Give me Liberty or Give me Death

The Draw Muhammad Exhibition at the Curtis Culwell Center was well-attended and represented by various media organizations.

As part of the press corps, I was part of this private, “invitation only” event. Arriving at the facility, I presented my parking pass to one of the many officers blocking the entrance to the area with his vehicle. After being directed to the metal detector I walked through the device. It alarmed and I was directed to an officer who instructed me to raise my arms.  I was checked anterior, posterior, and to the sides. On entering the event, additional security personnel were present.

The reporter from the Daily Beast walked through the metal detector after me and we struck up a conversation. Individuals representing quite a few media organizations were present and it was enjoyable to talk about the tools of our trade, our anticipation to get within arms’ length of Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer – and to share our thoughts regarding how we would angle the story.

After the event, a few individuals had made their way to the parking lot. There was suddenly an influx of attendees back into the conference room. Words were flying that an officer was down, suspects had been shot, and we were under attack. A police officer jumped to the stage and informed us that a police officer had been shot, suspects had been shot, and that we would immediately move to a hardened, secure area. Asked to leave immediately, many individuals left items in the conference area. Flanked by officers on every side, we were move rapidly to the new location.

Thank God for technology! All of us were rapidly texting and calling individuals and informing them of the breaking news. I was fortunate to connect with a member of a power blogging group and this group of seasoned bloggers were the first to break the news to the world of a terror attack in Garland, Texas.

One man asked, “Do we know if it was Muslims?”  I responded, “Well, do you think it was a couple of nuns?”

Eventually, the predictable happened. An individual led the group in singing “God Bless America” and a woman in the group waved a rather large American flag.  I moved out of range of all cameras. The group was definitely singing in two different keys, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why anyone would cart along Old Glory for our rapid departure from the event.

There were features related to security which I recognized because of my prior military service. The configuration, layers, and interface of security were extremely strong. But in the name of prudence, I prefer not to write about this aspect of what occurred that evening. But I must say that I was quite impressed with the visible aspects of security.

We were later moved to a secondary secure location so that the bomb disposal unit could deploy the robotics to secure the area and dispose of any IED’s. There had been a strong concern early on about such things because the assailants wore backpacks along with their body armour. Our mode of transport was the lowly yellow school bus. But we were convoyed in a manner which gave a nod of cognizance to the issue of a second wave attack.

Our secondary location was also heavily secured.  Irving SWAT was on site to provide us with protection.

We were asked not to release our location onto Twitter platforms or Facebook for the sake of security.

As we awaited the arrival of the FBI JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) we were provided with Gatorade. Most of us had not eaten dinner and fatigue and hunger was my biggest issue.

After the arrival of the FBI, forms were given to each of us to give an Affadavit of  the event.  As the Curtis Culwell Center was an active crime scene we could not retrieve our vehicles. Arrangements were made for those who needed hotels and the remainder of us lined up for cab service.  I shared a cab with the official photographer for the event and we had a pleasant, but albeit, long commute back to our respective homes.

Give me liberty or give me death.

Attack on a First Amendment Event: The Draw Muhammad Exhibition

You may access the live streaming video of the social commentary event held in Garland Texas here:

Geert Wilders begins his speech around the thirty minute mark.

The announcement of the attack on the event is at the 1:29 mark.

Yesterday, an east coast analyst somewhat diminished the terror footprint.

He stated it was a “thwarted attack”.

“Thwarted” would have meant the FBI had the men in custody prior to coming to Texas to kill

members of a Constitutionally mandated gathering.

Yes. The Constitution mandates that we assemble peacefully. It mandates that we engage social

commentary and a free flow of the cross pollination of ideas.

Film for the week to better understand this issue? “Kill the Messenger”.

I watched the film last night and there are many parallels to how media is embarking on a smear campaign against

Pamela Geller.

In this fact-based film, a reporter breaks a big story which casts the C.I.A. in a poor light. He is warned that his story will disappear because HE will become the story. Character defamation, focus on the reporter’s personal flaws, and collusion of a media organization in bed with the C.I.A. destroy the fabric of a man’s life. It is no longer about the C.I.A. involvement in drug running to fund a war in Nicaragua.

On May 3, 2015 a terror plot unfolded at Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas.  The attack was mounted by two Muslim men who felt it their duty to turn the Constitution into a paper sieve. But within less than 24 hours after an attack mounted against the peaceful, the media moved to slander, defame, and malign Pamela Geller. SHE became the story. The story was no longer about what each one of us experienced on the night of May 3.

My next post will speak to the sentiment of that evening after we were moved to a hardened, secure area.

Please prioritize your entertainment viewing. Watch “Kill the Messenger”.  Then adjust your perspective base.

You will recognize the same order of operations against Pamela Geller.

Name-calling and unjustified mudslinging have reached a new low.

One Tweet sent out suggested that Ms. Geller planned the event because she salivated for an attack.

Media has also suggested that the event was heavily attended by individuals who reside outside the Dallas Fort Worth area.

We are cast as mysterious operatives as opposed to ordinary citizen.

This ordinary citizen worked fourteen hours on Saturday and attended the event on Sunday.

After a long night, this citizen returned to work on Monday.

Tammy Swofford – is The Last English Prince.

May 3, 2015: Terror Attack in Garland, Texas

For Immediate Release:

The Home Owners Association of America met at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas tonight. There was only one issue on the table. The agenda was devoted to  the case of a foreign national resident, Mr. Muhammad.

For many years, Mr. Muhammad was a decent neighbor within the exclusive HOAA  neighborhood. But his recent acquisition of a Bullmastiff to guard his personal estate has called into question his right to maintain a residence within the Home Owners Association of America.

Shari’ah, the dog in question, has been unleashed in the evenings and allowed to tear up the lawns and soil the thresholds of adjacent property. For many years, members of the neighborhood have prided themselves on their lawns and genteel manner of living.  This lifestyle is embodied within the by-laws guiding property owner’s maintenance of family homes.The HOAA is considered one of the most exclusive residential addresses in the world.  There is an extensive waiting period and financial cost to join this HOAA. What was once a congenial community is now reduced to a neighborhood where good will has ceased to exist.

The HOAA met  at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas at five p.m. to discuss the case of Mr. Muhammad and his pet. The meeting lasted approximately two hours. Members of the community presented physical evidence of the trouble encountered with the dog named  Shari’ah. The primary discussion and concern was the property devaluation inflicted by an unleashed Shari’ah. Mr. Muhammad refused to attend the event, stating that it offended him that we would talk about his pet.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Muhammad released two rabid dogs to attack the property owners in attendance at the event.  The Last English Prince had anticipated this response and chose to wear black as a signal of deep mourning. The two curs were killed by animal control officers. But The Last English Prince and others were taken to a hardened security area and then transported in convoy to a secondary safe location.  Our vehicles remained on the site of an active crime scene.

The Last English Prince shared a cab with the photographer for the event. The $106.00 cab fare seems a small price to pay for having a voice in the HOAA event.

It remains disconcerting that the terror attack on the Home Owners Association of America places the property owners in a place of guilt, as opposed to innocence. Freedom of Expression includes the right to “provocative” speech. Freedom of speech means that self-censorship is an apparition which does not haunt the sane. Freedom of speech means that I can say what I mean and mean what I say.  Only the mentally ill invoke a right to kill when offended.

Yet it is not so much the HOAA which is on trial.  Freedom of speech is pronounced guilty. Freedom of speech is criminalized.  And the by-laws of the Home Owners Association of America are declared null and void.

Mr. Muhammad will continue to unleash his Bullmastiff, Shar’iah.  There is only one question to ask. Look in the mirror as you ask it.  “What will I do when two men with assault rifles and backpacks arrive on my doorstep, courtesy of Mr. Muhammad?

The Last English Prince will live and die free. For the slave must not dictate bondage against the free.  Only those birthed on free soil  truly understand this blessing.

Terror Attack Against Freedom of Expression Event: Garland, Texas

Yes, The Last English Prince was in attendance.

Yes, I am in a Hellacious mood.

Yes, I will blog extensively about this later.

I do have to make one small comment.

CNN broadcasters stumbled over their words when sharing a very simple Twitter message threat against the Drawing Muhammad Exhibition.  There was an apparent inability to understand easy Arabic transliteration. The Tweet was a threat against attendees.

CNN also seemed unaware that the avatar for the account was an image of Anwar al-Awlaki (it comes from a screen shot of one of his videos after he fled the United States).

Should you formulate opinion regarding the Islamic gestalt and its  posture against our Constitutional rights from

media outlets who have little background and true understanding of this issue?

Of course not.

In the post below is an image of my tickets.  I may frame them with a copy of the Bill of Rights.

Do not spin this story.  Do not spit on our faces.

Our attendance at the event is all about Constitutional right. We have the right to speak about anything

and everything that comes to mind. With any restraint, the freedom no longer exists.

Will you let those who were born as slaves and live as slaves dictate bondage against the free?

And what will you do when two men alight from their vehicle with guns blazing and wearing back packs?

The Last English Prince will live free and die free.

Freedom of Expression or Death Certificate?


I will attend this event.  As such, am I engaging freedom of expression or signing my own death certificate?

It is far better to embrace liberty than to die a slave. The Last English Prince is not a slave of Allah.

Every single time an artist or a journalist engages self censorship they are signing their own death certificate.

Every single time we cast this liberty into confinement, degrade this blessing with ideological tethers, or lay siege to the concept of freedom with the sophistry of bondage – we sign our own death certificate.

The Last English Prince will attend the Muhammad Art Exhibit. I choose freedom rather than a life on my knees.

Drawing Muhammad and PTSD

Call it not conviction.  Call it PTSD.

Renald Luzier, a survivor of the Charlie Hebdo attacks will no longer draw Muhammad.

Who can draw what terrorizes, what causes nightmares?

As for me, I will attend this event:

I do not have PTSD.  I do have a conviction that freedom of expression is the flagpole from which liberty unfurls her own bright colours.  It is not freedom…. “except for this one thing”.   It is freedom – one hundred percent of the time. Minus free speech, we are deluded regarding our enslavement. Self censorship is enslavement.  Lack of courage to attend a controversial event is enslavement.

Renald Luzier is now a slave of Allah.

The Last English Prince will live free. What worse manner of death, than to die a slave?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

As a senior writer for Economic Affairs Magazine, I penned this piece a few months ago.

Arabic names hold significance.  The significance can be based on both lineage and history.

For an excellent discussion on lineage and jurisprudence read:

Al-Ahkam As-Sultaniyyah (The Laws of Islamic Governance) , by Abu’l Hasan al-Mawardi.

Chapter eight is dedicated to “The Niqabah Tribunal for those of Noble Lineage”.

My copy is autographed in Arabic and acquired from a friend in 2009.

We all  retain a basic familiarity with the name of Abu Bakr. He  was the first Caliph of Islam.

But there is a name buried in obscurity which sheds greater light on the personality and posture of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – leader of the Islamic State. In not understanding what may be a romantic link to legend, we have not fully profiled the man.

Let me bring you up to speed.

Who has heard of Ta’rikh Baghdad? It is the earliest known biography dedicated to the lectures of leading luminaries and traditionalists (or narrators) of the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. There are quite a few of these biographies available which were organized by historians who lived in various provinces around Makkah, Madinah, Kufah, Baghdad, etc. But Ta’rikh Baghdad is gold standard.

Ta’rikh Baghdad was compiled by Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi (392-463 AH) and his full name was…. drum roll…

Abu Bakr Ahmad b. ‘Ali and he was the son of a Khatib from a village near Baghdad.

In Ta’rikh Baghdad, the author compiled the biographies of 7831  eminent men and women who were either born in Baghdad or travelled to it to deliver lectures. It is interesting that he noted the names of some men based on their kunya.

Prophet Muhammad had a kunya.  Do you know what it is and the significance of it?

Perhaps the current Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi imagines himself on the same stage and playing the same role when he delivers his own lectures?  History always steps into the present when dealing with Islamic thought. Our inability to grasp this concept places us at a disadvantage.