NFL Commissioner Goodell Receives the Pillsbury Doughboy Award

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gave the most nonsensical press conference in reference to the NFL clubs and their inability to discipline the members of their own organization.

While stating that all should stand for the national anthem, his statements came off as more of a waltz than the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Time was spent pandering to the players, letting us know they are thoughtful, concerned about things in their communities… and the NFL will play the fairy godmother so that all their wishes may come true.

Since when?!  Since when does any employee bring a grievance from outside their industry into their place of employment with an expectation that chain of command will resolve issues unrelated to job satisfaction?

Outside grievances which I want my employer to resolve for me:

  • The neighbor uses the wrong chemicals on his lawn and poisons the landscape.
  •  My local grocer lacks sufficient parking for the volume of business.
  •  My husband has not sent me flowers in six months.

Is it possible club owners fear the physical aspects of extortion?  That player who is told not to kneel, suddenly misses passes, fumbles the ball and forgets how to block?

Regardless, NFL leadership has lacked wisdom to understand both the beauty of chain of command and also how to provide good order and discipline for organizational health.

Goodell gave an absolutely pathetic press conference. And now:

Pass another Croissant, please

Hey Goodell, quit being a ….





Journalism and Research

Spent  over an hour today with a retired FBI agent to get a sense of appreciation for organizational aspects of investigation into the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas shooting.

The complexities surrounding the case are intriguing.  One shooter? Or multiple actors?

Motive?  Or lack of any real motive other than pulling off a successful mass attack?

Where is the girlfriend?  What has happened to the security guard? Both can be held under material witness warrants.

Were it not reality we could imagine it something along the line of one of the books by Alex Berenson or James Patterson.

But it was real. Lives were lost and too many were injured.

Perhaps answers will one day be allowed the public.  Perhaps – not in my own lifetime.

That Which we Profess to Understand….

Early morning and my reading has taken me from a Twitter feed in Yemen, to a New York Catholic Workers protest in Union Square by members of  “Code Pink” to a publication which espouses a Utopian world order.

World Beyond War

Unfortunately, what happens in a cubicle should probably stay in a cubicle.  The world at large is much more unmanageable and chaotic than the boundaries of individual imagination.

While Catholic women in New York protest social injustice in Yemen, I am viewing a YouTube feed where Yemeni are shouting Allahu Akbar and death threats against Americans, all in one breath.

We don’t understand Yemen.  We do not understand her place in Islamic folklore.  And if we are in Yemen, there is good reason. Beyond the Islamic tribalism and sectarian conflict within the Yemeni border lie the granular details of potential future attacks against America.

Those with humane hearts long for a world beyond the grasp of war.  This includes me. Yet bloody has been the march of history.  Modern day warfare merely presents a more poignant digital grasp of the enormity of human conflict.

Digital grasp also causes me to offer  abbreviated thoughts.

A Look Back: Where my Journalism has Taken Me

This is the breaking news of the Garland, Texas attack as sent to the Ibloga team:

The Last English Prince on the ground

I have been “there”, whether seated across from a man who gave material support to Chechen rebels, or seated in a Hookah lounge populated with Sudanese men.

I have been “there”, with news breaking in my home town and news breaking across the Dallas region.

“There” regarding news coming out of area mosques and news coming from Jeddah.

“There” – and ever on my lips the motto: Semper Fi.

Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood and Complicity

The hypocrisy is compelling.  The decades of complicity speaks of cultural corruption.

Twenty-seven women.  The number is undoubtedly more in the range of the victims of the Las Vegas  Mandalay Bay shooting.

Everybody knew.  And nobody did anything about it.

The pig – as he was known – undoubtedly chose the pig mask for the drug-fueled orgies during the Cannes Film Festival.  Who?  Wore the goat mask?  And who lusted to be the next pig?

Harvey Weinstein liked one thing and only one thing:  Sexual humiliation of women.

We are all adults here.  But who can forget this?

Swordfish – Graphic

The above – is what Hollywood peddles. And if “Swordfish” is training wheels for the rest of us, Weinstein kicked the wheels off decades ago.

Rose McGowan managed a paltry settlement.  Yet everyone knew. Nobody took the man down. The men…. were complicit.

Sexual humiliation of women

Of course now that the not-so-secret Hollywood open secret can be digested in disgusting manner by the rest of us – those involved and complicit decry “The Pig”.

Which brings me back to _Animal Farm_.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

The Pig knew about that of which he spake.

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What America looks like to those of us who actually work hard for a modest income

National Anthem.  I just viewed a coal miner singing the national anthem prior to descending into the darkness of earth. His crew stood respectfully with their hard hats removed in acknowledgment of his action.

Many Americans, including myself, arise by the dawn’s early light to head out for twelve hour shifts with jobs which provide “just enough” to manage our income outlays. It will be dark when I arrive home tonight, the house will be quiet and yet I will be grateful for my job and the ability to live in a place which is a blessing to so many.

Perhaps…. perhaps… if an NFL player comes under my care I should just ask him to place his hand over his heart and sing our National Anthem with me prior to allowing him to access my unique skill set.  wink

But really!  What a bunch of overpaid and  pampered ungrateful Americans. What they provide is entertainment. That is it. Nothing of real value.  The rest of us… provide goods and services.



The Children of American Caitlin Coleman

Caitlin Coleman, pregnant with child but undoubtedly never impregnated with common sense, was taken captive in Afghanistan by the Taliban five years ago.  She has now been rescued from captivity along with her (Canadian) husband Josh Boyle and their small children.

What does this freedom mean for her children?  What imprints and impressions have they formed while in a captive state?  What impressions will they nurture at a later date when confronted with fragmented, kaleidoscopic memories of soil of birth and culture of birth? Studies confirm that babies make cognitive decisions regarding what draws them to certain facial features.  These estimations follow us into adulthood where to this day – I find handsome men and beautiful women deserving of a second look.  Beauty attracts, whether beautiful features, flowers, or dancing ballerinas.

Will the neuroplasticity of Caitlin’s children have nurtured affinity and assigned beauty to the covered and veiled features of the women of the Talib?  And will they at a later date experience an unidentified, yet childhood-experienced revulsion for the feminine form? Under the Talib, even the laughter of the women is considered infectious for lust, as is the sound of a high heel on the pavement.

These children have lived on a different planet.

What will become of the children of American Caitlin Coleman?  I wish for them the absolute best.


Free… but maybe not really free