Naked Antelopes Before Lions

Islam is Dangerous to Western Values

Yep.  The approximately 600 women who were mauled by Arab and African migrant men in Cologne deserved it.

They deserved it because they were “naked antelope” presented to “lions”.

Not exactly.

They were German women enjoying the holiday.

It is doubtful the women were even dressed in a skimpy manner because of the cold.

But they were groped, assaulted and raped because they were naked antelope in the eyes of Muslim men. They are at fault because…. wait for it…. Germans drink beer.

In the West, we believe that women have a right to their own bodies and reproductive health. We believe they have a right to marry, remain single, or shack up. It really isn’t anyone else’s business. Period.

In the West, women have a right to a career and to chart their own course.

This is not a “to hell with the men” lifestyle. It is a lifestyle which is aided and encouraged by our enlightened Western men. We appreciate them. They certainly appreciate us! smile

When will we rise up with one voice and tell these nuts to shove their opinions where the sun doesn’t shine, pack their bags, and find their “happy place” in some little hell hole that remains a hell hole – because of Islam?

You want to abstain from alcohol, not wear perfume,  and wear a Heebie Jeebie all day, go ahead. But don’t shove it down my throat. And don’t seek to enforce your nonsense on others.  American women  are just not interested in the petty little goods offered up by the peddlers of Islam.

Push back!  Push back against this senseless nonsense! What is illogical, laughable, nonsensical, and impractical is not divine.

Here is what is divine summed up in one word:



Political Theater cast as “Journalism”

National Review has dedicated the current issue to an “unfair fight” arena.

I have raised sons. My guidance has always been thus:

If you get in a fight it is one-on-one.  If you lose take your knocks.

But do not be involved in bullying fights of the many against the one.

National Review Gang Fight

Here is the deal.

If Trump wins, the GOP loses control of the Cabinet.

If Trump wins,  some old political arse may not be able to position their equally incompetent child in the White House.

If Trump wins, he will show off his “clock”. It is already ticking. It is counting down.

And it will explode in the faces of those who have not listened to the concerns of the constituency.

National Review?  Their editors disgust me.

Unfair fight!




Dr. Julio Pino: On the Radar in 2006

The post below has been the source of much discussion tonight between myself and the power blogger who resides on the east coast.

Some of the best stories are the ones which cannot be told.  Ethical journalism must at times keep the cards close to the chest.  I have my own cards….

Always on Watch also has a story.  The information is in flux. But what can be shared at this moment is on the link below.  Please feel free to comment at the AOW site. It is a free speech zone.

Link to Always on Watch

Michael Riddering

My parents raised six children away from native American soil to “give a cup of water” in Jesus name.  We turned a bedroom into a birthing clinic so that a village woman could have her child in sanitary conditions.

My mother? What can I say about my mother? She bathed and prepared for burial a little girl who succumbed to a brain tumor. It was only 1 of 2 times that I saw her cry.

Michael Riddering?  He took care of orphans and abused women. He dug graves for Ebola victims.

Islam’s aspirations continue to kill the good.

But Christianity’s seed remains in the ground as it has for centuries.

But what flowers across the globe can now scarcely hide the stench that is Death.

Pray for the widows and orphans in Burkina Faso today.

Pray for the orphans left behind by Michael Riddering.

Two of his children were from Burkina Faso. They were adopted into the  Offspring of Love.

Christians are of the generations of Jesus. His first name is Jesus. His last name is God’s love. (John 3:16)  Love is not mentioned even one time in the Qur’an. The concept of a God of Love  is non-existent within the codified text. Therein, lies a huge problem. Religion minus love is just ideology.

Christians are disciples of Jesus and we follow his humane words and deeds.

Islam merely supports a knock-off.


Allowing a Glimpse of my Private e-mail Space

Charlie Hebdo Cartoon


I don’t support platforming with a drowned child.  But that being said, the Charlie Hebdo team may have moved from a falsified guilt, thinking they somehow deserved their attack, to deep shock at what then happened in Paris, to total disgust at what happened in Cologne.

Private thought:  Is Parisian government complicit in the making of this cartoon? In other words, two years ago, CB might have been hit with a hate crime accusation. Now, Charlie Hebdo is being used to slap Muslims and say, “Damn it!  Just behave!”

I hate to see the footing of Europe. But then again, years ago I wrote that if policies were not carefully managed, the Islamist threat eradicated/contained, it would be every dog to the fight and there would be vigilantism.

Vigilantism is a product of failed governance.

  • The above was written to a fellow blogger. Within the galaxy of bloggers there are a few who stand out with their pithy thoughts, concern, mirth, and three-dimensional humanity.  I am lucky enough to know a few such individuals.


American Military Women in the Combat Zone

Perhaps we do not belong?

I served as a Naval Reserve officer as part of the Nurse Corps.

The only current image of the female sailor in custody of the Iranian government?  Media notes she has a “brown cloth” over her head.

This brown cloth, is a sign of the sovereignty of Allah over the affairs of women.

This sailor is a United States Navy asset.  In public, our heads are covered.  Inside the indoor spaces, we take our cover off. This is all about military protocol and etiquette. We are a professional standing army; one of the best in the world.

I have always said that it will be over my dead body, that I will take on the sign of female obeisance to the rule of Islam.

If we cave in over such a demand, perhaps our backbones are not made for a combatant role?

Many women have served admirably within the combat zone.

We need a policy which women can fall under which will protect them from harassment while in confinement.

As to whether are soldiers and sailors are raped in theater, that is an entirely different topic.



Thought for the Day

Has Chancellor Angela Merkel imported a human volcano?

Or will Germans experience a sea of tranquility?

The anchoring job of governance is to provide a stable homeostatic environment for the citizens.

Merkel is conducting a flawed and dangerous social experiment.

The Germans, are the lab rats.