American Military Women in the Combat Zone

Perhaps we do not belong?

I served as a Naval Reserve officer as part of the Nurse Corps.

The only current image of the female sailor in custody of the Iranian government?  Media notes she has a “brown cloth” over her head.

This brown cloth, is a sign of the sovereignty of Allah over the affairs of women.

This sailor is a United States Navy asset.  In public, our heads are covered.  Inside the indoor spaces, we take our cover off. This is all about military protocol and etiquette. We are a professional standing army; one of the best in the world.

I have always said that it will be over my dead body, that I will take on the sign of female obeisance to the rule of Islam.

If we cave in over such a demand, perhaps our backbones are not made for a combatant role?

Many women have served admirably within the combat zone.

We need a policy which women can fall under which will protect them from harassment while in confinement.

As to whether are soldiers and sailors are raped in theater, that is an entirely different topic.




Thought for the Day

Has Chancellor Angela Merkel imported a human volcano?

Or will Germans experience a sea of tranquility?

The anchoring job of governance is to provide a stable homeostatic environment for the citizens.

Merkel is conducting a flawed and dangerous social experiment.

The Germans, are the lab rats.


Islam and freedom of the press

It is possible that my commentary in the queue for Turkey Tribune faces an indefinite embargo for Islamic reasons.

It is difficult to write in markets where the audience is Muslim-majority.  The two issues that can be insurmountable are a true freedom of expression and consistent anti-West sentiment.  I am dealing with the former issue.

It seems amazing in a modern era that obscure writings and a Shari’ah application could slam the door to what I wrote.

But then again, Islam in the 21st century seeks to conform to Islam in the seventh century.  This 21/7 mentality will continue to plague the West as increasing numbers of immigrants under the shadow of Islamic thought attempt to enter the West.  Because Islam has a doctrine of non-assimilation, because Hajj to infidel lands is an act of jihad, Muslim communities tend toward the Ottoman Sultanate model of building a mosque with increasingly larger concentric concentrations of Muslims buying into the HQ neighborhoods.  The mosque is not so much house of worship, but the place to receive marching orders.  Read the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The mosque is where the Basij is mobilized.  Can you imagine mobilizing military reserve units from churches?  The sentiment attached to Islamic law drills much deeper than the sentiment attached to the Gospel of Grace.

I have lovely Muslim friends and not all of them fit the aforementioned mold.  But they are vastly outnumbered. They  remain reticent about using their vocal cords.

It will be a minor victory if my commentary posts to the page. I await….

20:00 hours: Editorial Addendum

The piece for Turkey Tribune posted:


I chose the title, “Kangal”, but the title was changed, as were minor adjustments in the text to read “attributes of a Kangal” as opposed to just the reference to a breed of dog.  What I meant as imagery, based on traits of the breed, were considered a no-go zone for Islam. It was thought that I was calling M. Fethullah Gulen a dog.  Nope. Just deploying a bit of imagination.

Dogs are haram or forbidden in Islam.  Stop and think. How many Muslims do you know who have a dog?  Yep, kitty cats are o.k. But not dogs.  It is actually their saliva which is considered unclean.  There is a story about a woman who saved a cat and went to Paradise. But essentially, dogs are used for the hunt and not kept as pets. The name of Allah is spoken over them, just as the name of Allah is spoken over the arrow used in the hunt.  There are additional complexities regarding Islam and dogs.  I will leave it to the readers to dig about and sort it out.


Cologne, Germany: Rapes and Massive Sexual Assaults in the shadow of a Cathedral

Allahu Shitbar: The Bar is Open in Germany

Perhaps most disgusting, is the police cover-up in Germany, Austria, and beyond.  Women are being raped.  And the second rape involves their vocal cords.  They are raped of the ability to speak out about what they suffered. Officially, New Year’s Eve celebrations proceeded in normal manner.  And then social media caught up with the lies, deception and ineptitude of a woman who will possibly become the most despised politician in Germany.

Police reports sought to bury the truth.  German women suffered sexual assault on mass scale in the shadow of a Cathedral.  Let that little thought sink in.

Chancellor Merkel should be forced to run the Shadow-of-the-Cathedral gauntlet.  The Mayor of Cologne should also be forced to run the gauntlet for chastising victims of sexual assault.

This week, sexual assaults and rape in the shadow of a church.  Where will the next mass sexual assault take place in Germany? In front of a hospital? At a local school as children are released from their classes? Inside a shopping center?

Merkel opened up the bar.  With the first wave of asylum seekers, the drinks were served and there were smiles all around.  But now the shit is rolling down hill.  There are not enough dung beetles ( errrr… police) to roll along the balls and keep them out of sight.

Let Merkel run the Shadow-of-the-Cathedral gauntlet. Let her be groped, fondled, and have every single vile thing inflicted upon her that was inflicted on young German women by immigrant Muslim men.  And then let her do the Germans a favor.  She must exile herself from the homeland she has single-handedly destroyed.


Islam and Suicide Missions

These are one man missions.  They are allowed by Islam. You can find the texts in books on the shelves of Islamic Bookstores:

Allahu Shitbar Strikes Again

We are Westerners.  Enlightened. Unafraid of dark corners of the mind which imagine a vast realm of punishment for living as free men.

We are Westerners.  We are free moral agents.  This agency is a gift from the Living God. By making choices and living out our mistakes, the grace of God carries us through.

We are Westerners.  We can draw images, choose to worship a statue, or not worship at all.  All of these things are available to us because it was the Living God who first spoke to Adam and said the very words which most likely inspired our Founding Fathers:  “You are free!”

  • Read “Jefferson’s Bible”.  He firmly stated that he was a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Signatories to our Constitution were not inspired by Islam.  That is a Muslim Brotherhood script and I have heard it while seated at the dining room table of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. They would have never penned a document which gave allegiance to this foreign god.

Our freedom was inspired by the Living God.

We should tire of those try to peddle what does not work: a form of governance which enslaves, strips of free will, and demands a daily pound of human flesh.

We should tire of the Allahu shitbar – whether it is wires sticking out of a “clock” or a vest.

We are Westerners. We are both sentinel and guardian of our civilization.

If we choose to walk away from the gift of God; if we choose to be slaves; may we live and die by the sword which we take up.