Deep Sorrow: Journalism as Dismemberment of Truth

Deep Sorrow

I am experiencing deep sorrow regarding the wall of propaganda which continues to build regarding what is essentially a story of internal school discipline for the above device.

Try placing the above device in your carry-on luggage for a flight. The bomb squad will become involved.

JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) will interview you.

You will be charged (minimally) with inciting public alarm with a hoax bomb.

Ask one hundred adults to identify the above device. They will not identify it as a clock.

Perform a simple exercise worthy of an eight year old child.

Type the word “clocks” into Google and move to the “images” tab.

Show me one clock which looks like the image above.

Deep Sorrow for the wall of propaganda.  Deep Sorrow regarding how quickly this story grew legs and how many media organizations became involved. Deep Sorrow for the plethora of industry leaders (Google, Facebook, Twitter) who contributed to the propaganda wall.

This story smacks of orchestration on the highest levels. The internal affairs of a small city with a small school system is held hostage by a script which is manipulated for political purposes.

Journalism as dismemberment of truth.

Deep Sorrow. I cannot sleep.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Joins the PEGIDA Movement

The right hand deceives the left…. or so it would appear. It is the day of Kali.

The Chancellor of Austria gave the appearance of being in lock-step with the Chancellor of Germany with regard to welcoming trains of refugees within respective national borders. The sport of the day was the chastisement of Hungarian PM Victor Orban for holding firm regarding immigration policy.

The disembarkation of 13,000 “refugees” in 24 hours from trains arriving in Munich finally caused Chancellor Merkel to respond like she had just joined the PEGIDA movement.  Borders are slammed shut. The limbic system has reacted but I still worry about the use of the cerebral cortex.  There is still no strong signal from government. Only with the repatriation of individuals who have powered their way into Europe with disregard for national sovereignty and immigration policy will there be an end game to this nightmare.

But for the moment, Chancellor Merkel understands the concern of German citizens who have joined PEGIDA. She has ordered a restoration of good order and discipline.

Which role will she pursue next? German Saint Nicholas welcoming the poor?  Or national leader who cherishes the role that law plays in safeguarding her nation against anarchy? Because at the moment, it is the politicians who have created the anarchy. Don’t blame the People.

In the meantime, Baghdad has added three flights a day to Turkey to handle the masses of happy future exploiters who seek to come to Europe without papers in hand.  The word is out. European borders are open, anarchy is o.k., and to hell with the rule of law.

There is a bottom line:  Movements begin when voices are not heard. Europeans want the rule of law restored. The alternative, is civil war.

Multiculturalism in the Public Square as a Failed Model of Governance

Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative for Migration states the following:

“The EU should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states….”

BBC Link

I am reminded of an article which is clipped and saved in one of my non-digital files.

“Bit of Malay Culture is Now Vanishing Under Muslim Rules”,  Chris Prystay, WSJ, 19 April 2006

Theatre productions disappeared. Dancing was forbidden. “They’re losing their cultural compass.”

(Statement of Farish Ahmad Noor, a Malaysian political scientist at the Center for Modern Oriental Studies in Berlin.)

My husband was in attendance for a Pink Floyd concert in London years ago. I remain jealous to this day.

We both attended a symphony at the Royal Albert Hall the following year.

Homogeneity is necessary and it remains a strong civilizational marker.

It is European culture which drew us to London for two visits.

I am reminded of the statement given when we attended a Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land fundraiser in Dallas.

The mass exodus of Christians from the Middle East due to Muslim-on-Christian violence was creating a unique situation.

The Franciscan scholar had this to say:  “If the Christians leave and only the buildings remain, we are left with mausoleums of the faith.”

Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land

If I return to England one day and all that remains of European civilization is stone, brick and mortar – may my tour be ticketed as “The Funeral Tour of Europe.”

I do not hate Muslims.  I do hate what Islam teaches. Drilling down deeply into the core it is a geopolitical gestalt which the vast majority of Westerners do not understand.

Islam has two core directives: non-assimilation to facilitate absorption of the host nation and a doctrine of continual expansionism.

Islam in the truest sense is not a religion. Religion is practiced in the home and house of worship. Secular democracies allow seasonal public square displays of the same. But  Islam is not a religion. Islam is a totalitarian form of governance with religion as the opiate of the people. Islam, must be practiced in the public square, the house of parliament, from the judicial bench, and administrated by state organs bound to Shari’ah applications.

The Muslims who escape its grasp and manage to assimilate into Western civilization are a small percentile of the greater number of “believers”.

Is it wrong for Europeans – to remain European in outlook?  Can Denmark remain the treasure of the Danish people with regard to culture?  Can Switzerland safeguard their culture as a generational blessing for the Swiss? Can the English remain English, or am I incorrect in my opinion?  Will Prince George be the last Prince of England? That is my prediction.

When boundaries are not placed on Islam in the public square, Islam functions as a cultural eraser.

Let Muslims celebrate their beliefs in their homes and houses of worship. But let them be first and foremost British, Danish, French, etc. in the public square. Refusing to place deep roots into European culture so that future generations can flourish as Europeans first – is not a mistake. It is an intentional act.

Peter Sutherland? He is not the friend of Europeans. His own interests as a global internationalist, are at the heart of his remarks.

While continuing to follow the story, I smile a bit. Front Page Magazine wrote a piece about the Hijrah in 622 CE and tied in Surah 4:100.  There was an earlier hijrah, of course, and a different ayat is related to the earliest hijrah.

Front Page Magazine

Do you know the circumstances of the earliest hijrah? Do you know the ayat validating this political maneuver?

Feel free to write me at

Obama’s Pentagon: The “JV” Team

At what point do we strip senior leadership of their medals and charge them with dereliction of duty?

Corruption within senior military ranks

Optical illusions do not equal legacy.

The optical illusion of an adept and intelligent POTUS with a firm grasp on foreign policy is eroding.

Legacy is the stuff of enduring value.

The current administration has little of the same to offer the world.

Bereft of real leadership skills, lack of intuitive grasp, and an average IQ saddled with narcissism

has created a C2 (command and control) environment which demands loyalty above integrity.

Loyalty above integrity is an act of treason against the oath of office which passes our lips.

Send in the clowns….

Tammy Swofford

(Former  LCDR with Fleet Hospital Dallas, USNR, NC)

“We are not in war – they are” : Measuring the emotional distress in Greece

European Immigration Crisis

When following a YouTube of interest I keep track of views.  On 7 September the video clip had 4,643 views.

This a.m. the metric is 69,358.

I found this particular scene one which depicts an emotion which is reserved for times of crisis. It is also an emotion

noted within populations at war.

Distress. There is an acute sound of distress in the voices of the Greek gentleman and the Greek lady.

“This is private property.”

Herein lies the problem. Call it what you wish. But this massive movement of human energy is functioning

as pile drivers against national borders.

Islamic State: Predictive Analysis

Read the fourth paragraph regarding a DoC (Doctrine of Chaos – my coinage).

Understand very carefully what I am about to write next. What is happening in Europe is a form of soft warfare.

The hundreds of thousands of men (the demographic is one with male gender predominance) coming into Europe

creates a dynamic of soft warfare.

While not being equal to the Hungarian journalist who tripped a man and child and kicked others in a fit of nationalism,

I am equal in one regard.  I would be kicking my own boot far up the nether regions of the politicians

who have failed to pre-stage assets and develop a unified script for public consumption which would frame


Policy regarding such things is akin to millimeter wave technology. It is an active denial system which is invisible to

the naked eye. But “felt” when there is the need to put it to use to control crowds.

Force protection in a non-lethal World

The EU lacks millimeter wave policies.

*The Last English Prince is a former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserves. The past decade has been spent with a focus on geopolitical Islam and healthy governance initiatives.

Jean-Claude Juncker: Vision without Practicality is Myth

European Union President Jean-Paul Juncker delivered his fifth State of the EU address in Strausbourg yesterday. Part sentiment and part Stalinistic collectivization of the farms, neither format rises to the pressing needs facing a tax-paying citizen base.

“We can build walls and we can build fences but imagine, if it were you, your child in your arms, the world you knew torn apart around you, there is no price you would not pay, no wall you would not climb.”

Sentiment is the adversary of good governance. Let me state it again. Sentiment is the adversary of good governance. Realistic and holistic governance pulls the levers based on best practices, with a primary focus on citizens and their immediate and long term welfare. Elected officials are under oath and should be committed to one significant task: the keen representation of the constituency which placed them in office.

There are refugees. And then there are citizens. Stable nations are anchored by a citizen base. Rapid introduction of non-citizens for any reason, sparks an unhealthy nationalism. Rapid introduction of hundreds of thousands coming from a completely different civilization is disastrous. Europe is not Africa. Europe is not the Middle East. Europe is not Asia. Europe should remain European in both values and civilization for many healthy reasons.

In the grand vision of Jean-Paul Juncker, one hundred and sixty-thousand refugees will be relocated and given immediate access to work permits, totally circumventing the due process which makes immigration policy work properly. When talking of what sounds like a manageable number a lie is also being propagated. That lie, is that there is an end point to this mass migration. Well, not exactly. Imagine tens of millions.

By the sheer numbers, and at this very moment, Europe is in the throes of an invasion. As a prior military officer there is one thing that I know regarding threat. When the threat is incremental in nature, only the most astute become aware of the same.

Australia has steered a judicious and prudent course. Europe continues to embrace disaster.

(Please note: the author believes in a healthy form of nationalism which pulls to the center with a core identity as a citizen within the bounds of national soil. Erosion of national identity and threat to national identity bring civil strife.)