Evening Thoughts: The Taliban Continue their Celebration

Everybody loves a good game of cricket. So Taliban envoys dropped into the Cricket Board Headquarters in Kabul for a photo opportunity with a former national cricketer:

I say Jamia Hafsa… you reply, “Tafsheen Malik”. 2 December 2015 is burned into my fiber because I flew into Washington, D.C. the following morning for a pre-planned visit. Below, students at Jamia Hafsa (Islamabad) sent along their congratulations to the Taliban.

In the past, I followed the Jamia Hafsa women. But they were so nonsensical in their religious cant that I finally dropped the group off my (informal) list. They did love posting their BMO (black moving objects) videos, which made them look quite sinister.

Romantic images of the mujahideen are, of course, available. Images of the lone fighter are always a crowd favorite.

Of course, behind the barking chihuahua there is always a doberman on the porch.

But do remember that Jihad starts with intent. The first gallop of the horse, the first footstep. It all counts. So if you plan a big suicidal Kaboom, take a step toward the refrigerator for a bottle of water and accidentally detonate your device, you are still a Shaheed. You took no one with you. And nobody took a shot at you. The blood on your clothing still stands as a witness for you when meeting the angel with the book in the right hand/left hand. (Check out your Qur’an)

O.K. A gimme tonight. Here are the two concepts:


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