The Qur’an and Nuclear Code: III

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And then the word is found in this DOJ document.

SEJEAL. (Persian spelling)

This brought me to revisit a word in Arabic which means “prison record”.

Words and their context command great attention when reading the Qur’an. Each ayat has a back story. These stories are brought forward and re-imagined in a modern era.

There are a few ayat in the Qu’ran which function as couplets – whilst residing in different surah. Too easily, we wax eloquent about Makki or Madani revelations and toil over issues of abrogation. This… is the kid’s stuff – offered up to a Western audience.

Arabic also contains a handful of words with deeply guarded meanings – some of which are from the Ruh (spirit) aspect of God. I have been given the words (minus the meanings) with a firm F’ off – from anyone I show them too. smile

Examine the fox holes. And don’t step on the mines. But remove and dismantle them… and learn.

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