Prophet’s prayer, there was none in the delegation who were better than the boy.”


“The Jinn may then be driven out of the body by commands and possibly even accompanied by blows.  However, these practices by themselves are useless unless the one doing them has firm Eeman (faith) and a good contact with Allah based on righteous deeds.”

The Fundamentals of Tawheed

If the human remains found on the compound are of the son of Siraj ibn Wahhaj an autopsy will most likely show the back and the kidney region suffering the most damage.

The child was kidnapped, beaten, and undoubtedly buried with small face turned toward Mecca.

Child murders in the UK related to Exorcism




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