The King Abdullah Academy

The concessions were made at the highest levels of American government.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been allowed to build a state of the art International Baccalaureate academy in Hearndon, Virginia.

Saudi Arabia, obviously, made a concession too;  with the stipulation they be allowed to propagate Islamic values on U.S. soil.

The average urban American cannot modify a fence, haul a shed onto their property, or run a daycare facility from a residence without headache-inducing trips to city council, award of permits, mind-boggling court costs and a bureaucratic flotsam of paperwork.

But the House of Saud is the Sword that Cuts through the Red Tape

Let’s look at the first sentence of the grade four interim mission statement:

King Abdullah Academy is an IB World School that enables students to excel academically while maintaining the values of Islam and proficiency with the Arabic language.

What the hell just happened?  And what part did the American people have in approval of this decision?  “We the People” were not properly consulted. Of that I am sure.

What values would (now deceased) King Abdullah seek for Americans to embrace?

Is it the public beheading of his security guards for the deadly Hajj stampede in 2015?

I have seen the video.

Is it the segregation of women who are deliberately covered, cloistered, and set upon by men if they don’t follow “the rules”?

Is it the herding of little girls back into a blazing furnace because they fled the school without their head coverings?

What about the unfairness of the workman’s compensation system which dispenses less funds to Jews, Hindu and Christian workers?

Talk is cheap. And so is slick narrative.

Until the House of Saud shows they can behave with democratic decency toward their own citizens,  the campus with the hefty price tag is just the latest whitewash of Islam.

Muslims who embrace American values and exceptionalism? Yes.

Muslims who embrace values which do not reflect well on Western culture?  No.


Governor Eric Greitens: Rank as Merchandise and Shield

Governor Eric Greitens is a former officer who attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander within the Navy Seal Community.

The Last English Prince also attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserves. Rank is about time served x capability.  The process of being awarded the next rank by a convened board is a time-honored tradition.

The Last English Prince has never used rank as merchandise and shield.

I have endured many a military dinner where the senior officer has regaled fellow officers with stories laden with bravado and sense of adventure. That is fine. But I have also noted the merchandising of officer ranks.  Ask me.  Ask me what General Tommy Franks wanted my MOAA group to cough up for the pleasure of hearing him speak.

Golden Throats with feet of clay.

This practice needs to be curtailed.  Personal enrichment from rank casts a shadow upon a solemn oath to protect and defend.

Governor Eric Greitens merchandised his rank to attain the governor’s seat in Missouri.  His rank now offers up a shield against a woman who was bound, gagged, and humiliated during an initial sexual encounter.

The Last English Prince has to ask the obvious question:  What kind of man experiences an awakened sexual desire in his early forties to bind and gag a woman in the basement of his home?

Nah. Gut tells me he has done this before. The gut hopes he has not engaged these activities with vulnerable women in far away places where there is no means to report out the behavior.

Governor Greitens provides a cautionary tale against elevating to cult status  military individuals who have achieved rank.  Insignia does not denote personal integrity. Insignia can mask malignant tendencies.

Interview with Woman from the Greitens’ Affair



President Macron: Turning a Sow’s Ear into a Silk Purse

Golf clap, please.

The Sow’s Ear

President Emmanuel Macron is using this strategy:

Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.

Good Luck

Here is the deal.  The changes are cosmetic, except perhaps, for curtailing the extortion industry otherwise known as the Halal food industry.

The Last English Prince prefers the West  move toward a suite of laws that uses watch lists as fluid documents which have binary paths leading to either removal from the public square or deportation. We need waterfalls, not streams.  We certainly do not need the bubbling brooks which keep men such as Khamzat Azimov on the streets, in spite of being on two separate terror watch lists.  Start with the criminals.

I do support temporary rendition to floating brigs for purposes of incarceration until the legalities can be sorted out for any individual deemed capable of spree killing in the name of a God.  The Last English Prince continues to stand firmly against torture of suspects and firmly in the camp of better HumInt and plugging the holes for Intel.

And to the president bequeathed with a Christian name which means “God with Us” I merely say, “Good luck!”

Muslim Terrorism and Journalism Insensitivity

Catching up on the most recent knife attack in Paris, I noted this thought in an article in the New York Times:

“The knife-wielding man who briefly spread terror in the heart of Paris on Saturday night…”

Briefly spread terror?  Heartache lasts a lifetime.

One man lost his life in the most recent attack.  Ask his mother. Ask her. Is she over this brief moment?  Ask his father.  See a fist connect with your insensitive mouth.

What about 9/11?  It is a brief moment in time when choosing to revisit the moment the aircraft armed with the souls of the innocent penetrated the towering structures, a testament to man’s capacity for innovation. Heartache is the unseen wound.

Ask the children.  Ask the children who walked across the stage for Kindergarten graduation with a face missing from the crowd.  Ask the young ladies who have made a difficult decision regarding who would walk them down the aisle for their wedding.  And ask the young men who lacked a father to help them choose the car that would transport them to college.  Heartache is not the coat which can be taken off and hung back in the closet.

Here is my commitment to the readers.  I will never flinch, waver, nor turn aside from calling out evil.  We owe it to the many victims of Islamic terror. We should not minimize their suffering.  Neither does telling the truth  magnify the story. It sets the story within the right frame. Because at the end of the day, Islamic terrorism falls along a familiar path.  The innocent are ambushed.  And in that “brief moment of time” – a future of heartache awaits.

Listing of Killings in the Name of Allah Last Thirty Days

A Yearly Message from your Intelligence Agencies….

Ramadan Fubarak!

Definition of FUBAR

I “learned” the term when serving in the Navy.  If something went sideways in the field, it was anointed a “FUBAR”.

So it is, that once again – the counter-terrorism community sends up to all of us a hearty Ramadan Fubarak.  Because Westerners know.  We know… this is the season for an uptick in terrorism acts against innocent Westerners.

Khamzat Azimov

Here is the deal, kiddies. The Khamzat of the world are treated like assets. They are information conduits and platforms to exploit. Valued. Until of course, they have shed blood and the messiness must be cleaned up.

But Khamzat kind of sounds like Hazmat.

He should have been treated like epidemiological virology.  Because once the viral load is high enough, the Khamzat of the world take to the streets of Garland, Texas (I was there); San Bernardino, California (a father of six lost his life) and the streets of Paris.

Michael Wetzel: Father of Six

Days before his death, Michael Wetzel provided a foreshadowing of the Requiem of Candles for his own life – tragically cut short by two individuals who were most likely handled like exploitation platforms by individuals who do not understand the value of a Hazmat suit.

The Last English Prince is tired of it all.  Tired of the “known” who ambush the unaware.

So to all:  Ramadan Fubarak!

The Jinn

Just a peek into an email which was sent to a colleague this a.m.

“I have understanding of more Arabic terms than you realize – down to the three letter root. I also have the history of the usage of certain words by Muhammad. For example, the prolific Ibn Abbas was referred to as the “translator” of the Qur’an for his tafseer abilities. Albeit, Abu Hurayrah (father of the kitten, because he carried a kitten in his sleeve) was one of the most prolific carriers of Ahadith (matn/snad) text and chain of transmission (snad – if multiple transmitters).

When considering that Allah created meteorites to kill Jinn because they were traveling to the lowest level of heaven, listening in on the conversations of the angels, and transmitting the information back to humans – it is to our own peril, that we do not decode. The aforementioned can also be found in the Qur’an. Harut and Marut come to mind too. They were Jinn who taught the black arts to the Babylonians.

The Jinn are a linguistic black art. Of that I am sure.