Syria: Country Snapshot – 11 May

Eid al Fitr is on the horizon – and when the “thin white line” is on the horizon, it will be time for morning prayers. Here is the Sunni side of the house and their moon sighting:

In what I always call the “bullets and rice program”, even the fighting man is involved in acts of charity during Ramadan. So it is that in Syria, The Free Men of the East, 1st Legion, provide a ten day breakfast program for Aleppo and surrounding areas.

The fourth image is dismounted cavalry engaged in foot patrols and checking cars and individual I.D.s prior to Eid. This image is in the city of Afrin.

The final image involves removal of an IED from Mazot Street in Afrin by the security apparatus.

Of course, nobody in their right mind is signing up for a Google Maps venture in Syria to provide comprehensive view. So to the readership, I offer this site:

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