Reflections regarding the European Refugee Crisis

My thoughts are finding definition as I discuss the European refugee crisis with a professional colleague in Amsterdam.

My article for _Economic Affairs_ is in draft form, constantly being revised, and far from a finished product.

My intent will be to swing the pendulum far-right regarding refugees and human rights.

Perhaps my thoughts…. will catch my audience by surprise.


Tammy Swofford


Pakistan Independence Day Festival in Washington, D.C.

The following, was sent to me by a colleague, Dr. Ghulam-Nabi Fai today.

Governor McAuliffe Kicks Off Pakistan Independence Day Festival in Washington, DC.

September 1, 2015. We are proud of the achievements of the Pakistani Americans not only in Virginia but also in the United States. Pakistani culture is a beautiful culture, said Hon. Terri McAuliffe, Governor of the State of Virginia who was the Chief Guest to kick off Pakistani Independence day Festival at Fairfax, Virginia which was attended by several thousand people.

“The celebration of the 69th anniversary of Pakistan independence is truly joyous and auspicious occasion. We should be proud of the prestige of our native land and reaffirm our conviction to make it stronger, democratic and more prosperous. We celebrated the first Pakistan Independence Day at Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC on August 14, 1987. There was no place more appropriate to hold independence day celebrations than the memorial of Abraham Lincoln, emancipator and quintessential American hero,” said Zahid Hameedi, the Chief Organizer of the festival who is also a veteran journalist and prominent leader of the Pakistani American community.

Mr. Hameedi added that the Pakistani people are honored to hold their Independence Day celebrations in the country, where constitutional democracy was born over two centuries ago. America in 1776 held high its arms and lit the lamp of republican democracy. That beam of light has brightened the entire world with its promise of hope and human dignity. We are a peace and freedom-loving nation. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the American people in a fraternity of freedom lovers, in pursuit of peace and love all over the world.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General, World Kashmir Awareness while addressing the mammoth gathering emphasized that “We must build support for the active involvement of the United States to help resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspiration of the people. There is no way that the world powers can deal with the tensions between India and Pakistan without simultaneously addressing the underlying cause of these tensions – that is Kashmir. With India and Pakistan both being nuclear-weapon states directly confronting each other, this dispute is potentially the most dangerous in the world.  It should, therefore, be a major interest of the U.S. to prevent this dispute from exploding into a conflict which can be catastrophic for a large proportion of the human race.”

Dr. Fai appealed to the friends of Kashmir to mount an awareness campaign in support of self-determination in Kashmir and remind the Obama Administration the implications for its strategy of conflict in a region of South Asia and of the delicate relationship that need to be safeguarded from violent disruption.  We need to enlist the support of the United States to persuade India and Pakistan to include Kashmiri leadership in any future dialogue that will lead to the lasting and durable settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

Addressing this animated audience, Mowahid Hussain Shah — attorney-at-law, author, and former Punjab Cabinet Minister – pointed out that the Islamic connection with the United States is deep-rooted. He emphasized that, as early as 1765, Thomas Jefferson possessed a copy of the Holy Quran.  And 250 years later, Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota – the first Muslim elected to the Congress – took an oath of office on this very copy of the Holy Quran, which Thomas Jefferson kept at his home in Monticello, Virginia. Mowahid stated that Pakistan is essentially a gift of the extraordinary leadership of the Quaid-e-Azam, who combined the virtues of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Mowahid particularly urged the Pakistani American youth to step up their role and bring honor to their Pakistani heritage by assuming their rightful positions in the policymaking professions of the United States.  Mowahid maintained that, to gain respect in mainstream America, you have got to have self-respect.  In this connection, he concluded by citing the splendid example of boxing champion Muhammad Ali who is now acclaimed as the sporting icon of the 20th century. 

The Battle of Nicopolis: Modern Ideological Flanks – Part II

  • Reference for the text below given at end of post.

Synopsis: Living by Islam

If we practice the teachings of Islam, and if we deliver the message to the Americans, they will accept Islam….Muslims of America have to integrate themselves into one Muslim community.They have to dissolve their barriers. They have to absorb one another, irrespective of country of origin, school of thought, and language.  They should recognize that their identity is:  Muslim first, last, and forever. They are all together under the umbrella of Islam (Islamistan). We have too many issues that face us to overcome in America. Some of these are the following:

  1. We have to build more institutions such as: clinics, hospital, schools, colleges, universities, Masajid, orphanages,senior citizen homes, cemeteries, farmlands, radio and t.v. stations, mass media, La Riba banks and so on.
  2. We should establish Islamic Court system with a Mufti, and Muslim judges.

Islamic Tribunal

(The Last English Prince has sustained a friendship of greater than a decade with Dr. Yusuf Ziya Kavakci – who is a board certified Mufti. I have also attended several events at the Esters Road Masjid, where Imam Zia ul-Haque is the scholar-in-residence.  I have spoken to Dr. Taher al-Badawi at a conference.)

3.  We should demand from the American government to appoint a Secretary of Muslim Affairs, as well as to appoint American Muslim Ambassadors to some Muslim countries.

There are a total of 19 goals listed.  Perhaps the most urgent issue is to deny Islamists inroads into the pharmaceutical and food industries.  Goal number 16 states this:

16. Halal foods, and pharmaceutical supplies should be enforced on the industry.

Here is “the scam”.  Based on Islamic belief, a Muslim is allowed to eat the food of a Christian. They may also eat food which is not halal by merely blessing it with the phraseology “Bismillah”.  The word halal breaks down into two words: hal means state. The word al denotes god. Halal is a state before god. This “state” allows for consumption of food which is not designated as “halal” using the aforementioned criteria. We cave into a modern ideological flank when we move toward provision of halal food in the public square. (The Last English Prince has a motto:  Your conviction requires YOUR sacrifice, not mine!)

The Halal Industry is, quite simply, a global business. Dr. Sakr and others whom I know, attend these conferences:

Halal Industry

The book from which this post was taken is “Reflections from a Flying Falcon” by Ahmad H. Sakr, Ph.D.  It is a bit of a play on words because “Sakr” means falcon, in Arabic.  This selection was a gift from Mufti Yusuf Ziya Kavakci. The text is highly readable. The author has a great sense of humor. He is a board member of IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutritional Council of America) Is he dead serious about Islam in America?  But of course. He is a under the umbrella of a potent geopolitical Islamic organization.

American Backbone: From “Let’s Roll” to “Let’s Go”

Whether it is “Let’s Roll”  or “Let’s Go”  Americans take our freedom very seriously.

Our call to arms can be summed up in two words. And that call to arms can mean engaging

a brutal fight with bare hands in the face of immense danger.

Don’t tread on us.

We will not allow you to win this fight.

We may die hard but we will live as free men – to the last breath.

It is the American way.

France Under Seige: Three Terror Attacks in Less than Eight Months

January 7th…  June 27th… August 21st…

Three attacks on native soil in less than eight months.

The Last English Prince remains firmly in the column against maintaining watch lists.

Lists should be maintained for only one reason. That reason is to identify and quickly neutralize threat.

When suspects are “known” to the intelligence services, “watched”, and then left to roam about the streets

we end up with scenarios like the one today which unfolded on a high speed train.

U.S. military personnel recognized the distinct sounds of a weapon being readied for an act of extreme violence.

Unarmed but armored with the core values instilled in them as highly trained and lethally capable members of the military, they chose to confront deadly force with great courage and the prowess which is gained from training.

The Moroccan man detained by the security services (after the attack)  was “known” to them. They knew and they stood aside?

Analysts gazing at their computers and “watching”  the individuals on “watch lists” should take note. You are playing a dangerous game and gambling with the lives of those you are tasked to protect.

Our enemy is strong, resilient, and capable of acts of extreme violence against peaceful citizens residing in the West.

They are only limited by their imaginations. So if the enemy imagines entering a newsroom and a supermarket and slaughtering French citizens, it is possible. If the enemy imagines beheading the boss and trying to blow up a factory, it is possible. If the enemy imagines boarding a train and slaughtering commuters, it can be done. The “eyes in the skies” are deficient because they lack talons.  These talons, must swoop up the jihadi predators and drop the same into the cages where they belong. Quickly.  Not after months of dawdling around.

Thank God, for the American military presence on the train. It is a distinct possibility that minus the intervention of the men the carnage would have been great.

We do not need watch lists. We need “Don’t fuck with us” lists which quickly identify and remove from play the individuals who show a strong interest in the destruction of Western civilization and her values. There is very little that can bring me to the point of vulgarity.  But there is nothing more vulgar than the continued assault which is being brought by geopolitical Islam wielded with a sword.

The Last English Prince is bloody pissed.

Link with identification of branch of service

The Battle of Nicopolis: Modern Ideological Flanks (Part I)

“Having no previous precedents, the Companions of the Prophet followed Islam, paved the way to new organizational structures and established needed units of organized religion in the early days of Islam willingly and intentionally.  So the Muslims of today must follow the same way at the same pace and must enforce the Law of Islam knowingly and willingly on themselves and on others. No exemption is possible in this regard.  No power should be acknowledged to any one to deprive Muslims from following the words of their Lord and to be privileged in pursuing the Divine message. This right cannot be violated by any force whatsoever.”

Kavakci, Dr. Yusuf Ziya, “Islamic Inheritance Law”, Al-Huda Publications, Dallas, Texas copyright 1994, Preface, pg. xii

ISBN: 09676602-5-4

The Last English Prince Has Always Opposed Abortion

Should we pray for God’s mercy on our nation when we do not extend it to our own citizens?

Genocide of our Future Generations

Our taxes are being used to fund the genocide of our future generations.

View the video. Imagine a small face cut open and exposed so the brain can be harvested.

Ask yourself one question.

Why are Americans allowing such barbaric savagery on American soil?

And why are these individuals allowed to ply their criminal trade with the use of tax dollars?

Fall on your knees.


And then…. raise Hell with your elected representatives.

Planned Parenthood must be defunded.

Their facilities must be shuttered.

Their criminals must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.