Mohamed’s Rube Goldberg Machine

A young man took a device to his high school on September 14th.

The device was simplistic and produced a rational response of alarm.

A suspicious device was reported, per school policy.

Irving police responded, per protocol.

Chain of command was introduced.

Media was introduced to the story on the afternoon of September 15th.

The Last English Prince was the third journalist on site.

No freshened up make-up, barely combed hair. Tennis shoes. Pen in hand. No camera.

NBC had just left and Dallas Morning News had a photographer and reporter present.

CAIR called in via the personal cell phone of the father while I was still there.

A machine was now being built.

What has followed is a complex and difficult to understand media contraption.

On the morning of September 16th the story was top-trending for BBC.

Global reach mysteriously “happened”  while I slept on my own thoughts.

Media as Rube Goldberg Machine.

The failure of media to let the facts lead the story is a lapse in professional standards.

That standard is maintained by ethical character.

Ethics do not drive the story. Ethics – tells the truth and allow organic growth or natural death as result.

The Last English Prince believes that a Rube Goldberg Machine is a poor ethical model for reporting out.


Statement by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland: On the Occasion of the Presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal to the Monuments Men

How many American soldiers returned to native soil with art treasures procured whilst in Europe?

The bloody mess known as World War II ended.

A few soldiers wrapped up a few trophies and ferried them home.

Laws of armed conflict set the international standard.

The dead are not to be stripped of their jewelry.

If such a small item as a wedding ring is denied as booty of war the same applies to art treasures.

The Kehlsteinhaus?

Plenty of trophies were available for the taking.

But Americans also contributed to the preservation of civilizational treasure and culture:

The Monuments Men

Predictive Analysis: The European Spring will be on Full Display in 2017

You cannot have intake without outflow mechanisms in place.

Sure, Europe can add tens of millions of souls.

Keep the (men) marching in. This is intake.

But there is a distinct lack of available outflow mechanisms to keep the population from bottle-necking.

Already, dangerous choke points exist.

These choke points are not just shown via drone images of human cargo on the march.

There are choke points for housing, education, and employment.

The displaced are now displacing the citizen base.  This is…. a national crime spree.

Europe will have her own “Spring”.

But it will be akin to what I called a “Carbon Winter” when Tunisia erupted and her political lava

reached distant shores.

Arab Spring. Tahrir Square

European Spring. Pick a square.

The dynamic will play out the same.

Think the Arabs are the only ones with a capacity for anger?

Try the Germans.

Try the Swedes.

Try the French.

Watch the lava flow.

Which European leaders will flee?

And which European leaders will be jailed?


Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Hearing

Hillary Clinton is nine hours into the Benghazi hearing.

She is philosophical and not forensic.

Questions requiring a simple “yes” or “no” answer are all diluted into streams of plausible deniability.

Distinct dishonesty. Slight flashes of anger when questions come too close to the truth.

Iron Maiden.

No justice, for the death of a United States ambassador.

Unsuited for the Office of the President of the United States.

But Ms. Hillary is made of iron. We see her feet of clay.

Complexities of Journalism

When conducting an interview the journalist deals with complexities beyond the report of a story.

Stories are never in isolation.

Narratives are both personal and under agency.

Parties involved are under authority.

For the journalist the lines are clear. True journalists remain under the primal authority of concepts

of professionalism required for a free press.

Other lines can be blurred.

But the lines must never be blurred regarding tenets of faith regarding Constitutional anchor.

Rise of the 21st Century Salaf

Salaf: A follower of the way of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Salaf is bound to the following obligations:

* Adopting the lifestyle of the early Muslims and maintenance of the same.

* He rejects no part of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

* The Salaf does not lean away, moderate, nor show leniency regarding any thought.

* The Salaf believes that Allah is the Lord of the Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists).

Those who reject Islam are not equal to the Muslim.

They must be dominated and subjugated to Shari’ah law.

The world belongs to Allah and the Muslims.

The rest of us, are mere inconvenience.

Do you know any Salaf?