Thought for the Day: Europe’s Rising Nationalism

Vigilantism is a by-product of failed policies.  Good governance establishes healthy policy initiatives which nurture societal homeostasis. Homeostasis is dependent on a slow trickle of immigrants because assimilation takes time.  Europe has allowed an illegal deluge.

Merkel’s flood-the-soil plan has created a hemorrhage in the identity of what it means to be a German.

Germans are now psychologically assaulted as the foreigners in their own streets.

Germany no longer “feels” like Germany. It feels like something much different.

When a distinctly different civilization is imposed on an existing civilization, it feels like a post-war occupation.  Sadly, this is a pre-war occupation.

Europe will pay for the foolhardiness of her ways. Lack of willingness to value and preserve the cultural anchors which allow for societal homeostasis will blow up in the faces of the innocent.


Islam and the Concept of Raiding Parties and Ambush

Within the Qur’an every single ayat is related to an event during the rise of a nascent Islamic state.  If you are a Sufi, like Qutb (or like the Mufti under which I mentored) the Qur’an has seven layers of meaning. If you read with a Western mind, you will walk away thinking, “Well, that was interesting but a bit boring and contrived.”

As a small example as to how the Qur’an is a geopolitical hinge: Qur’an 74:18-25 was written about an arch enemy of Muhammad. Do you know the name of this enemy? Other passages come to mind, including within the first Surah revelation which are personal attacks on this man who opposed Islam.

The Qur’an is also flanked by eight additional genre and I refer to them as the Qur’anic Sciences. All are familiar with Qur’an and Sunnah. Not many Westerners are aware of the complete famous eight. This compendium of thought drills down deeply into what it means to be a Muslim.

There are differences, of course, in how commands are disseminated.

Within Sunni doctrine we find the “Sound Six” which relates to Hadith.

For the Shi’a there exists a more living, breathing structure which moves from the Grand Ayatollah chain of Command down to the Ahl al-Bayt. They prefer a Hadith package which confirms the right to rule for the Shi’a.

We do not understand Islam because we view it through the prism of Western thought.

During his lifetime, Muhammad dispatched approximately five dozen raiding parties. Asymmetrical warfare was the manner in which booty was obtained, C2 maintained, and subservience to Islam enforced.

The concept of an ambush followed by a rout is the cement of the military confederacy which is erroneously called a “religion”.  Call it a religion at your own peril.

There is a final outcome for non-believers.

This exuberant boast was given as a rallying cry for Islam:

And verily, our word has gone forth of old for our Slaves, the Messengers, and they verily would be made triumphant. And that our hosts, they verily would be the victors…. Do they seek to hasten on our torment? Then, when it descends into their courtyard, evil will be the morning for those who have been warned. (Qur’an 37:171-177)

They will be a defeated host like the confederates of the old time (38:11)

Their multitude will be put to flight and they will show their backs.(54:45)

Pull back to what happened in Colombus, Ohio on February 11th.

Mohamed Barry entered a “courtyard” with his machete. Evil was the morning. A mini-multitude was “put to flight” including parents running toward the exit with children. The patrons of Nazareth Grill were defeated by a member of the confederacy.

They are in our courtyard now.

Policy, not philosophical psychobabble, is the order of the day.

Wish list? For Muslims to live in the West in assimilated manner, embracing the secular concepts which bring joy and cohesion.

Mohamed Barry?  How many more are now in the courtyard?

Evil is the morning.


The FBI and Watchful Neglect

Mohamed Barry made radical statements. The Friendly Brethren took a look at the man. He was placed on a watch list. He then entered the grey zone known as “watchful neglect”.

Watchful neglect is a term used by those in the medical profession. It denotes the posture of a physician who knows something is wrong with a patient but declines to intervene.

Instead, the physician merely observes the patient. The trick is not to observe until the client declines so rapidly that you lose control of the health outcome. When you lose control, you are leveled with charges of malpractice.

Sound familiar? The Friendly Brethren undoubtedly do a great job with  some of their asylum seekers.  But there are those that break out of the asylum to engage machete attacks on innocent people munching on a sandwich at a Mediterranean Grill owned by an Israeli-Arab American.

When the story broke I noted a strange silence. There was not a quick appearance by family members with their lawyers to distance themselves from the actions of the one. It made me think the perpetrator was a lone wolf in more ways then one:  Lone wolf and single-entry visa into America.  Ask yourself. Why was he given the gift of entry to America?   Because he was poor and from Somalia, a Muslim? Because he was poor, Somalian and deranged?

Take one minute and envision the carnage in slow motion. Please. Take one minute. I grew up in Mexico and machetes were used to cut sugar cane. They can also cut into  bone. Imagine being within the small space of the Nazareth grill seated in one of the booths meant for two. Imagine being assaulted with a machete by a Somalian who had no real business, talent, ethical framework, nor reason, to be granted his wish of living in a place called Blessing. But we did import a Curse.

Take a few more moments and activate your thought life.  There were parents and children who fled the restaurant. Imagine watching a child being hacked to death.

Do you believe that watchful neglect is a good model of business?

Don’t worry. The story is already buried. Before the wounds heal, before the discharge from the hospital, media wants you to forget about Mohamed Barry.

You will forget… until children are killed. That is my prognosis.

Swofford never forgets.

Watchful Neglect

Please note the fifth paragraph below the first image:

“Information connected to the registration of the suspect’s car triggered an alert that required contacting the local terrorism task force, including the FBI…”



Until we understand Islam and the Concept of Ambush….

What is the one thing that would have stopped a machete attack on innocent patrons of a Mediterranean Deli?

Implements of terror can be a machete, as used in Columbus Ohio; a knife – used to behead a worker in Oklahoma; or the assault weapons used by the Muslim roadies who attacked the Freedom of Expression event in Garland, Texas. Yep, I was there and by the grace of God and good old-fashioned fire-power I am still breathing.

It is symbolic that a restaurant and deli called “Nazareth” was targeted.  The name both speaks of the hope which comes from Christianity and also the slaughter of the innocents which followed.

Innocent patrons of a restaurant were injured by a machete-wielding Somali Muslim.  The patrons threw chairs at him.  But it was a bullet which stopped him. Only a well-placed shot can saves lives.

Police have stated that none of the employees nor patrons knew the attacker.  It was “random”.  But just like a line from the Bourne Supremacy:

“It is not a mistake. They don’t make mistakes.They don’t do random. There is always an objective. There is always a target.”

We do not understand Islam and the concept of a raid or an ambush. This art of warfare has been perfected over the centuries.  It just isn’t any damn fun, if it doesn’t fall in the category of a hellacious surprise!

They don’t do random. There is always an objective running along a bifurcated path.

Swofford believes in the Doctrine of the Last Shot Fired.  That shot, comes out of a weapon wielded by a responsible and armed American citizen.



The Court Affirms the Second Amendment with regard to Assault Rifles

Court Affirms Assault Rifle Ban Violates Citizen Rights

The ruling is a good one.  Citizens must have equal access to all firearms within the armory of the local, state and  federal branch.  Anything less does not provide a bulwark against tyranny.

The vast majority of Americans are responsible gun owners.  Our own rights should never be abridged due to criminal elements in society.  Criminals must pay for their crimes. Whether it is a baseball bat, a kitchen knife, or an assault rifle – it is not the weapon which is on trial.  It is the individual who wielded the weapon in murderous manner.

Today, ISIS released a video of an English-speaking child beheading a man.  The child needs to be brought into custody and then removed from civil society for the safety of all. The knife is merely an exhibit.

Civil society allows for the proper ownership, storage and use of assault rifles.

In Memoriam: LaVoy Finicum

Preamble to the Declaration of Independence:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Lavoy Finicum

One widow.  Eleven children. Nineteen grandchildren.

Lavoy Finicum:  A man with a lifetime of investment in the soil.

The Bureau of Land Management:  The Left Hand of Darkness and Federal Despotism against ranching families and the generations with stewardship over the soil.

LaVoy Finicum died a free man.

Will you die for your own freedom?

Take the time and do a bit of research regarding the Bureau of Land Management and their oppressive political actions against ordinary law-abiding Americans.