New York City “low tech” bomb attack and CAIR statement

Readers may review the statement at the end of th post.  Let this be a gentle reminder which was given to readership years ago in one of the first blogs posted via a different social media platform.

Read with a filter.  Always apply a filter to what you read and do a few minutes of research on the side.  The statement issued by CAIR is based on a narrative of mistreatment of Muslims by U.S. enforcement agencies.  So let me break it down to you in bullet (military) format:

*  The “allegations” are made with the family member sporting burn and flesh injuries, in custody and giving witness to his allegiance to Islamic State. He will have his day in court.  But we know the allegations are true.

* Children may have been held “out in the cold”. This is also true, but it was for their safety.  Bombers have a propensity to booby-trap the space they have left behind.  It is also important to properly remove any volatile chemicals. Complete apartment blocks, adjacent homes have been evacuated in the past due to public safety fears.

* A teenager was pulled out of classes. He was interrogated, per CAIR report.  It must be remembered that “time is brain”.   This is the meme for cardiac event and stroke but it also applies to terror investigations of current incidents.  Things move with rapidity and on head-spinning multiple fronts during the first twenty-four hours.  This is trade craft. It is entirely necessary.  There is no time for niceties, and things will have moved forward in legally acceptable manner which will withstand legal challenges. The teenager can get over it.  Or he can choose to move along and build his own device at a future date.

* There is an underlying theme of inconvenience of the Muslim family unit.  It must be noted that literal thousands of individuals in New York were inconvenienced yesterday.  In a day when “operational cages” are immediately constructed around the blocks surrounding an incident, those who were temporarily immobilized in these zones were highly inconvenienced  (CNN referred to the same as “frozen zones”).  These virtual cages are necessary and had this operational consideration been set in motion in Boston, we would have had the two marathon bombers in custody in hours as opposed to days.  Beyond the inconvenience of the day is the impact on commerce in a city which is known for its commercial vibrancy. How many workers lost a day’s wage?  (It is hoped their employers will offer full compensation.)  And how many shopkeepers found themselves without clientele?

* It must be remembered that in the Fatwa Against Jews and Crusaders written in the prior century, a man who was a co-author dyed his beard black (allowed for jihad) and threatened to plunder the West.  Take a moment and think about what happened yesterday. Make a wild guess.  How many millions of dollars will it cost the taxpayers to investigate and prosecute what was described as a “low tech” failed bomb attack?

Bankrupting the West through Acts of Terror



According to ABC 7 New York:

Albert Fox Cahn, the legal director for CAIR New York, read a short, prepared statement on behalf of the Ullah family saying, “We are heartbroken by the violence that was targeted at our city today, and by the allegations being made against a member of our family. But we are also outraged by the behavior of law enforcement officials who have held kids as small as four years old out in the cold and who held a teenager out of high school classes to interrogate him without a lawyer, without his parents. These are not the sorts of actions that we expect from our justice system, and we have every confidence that our justice system will find the truth behind this attack and that we will, in the end, be able to learn what occurred today. Thank you for your time.”


Islam and Rules of Inheritance

Islam and men. Islam and women.

The polarity between male and female and the traditional roles they are allowed to play within society is clearly annotated within the vast array of jurisprudential writings which span the centuries after the death of Muhammad.

This fact is important because there is a continuous push to create parallel parliamentary structures within the West. And there are  constant incremental legal challenges which are meant to insulate and inoculate Muslims in the West against democratic principles of governance. Having been at the periphery of these discussions with a Mufti who graciously invested a decade in my life, I am familiar with the issue at hand.

What Must not be Allowed in the Western Hemisphere

So here are a few basics regarding Islam, women, and Islamic laws of inheritance. These facts are taken from a book written by my Mufti colleague. And they derive from a law niche based on the concept of al-Fara-id, or the science of inheritance; in expanded form, “ilm al-Faraidin” which means the science of Islamic shares. Everything, and I mean absolutely everything, is pre-determined regarding the share of an estate to which the bloodline is entitled. The word al-Fara’id is the plural form of al-Faridah. These laws do not follow under the early social transaction laws of the Makki era, but they are more in line with what are determined to the the “clear proofs” or obligatory acts of devotion toward Allah. As a small note, the Hadd penalties (the rights of Allah over man) also fall in this category, so this doctrine is extremely strong as it courses through the veins of Islamic jurists.

Beneficiaries of an estate fall into six categories with the heirs who are the primary stake-holders receiving a pre-set  share.  The flow chart for distribution is not complex. It is simple math based on fractions and bloodline.  There are multiple legal tributaries involved relating to genealogy.  The rulings are set into a template which lawyers are not meant to tamper with, rather to follow to the letter-of-the-law. We must remember that Islam has no precedence for the spirit of the law.

So when a Muslim widow in the West has in hand a legal will which leaves her the entirety of an estate, and this will is instead adjudicated in an Islamic Tribunal, she will receive:

“Their (wives) share is a fourth if you leave no child; but if you leave a child, they get an eighth after payment of legacies and debt.” Al-Nisa 4:12

Surah al-Nisa is the cap on the “widow’s peak”. wink  A lot of complexity, ladies and gents. Islam is a legal labyrinth.

Two short comments.

Under Islamic law what is owed an elderly mother is “a dress, a room, and food.” That is sufficient in practical sense and what many children provide for an elderly mom. But what about a nice inheritance which allows a widowed mother to take that dream vacation to Italy?

Second comment regarding Islam and disparity for women. With Islamic inheritance, there is an Arabic term, “al-Jadd al-Sahih”. What does it mean? It means a real grandfather. What does a “real grandfather” mean in Islam? It is the grandchild who is not connected to the deceased through a mother. There is no female between the grandchild and the deceased grandfather. Let… that… sink… in. Paternity, not maternity. Men with ascendancy, women with what is left. Oh, Islam!

Editor’s note: Muhammad. Arabic root H-M-D , H denoting the verb, hammada – praiseworthy.

Muhammad did have a “kunya”/nickname which is less well-known and noted within the scholarly community. But the average Muslim will announce that this man was worthy of praise, “a mercy to the worlds.” (the worlds comprised of the ‘Alamin – man, jinn and all that exists)

Unfortunately, this mercy does not extend to women. The Last English Prince has no uttered praise for this man.

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Yesterday one of my clients told me the story of her great grandmother.  She was full-blooded Navajo.  Her great grandfather “won her in a poker game.”  When asked if he married her, the client stated, “Yes, but family lore is that she went on the war path and gave him hell his entire life!”

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

The Last English Prince salutes every single level-headed woman who has entered the work force, forged a career, and managed to keep a sense of humor and grace about “men!”.

Regarding our current “National Day of Reckoning” – it is a day of oral recounting of the transgressions of “men!”.  As for myself, I have lived, worked, and loved the world of “men!” for years. It has been accomplished with a few interesting intersections with the opposite sex.  But these things are intersection and not vast boulevard… intersection and momentary and almost forgotten brief memories… intersection, not life-defining events. For when the other is allowed to shape and define my life, my life is over.

My life is my own. And I take complete ownership of it: In the moment, during the hour, throughout the day, for a lifetime… under the shadow of grace, and with a deep commitment to being an American woman.

Rightful place. It is my rightful place and great privilege  And yes, we have come a long way and should rejoice in that small fact!

An American woman.  Surrounded by “men!”.  And I kind’a like that little fact.

Islam: Cloaked within the Politics of the Hour

palestinianThe PLO Remembered (and the PLO as it remains today)

While my focus is currently Yemen and what is happening in my own American backyard,  the post on BackChannels caused me to pull the above image from my files.

Yes, there is a radical Islam – nurtured from some of the core tenets of Islamic jurisprudence and practice.   “We” did not cause this radicalism. It has existed across history and used the tools of history, locale, and current events to advance political cause.

Were Israel not a recognized state today – the issues would remain the same – cloaked within the politics of the hour.

Sunlight is a disinfectant.  In a digital age what was in the shadows is now exposed to sunlight.  With images such as the one above, individuals are casting the light upon themselves.  And that little fact – is for the greater good. It is easier to monitor, address, and ultimately adjudicate when boundaries are blurred between freedom of expression and real-time operational tempo.

Conversations must be pursued.  And while not inclined to the romanticism of “speaking truth to power”, I am fully invested in speaking truth regarding the nature of political totalitarianism.


From Harvey Weinstein to James Levine: The Urgent Need for Lawsuits against Predators and the Organizations that Protect Them

When the news began to break against Harvey Weinstein I felt the secondary benefit would be that men would then be emboldened to discuss homosexual rape.

James Levine is a predator.  The rumors were buried and discounted by his organization.

How many young men did Levine destroy; possibly turning them from a healthy heterosexual orientation toward a homosexual lifestyle which (perhaps) was neither desired nor fully embraced?  How do we measure crimes against the emotions and intricate wiring of a child?

Can we discuss homosexual rape of adolescent males and its prevalence in society?

Have you had this particular discussion with a gay friend? Do you know them well enough and do they trust you enough with the question?

Were they… raped?  Were they raped by a talented, successful, and untouchable man?

The response just might surprise – and perhaps – shock you.

James Levine: Talented Predator