In the Name of Allah, the Merciful

A mother of eleven children was slaughtered in the name of Allah.

Brenda Lee Marquez-McCool Funeral

The murder of one is never an event which is solitary in nature because the true and living God sees our generations.

Perhaps one of my favorite selections, a bit dark but thick with sentiment is “The Invention of Solitude” by Paul Auster.

“Gird thyself like a man” in Biblical fashion as I share a portion which some may find distasteful but it makes the necessary point. I will free you from the fee-for-sex act scenario and get right into the game:

“As he came in her mouth a few moments later, with a long and throbbing flood of semen, he had this vision, at just that second, which has continued to radiate inside him: that each ejaculation contains several billion sperm cells – or roughly the same number as there are people in the world – which means that, in himself, each man holds the potential of the entire world. And what would happen, could it happen, is the full range of possibilities: a spawn of idiots and geniuses, of the beautiful and the deformed, of saints, catatonics,  thieves, stock brokers, and high-wire artists. Each man therefore, is the entire world, bearing within his genes, a memory of all mankind.”

Brenda Lee Marquez-McCool has left behind eleven children. Her generations are secured. But what of those who died without securing their own generations? There were both straights and gays slaughtered in the Pulse Club spree killing.

In the JudeoChristian tradition we  serve a Merciful God who tells us very simply, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

Allah commands killing. It is a right of Allah over man.

My faith is anchored and strong. My hand will never be raised against the other.



Omar Mateen: Why a profile is not necessary

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has announced that a profile will be built of Omar Mateen so that we can “move forward” and also see that another attack is averted.

There is no need for a profile of Omar Mateen.  There is no need for a forensic necropsy.

The extensive profile, a necropsy,  is available within the body of work which I call the Qur’anic Sciences.

Here is what Omar Mateen stated during his attack:

“I pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State ….”

After the first and the second ‘Aqabah Pledge, a group of men later gave pledge to Muhammad whilst under a tree.

Pledging allegiance is of such importance that when Muhammad died men also lined up to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr as the first Caliph of Islam.

Regarding Abu Bakr and the allegiance afforded him it is noted within Shi’a literature that his men “displayed cunning and political acumen and neither did they shrink from violence.” *

Within the Islamic gestalt there is a strong principle of declaring allegiance and also not shrinking from the battle. There is actually a limited menu of options for turning the back on the battle against the enemy. You will find these allowances within the Qur’an. Yusuf Ali covers it best.

Omar Mateen pledged allegiance. He displayed cunning.  He did not shrink from violence.

Until we are honestly able to profile a body of work we will miss the signals.

Islam is signal, symbol and code.

In coming weeks smug analysts will deliver the profile of a disturbed mind. Golf claps all around.

Will they deliver a profile of what disturbs the mind? Probably not. We cannot deal with shockers.

Humans, as a species, do not like to be made to feel uncomfortable.

Let me make you uncomfortable. Ideological  pathology does not issue forth from a vacuum. Omar Mateen did not wake up one day and make this all up. He had a play book.

We must tell the truth about what Islam teaches regarding violence. Until we tell the truth and call to account, the pathology will continue along until it is epidemic in proportions.

*Imamate and Leadership: Lessons on Islamic Doctrine (book four) by Sayyid Mujtaba Musavi Lari (translated by Hamid Algar) Second Edition, September 2000, p. 44

Telling the Truth about Islam

If…. if, we are to believe that the attack on the Pulse Club in Orlando was an attack on the LGBT community, then we must boldly proclaim:

  • The attack on Boston was an attack on runners
  • The attack on Paris was an attack on lovers of entertainment venues
  • The attack in San Bernardino was an attack on a holiday party
  • The attack at the Nazareth Grill was against people who like dining experiences
  • The attack at Brussels was an attack against those who need to travel commercially

A root cause analysis must be applied.  All of the above were “fruit” of the “root”. The root motivation was the commands of Allah against unbelievers. Allah has a broad umbrella. And we all fit under it.

If… if, you are incapable of applying the test of the reasonable man, then do the following:

Plug your hobby or occupation into the sentence below:

I suffered a terror attack because I am a   (fill in the blank).

There, there. You feel better now. You will know why you were attacked in advance of the attack.

Now plug in the word “child” and make it personal:

“My child suffered a terror attack because they are a child.”

LtCol Kato Martinez lost a wife in Brussels. He is left with four children with horrific burns.  Ahh, yes. The sin is childhood.

The attacks were on unbelievers, Western targets, those who believe that our civilization serves us well.

These are attacks against human liberty.

I have said for many months, “We don’t have time.  We don’t have time to reform Islam.”

How much time do you have? For the Americans at the Pulse Club, their time is up.

Our world ends, when our life ends. Of that I am sure.





Ramadan: Make Mine a Double Scotch

Yep,  its that time of year again.

Time to vandalize private property because of consumption of alcohol.

Attack on a Free Speech Venue

  • Hanafi jurisprudence does allow for the consumption of date wine.

But what you just witnessed on the video is Jihad Fee Sabeelillaah. This means Jihad in Allah’s path, and on a more granular level it means jihad against forces of disbelief. So while thugs beat individuals with pipes in Istanbul, we witnessed Jihad Fee Sabeelillaah in Orlando with lethal force against “disbelievers”.

The laws against alcohol consumption come from a Sunni body of jurisprudence known as Qiyaas.  The Shi’a have their own distinct precedence but my greater area of expertise is Sunni law.

Twist it in the wind, allow media chameleons to lull you into complacency.

But remember one thing: Jihad in the Path of Allah is as valid today as it was in the era that

Muhammad first burst onto the scene of history.

Islam cannot change.  So we…. must change. We must cease the handwringing over a “religion” and understand we are dealing with a geopolitical dynamic which brings civil strife and unrest in the West and the same to areas seeking to modernize.

And yes, make mine a double scotch!

Live Blogging: Trump Dallas Rally – June 16th – Trump campaign one year anniversary

You are going to be very proud of your country and hopefully, very proud of your President.

The press: these people are brutal.  They are so one-sided, it is so biased.

I just watched President Obama.  (Booing in the crowd)…. To a large extent he is blaming guns.  And I am going to save your Second Amendment folks.

The problem with our country is that we have leaders that give up.  They gave up on trade…. They gave up on the borders…. It is almost like they gave up on ISIS.

They have come into our country and they are working very hard. … One sleaze bag…. one person, laughing…. posting on Facebook as he was shooting.

The violation that was allowed to take place…. it was weakness…. people do not respect us anymore.

Addressing protesters: Protesters are sorta funny. We want a strong  military, we want to be protected.  We want people to pour into the country but we want them to come in legally.  We want great education.

Obamacare in Texas just went up sixty percent in Texas. Your premiums have gone up sixty percent.

The protesters begin to act out like juveniles….

“What, they don’t like that? O.K. get them out. The police can get them out.”

Now remember this: We protect each other but we protect everybody.

So we have to have people come into our country who do not hate us…. We are allowing thousands and thousands of people to come into our countries from countries that are terrorists countries.

Number One:  We have to stop people with hate in their heart from coming into our country.

We owe China 1.7 trillion dollars right now.

We have such great endorsements. And we have them from winners….  by incredible champions. And we are thinking about doing something that is different rather than listening to politicians…. we are thinking about (at the convention)…. we are going to have a winner’s night.  So maybe  (and I haven’t even asked them yet)…. but you take these winners and you have them speak.

  • Journalist note:  I remember that at one of Trump’s rallies he mentioned that he liked to watch sports, but he only liked to watch the teams that win.  I think that says quite a bit about the man.  In other words, why waste your time watching the losers? Watch the winning coaches and see how they pull their teams together and take them to the championship games.

Hillary is going to raise your taxes big league. And she does not want to talk about it….. I am bringing our taxes down and I am going to put us to work again.

  • Twenty minutes into the speech.  Should you care to watch any of the Trump rallies you can find them here:
  • Trump Speeches


Islam: Gestalt

Islam is not a religion.

Islam is a highly complex geopolitical gestalt practiced with religious fervency.

You would do well to understand the difference.