Nero in the Sudan

I am seated at my desk surrounded by Supreme Court documents contesting the April 15 presidential election results coming out of the Sudan. I have copies of the kangaroo court rulings.  I also have interview notes in my head from one of the presidential contenders. I do not retain personal files for confidential sources. Fourth Amendment Rights, Baby! This is about the right to the privacy of my papers. So the scraps go into my head.  A lot of things are making the neurons synapse at four a.m.  Hence, a cup of coffee and a quick break with a blog post.

President Omar al-Bashir  received 94.5 percent of the vote.

Beloved Leader… Nero in the Sudan.

The African Election Observation Mission to the April 15 General Elections in the Republic of the Sudan provide the long view.

Their “report” is trite and pandering to the unseated, firmly ensconced current “elected” president.

Dirty hands cannot wash dirty hands.


The Presidential Election in the Sudan

At the moment I am reading through documents submitted to the Supreme Court of the Sudan which contest the election results.

Some of the documents have been translated into English, a few others require translation from Arabic. I will tap into a friendship to accomplish the same.

Why do I care so deeply about these issues? I care because I am an American.  I care because I understand the blessings wrought from secular democracy.

In the following days I will debrief with one of the candidates.  We have already spent a bit of time together talking about

his perceptions, observations, and experiences on the ground.

An article will make its way to the page of _Economic Affairs_ (Pakistan).

My primary question is always the same when observing the dynamic of political corruption.

Who benefits?

Memorial Day

James McEachin is a close personal friend of many years.  He called  yesterday to thank me for my service on behalf of the nation.  This, from a man who carried a two star protocol rank as an Army Reserve Ambassador, and a Purple Heart and Silver Star from the Korean Conflict.

Several years ago Mr. McEachin produced “Memorial Day”.

Work, and other activities did not allow me for a timely post yesterday.

So let me merely place the selection by my friend on the page today.

To all who have taken the oath – to all who have served – and to those who laid down their lives –


Tammy Swofford

former LCDR, US Naval Reserves, Nurse Corps

Hillary Clinton Spits on a Corpse

The woman who spit on the corpse of a U.S. ambassador now seeks to lead the American people.

Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens suffered a horrible death on September 11, 2012.

I saw emerging images of the U.S. ambassador posted to a major AQ portal within hours of the attack.

I was literally physically nauseated by the extreme violence visited on the ambassador.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blatantly lied to the American people regarding the nature of the attack.

She lied to “We the People”.  She told us the attack was mounted because of an obscure (and certainly not noteworthy)

YouTube film which depicted Islam in an unflattering light.  Mrs. Clinton was fully aware of the nature of the attack.

She chose a lie. This lie exposed her great disrespect toward those who served her in the Department of State.

This lie also showed her unwavering faith in corrupted political power as the best means to retain power.

Now who spits on the corpse of a U.S. Ambassador?

Who, indeed?

Struggling Democracies and Private Citizen Initiatives for the Common Good

I swim in a small pool which has  great depth. This small pool of thought is made up of retired Brigadier, wing commanders, and senior (retired) military leadership from Pakistan and India.

This is part of our thread today regarding education as a means for opportunity:

” Do  we  debate  like  parliament  or  act  ?  That  is  the  challenging  posture…
I  got  the  two  daughters  of  my  servant   maid  admitted  into  DR  MGR  college  for  women  at  Adyar.  The  eldest  daughter  into  MSc  micro biology  course.  the  younger  one  into  Bsc  computer  science.  I  myself  went  with  the  servant  maid  to  the  college  and  spoke  for  them.  i  took  them  to  the  Bank,  drew  cash  and  paid,  as  for  some  strange  reason  the  college  wanted  in  cash.
My  next  task  is  to  find  part  time  employment  for  these  two  girls,  so  that  they  can  pay  off  this  interest  free  loan   on   monthly  basis  without  straining    their  mother   whose earning  capacity  is  limited.     This  is  to  make  them  take  life  seriously  and  work  hard.  I  had  told  them  if  they  do  well  in  studies,  i  will  refund    50%  of  the  loan  at  the  end  of  the  year.  But  they  must  get  above  80%  in  all  subjects.
i  have  also  told  them  that  i will  buy  their   dress  and books….
i  have  told  them  to  come  to  my  house  for  guidance  on  subjects,    method  of  studies  and  to  develop  communication  skills.”

An additional member of this rather exclusive email list stated, “They want ‘Three Cups of Tea’. This is not what we want.”

America will continue to use her alphabet agencies as venues for influence pandering across the globe. Financial aid (USAID, etc.) is used as the carrot on the stick to bring struggling nations into models of global policy compliance.  Unfortunately, a disproportionate amount of funding ends up in the wallets of the very leadership which has put the hurt on the citizens. America is happy to open her coffers.  The private Swiss bank accounts of corrupted leadership swells with the funds diverted from the hands of the poor.

The Last English Prince has invested in the future of Pakistan for many years now. For a season, funds were sent through an NGO to assist widows and orphans.  Funds are now provided to pay the tuition of a university student in Lahore, Pakistan.

The impact of personal investment in one life is a model which I embrace. One hundred percent of the finances goes directly to the one in need. In this case, my investment goes to a young man named Farman. I will always work for the good of the Muslim community. But by the same token, I will work to deconstruct the essential elements of Islam which make it unworkable as a model of governance. These elements continue to erode the edges of our democracy.

Democracy wins the day. And in places like India and Pakistan, individual citizens are making tremendous contributions to the future good of their own nations. This is being accomplished through an investment model which identifies one individual with one overarching need.  That need, is invariably access to education.

Allah: Master of the Occult World

Islam is the world of the Unseen: God of unknown substance, a world of signals, symbols and code, governed by the Lord of the worlds, as described in the opening Surah of the Qur’an – al-Fatiha.

Alamin: It is the world of the seen and the unseen. This world is not only the domain of humans, but of hierarchical beings – both angels and powerful jinn.

The Last English Prince is a Christian. But it is important that at least once – the tenets of a faith are tested against the tenets of an opposing faith.  I have found Allah to the master of the occult world. He seduces, enchants, entraps, and ultimately destroys the very essence of what it means to be free. Allah keeps slaves. Pure and simple.

I have viewed ancient Sufi traditions, engaged Sunni and Shi’a thought, and taken a dip in this subterranean world.

Those engaged in terror activities (and/or) support operations are slaves doing the bidding of their master.

9/11, Fort Hood attack, underwear bomber, Times Square bomber, Boston Marathon and the attack on the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas have one common interface: Islam and the occult.

Christianity – wins the day, the hour, the minute and the second – when it comes to eternity. But it is also in the win column for the survival of Western civilization.

Perhaps, the following will suffice to understand how Islam micromanages human responsiveness to terrestrial surroundings.

Observant Muslims (surely, Sunni Muslims) will pray this prayer before entering a toilet:

Allahumma innee a’oodhu bika minal-khubuthi wal-khabaa-ith

(Oh Allah, verily I seek refuge in You from all filth and nasty devils)

This prayer is included in the six canonical books of Hadith accepted by the Sunni.

For observant Muslims, life is a regimented march toward death. And what better death, than blood poured out as a sacrifice to the Lord of the Worlds?

Recommended reading to gain a glimpse of the Alamin:

The author has a decent grasp of the issues which many of us do not consider when pondering “why” Muslim men who embark on terror activities do so. Signals… symbols… codes. Given by the master of an occult world.