A Peek into my morning e mail

Point of Reference

Comment of correspondent:

“So m’dear, which shall it be: American principles in the world — or jobs for Americans?”

The Last English Prince responds with coffee cup in hand:

I don’t do “either/or” regarding House of Saud. Unless it is “Either we call them to account or we prove ourselves to be no better.” Beyond that, you imprison my thoughts with the proposition. You give me two choices. The choices are not binary. They are limitless regarding the House of Saud and what we choose to do. Our final choices will speak volumes regarding democracy and interface with regimes.

I believe human rights are to be granted by the sovereign state, not muscled in by other nations. Each leader lives or dies by their own sword. So while we fawn over women driving, an activist is snatched off foreign soil and either killed or dropped into some hellhole. While we fawn over movie theaters in the capital, there will still be women set up for adultery and killed by their husbands, etc.

Bone Saw is a cruel despot. But we choose MbS and not Putin. MbS and not Assad. hmmm I don’t do geopolitics based on either/or.

I do believe the POTUS is working for “his family” too. Kuschner, needs to go away for the immaturity he has also displayed. Trusting the Arabs? Nah.

Did Khashoggi die for information regarding state secrets? Probably. He wasn’t that great a journalist. He was, though, a journalist with secrets.

Addendum to post:

Reports of a Torture Tool Kit

Earlier Post by The Last English Prince on a Mobile Torture Chamber


Bombing of Hamas Television Station: Futility

It is news on smallish scale when the day beckons with news of Israeli military engaged in the bombing of the Hamas television station in Gaza.

Beirut slaps back.  Lebanon gives a signal.

What is a “pan-Arabist” television station in Beirut is also the media arm for Al-Nasser Salah Al-Din.  (Average low I.Q. analysts can figure out what the name means….)

November 13th:

Their morning post is a video from February 2018 which shows four Israeli soldiers retrieving a Palestinian flag from the Gaza border. They are appropriately tagged like corralled cattle with circled red numbers on the screen so that the low I.Q. viewer can anticipate what is transpire.

Can’t let that flag on a small stick wave.  Gotta remove the pole. This is war, Baby!

Flag retrieved.  IED activated. Flash and boom.

The shock and awe devastation is accompanied with the usual militant song.

Do I share such videos with an audience?  No.

Does the Last English Prince understand that we are playing whack-a-mole when it comes to propaganda efforts coming out of the Middle East?  Yeah. Because for every effort, a counter-effort. And as noted in the creed of Jihad – kill one, and one hundred rise to take the place.  In a digital age, digital soldiers rise up – as one man.


“You Can’t Take my Youth Away”

“For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.”  I John 2:16  KJV

Video Link Here


Here I am, stuck on this couch
Scrolling through my notes
Heart was broken, still not growing, nah

Waking up to headlines
Filled with devastation again
My heart is broken
But I keep going

Pain, but I won’t let it turn into hate
No, I won’t let it change me
Never losing sight of the one I keep inside
Now, I know it
Yeah, I know it

You can’t take my youth away
This soul of mine will never break
As long as I wake up today
You can’t take my youth away

You can’t take my youth away
This soul of mine will never break
As long as I wake up today
You can’t take my youth away
You can’t take my youth away

It’s hard to sleep at night
Knowing what’s outside
Feeling hopeless
I need focus….

A little focus is necessary:

If a video is a splashy photo montage with seductive lyrics and child actors, it just might be propaganda.

“You can’t take my youth away….”

Babies in the womb can have their youth snatched away prior to birth.

Congenital deformities, babies born with brain tumors,  sensory impairments.

My brother was born with cerebral palsy.  He had youth.  In a wheelchair.

Youth can be snatched by accidental drowning, vehicular collision, drugs, etc.


Try the pain of responsible adulthood:

Employment stewardship, taxes, keeping a budget.

The Greatest Generation rolls over in their graves. They make way for sniveling, snotty, whining youth.

May God Bless America.  May you have the opportunity to honor a veteran today.

And may the kids eventually grow up with the wisdom and perspective which do not shadow youth – but which beckon it.

Sacrifices of American Youth and Adults: WW II



Twitter and Open Source Intel

Tonight I was leap-frogging through a few Twitter feeds following the news coming out of Yemen.   The quotient for human suffering has gone up quite a bit in the last 48 hours. And as in all regional conflicts, there can be an embargo and/or quarantine on news.

Found myself on a new site – one which is kind of fun:

It’s a Brave New Digital World

The footprint is small, so most likely the preceding leans toward aviation experts and possibly an analytical community.

The Last English Prince is a self-taught analyst with a preference for field investigation and networking; research where “breaking news” is not the primary concern.

But rules applied to posting the above Twitter feed follow security clearance guidelines which I learned in the military.  If it is “eyes only” or sensitive in nature, the product cannot be left on a desk and chain of custody rules apply.

Twitter – is about none of the aforementioned. There is no desk.  There is no safe with combination to secure information.  Twitter remains an open source product.

So enjoy taking a peek at the site.


Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser: The New Jews

On geopolitical stage Saudi Arabia extends a hand of friendship to Israel.

But under Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, any who dare  criticize become the new Jews.  Despised, hated, and chased across the globe.

First they came for the Jews….

Freedom of expression is the anti-Semitism of ruthless and corrupt leaders.

Link to article

The Last English Prince Speaks.

Tammy Swofford follows the lead of German humanist:

Martin Niemoller





From NSO Group Technologies to Booz Allen

As a former LCDR in the US Naval Reserves I am not a fan of Edward Snowden.  Having kept an oath and never being in violation of my security clearance, I have no practical use for individuals who become rogue regarding their contracts and/or oath.

Sputnik article link

What about Booz Allen Hamilton –  mecca of contract employees to our alphabet agencies?

Booz Allen Hamilton

From the above link:

“In 2006, Booz Allen Hamilton, a privately held company based in McLean, Virginia, had a global staff of 18,000 and annual revenues of $3.7 billion. Its work for U.S. government agencies accounts for more than 50 percent of its business. Notably Booz Allen is a key adviser and prime contractor to all of the major U.S. intelligence agencies – the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the National Security Agency (NSA), and – as well as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the National Counterterrorism Center, the Department of Defense and most of the Pentagon’s combatant commands.”

How does the readership view the contract of Booz Allen with the House of Saud?

New York Times article

Truncated portions of my e mail to a friend yesterday – for judicious use of my own time:

“Booz SHOULD care about their own mission statement, vision, corporate culture and internal compass… We embrace human rights for ourselves. And turn aside when the human rights of others are trampled with our blessing and firm assistance. Booz will potentiate the capabilities of the Crown Prince to oppress his own people. There can be valid reasons why America is considered a curse, rather than a blessing, from the lens of the oppressed. Booz will bring greater curse to the Saudi population. (I find it interesting that the POTUS used the word “control” in his praise of the Crown Prince. “Control” and not “freedom” is the desirable metric and if M. bin Salman is a bastard, then at least he is the leashed bastard of the United States.)

Significant moral action can produce significant financial tragedy. But for (redacted name)  and myself, both of us have engaged significant moral actions which have cost us income. There are many others who have done the same and suffered for acts of conscience. Members of the Booz elite may never suffer financial loss. But personal wealth will never stand shoulder to shoulder with sacrificial acts which benefit mankind. The money dies with the man. And what remains is only that which can stand the test of time. If wealth accumulation is the goal for Booz – then it seems that the original mission of the organization has been scuttled. Booz might be awash in talent but it is doubtful they are the progenitor of a Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, or global good. Perhaps their business involves global evil. Not the dirty deeds done dirt cheap, rather, the dirty deeds done with a great paycheck and retirement account in hand. We should – be better than that.

It is wrong, (redacted name)  It is wrong across the board for Booz to provide the Crown Prince with the tools to further solidify his grip for domestic terror against his own citizens.”

My freedom of expression ends with a sad realization:


Writing on WordPress is a digital burglary tool.

Opening my e mail is a digital burglary tool.

Using my cellphone provides a digital burglary tool.

Using electronic devices at work and coming home to watch television are also…

digital burglary tools.

What remains private – is only that which is not spoken – kept close to the heart.

The Last English Prince prefers to speak.   Because freedom of expression brings societal health.


Election 2018 Governor’s Race: Litmus Test for Team Trump

The Last English Prince believes the most important metric for  Team Trump and the Republican party are the races which are unfolding for state governorship.

Senate?  I think we will gain  two seats.

Congress?  Perhaps an incremental nudge forward on the Republican side of the House.

But because of the manner in which our Constitution protects states’ rights  it will be within the borders of the individual states the greatest gain for the greatest good can be obtained for the Republican party.

Our Founding Fathers made a wise consideration regarding states’ rights. The individual states confront the federal branch and political naughtiness can be stymied. This is all good… and good for America.

Senate and Congressional members are akin to herding cats. Their loyalties are tied to super-PACs and the lobbyists with their swag bags of goodies.

Governor’s have greater tendency to project the voice of their constituents into the Beltway. And if of good character, a governor can serve the needs of his state exceptionally well.

Republican governors tend toward more of a lock step with President Trump’s aspirations and his administration goals.  The remainder, seem a bit feral.