Islam and Remote Access Tools

If the brain is just a computer….

This was my thought last night as I stood at the front window watching the approaching storm.

Of course the brain is so much more. It is receptive to hormonal cascades, blood flow patterns, hepatic enzymes and both aggression and humor triggers. The brain truly is the final frontier.

Yesterday I receive a rapper’s thoughts based on a homonym. Two of the three sounds for the word were used and the third one could have also found space in the thought. This was all about humor, and it was greatly enjoyed.

Speaking of another budding rapper, what about neuroplasticity and its role in brain-as-computer function?  This young adult Muslim male began his career with a rap which uses the words Constitution and revolution in the same breath.  He is progressing along with  his recording label (as yet not identified to the greater public)  and surrounded by like-minded young men who are Muslims from Africa.  Born in the USA to a white American mother and a Muslim father who hails from Africa; raised by his mother, he is now bonding with his father and the men of the family.


The man was a toddler when the aircraft hit the Twin Towers.  On his Twitter feed, a short cellphone clip of the strike on the second Tower. Why did he post this? What does this mean to him on a personal level?  I will ask him at a later date and after Ramadan is over.

As a Muslim, how does he view 9/11?

Islam has a remote access tool and it is a back door installment which is dependent on the neuroplasticity of the brain to function.  This RAT installs proxy memories which then function as part of a hardworking slave bot network  against the host.

Let me put it in simple terms.  I can remember my grandmother’s banana pudding.  But I cannot remember my great grandmother’s pudding.  Muslims “remember” the dish all the way back to Khadija, Aisha, and Fatima.  They not only remember the pudding, but in their minds, they were there when Grandfather first stuck his finger in it and said, “What a good boy am I.”

Our budding rapper is the cousin of another Muslim male who built a clock.  Prior to his ill-advised venture, he also sat down with me and discussed 9/11.  He is… younger than the rapper.

The rat continues to scamper along.

Military Law: Good Order and Discipline

Imagine being charged with adultery under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.

Please read the complete link

This is also an adequate reading

When attending DCO (direct commission officer) school at Pensacola, Florida we were introduced to the corpus juris of the UCMJ.  Perhaps  one thing that was drilled into our heads – like bore holes for Crutchfield tongs – is that a major infraction can be piggybacked with “lesser included offenses”.  The officer (or enlisted) member can be dispatched from duty faster than a tugboat loaded with sh-t  heads out from a harbor port.

We don’t like any stench within the ranks causing erosion of good order and discipline, which is the hallmark of a professional standing army. Adultery effects job performance. The focus and priority changes.

At one point in my career I had wield the gavel against an enlisted sailor working in an area where I functioned as the department head.  His secret clearance had come up for review and a discovery was made of inappropriate sexual behavior.  The behavior was anchored with a psychiatric component. My decision destroyed a career Navy man nearing the finish line for retirement.  It was with great sadness that my opinion was leveraged by the OIC of our detachment to release the sailor from duty. But the decision was made with great compassion.  Such a man, would have not have lasted long within a combat environment. His behavior had components of anxiety disorder.

It must also be noted that the forward movement of charges against a member is preceded by a warning in private quarters.  We know what you are doing. Please extricate yourself from this situation; in other words, show the character required for good order and discipline on a personal level.

But this man?  Hmmm

This tugboat had a heavy load

The Last English Prince Needs a Bigger Wall Calendar

Ho hum.


Three attacks in three days.

Monday:  Man in Paris, France runs his car into a police vehicle.  His weapon is also weaponized with explosives and additional weapons.

Tuesday:  Man with a suitcase bomb tries to light up Brussels

The attack could have caused widespread casualties

Wednesday:  In Flint, Michigan a man mounts an unprovoked knife attack on a police officer.

Allah has an army of war whores

Yeah.  I need a calendar with days divided into half-slots.  In about a year, the calendar with four slots per day.

Ho hum.



Planning the Summer Vacation for Maximum Fun!

Travel agencies suggest that any summer vacation with a “Bucket List” will not be complete without visiting the “State of Emergency”.

Once touching down at the Charles De Gaulle Airport families can venture about with their cell phones ready for high drama.

First stop, the building where the Charlie Hebdo massacre occurred.  From there the kiddies can be taken to the kosher supermarket, Hyper Cacher, for a nice sandwich and a quick peek at the area where startled shoppers were held hostage by jihadists.

The must-see venue of note, of course, will be the Bataclan Theater in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.  If the youngsters are still of a delicate age it might be best not to mention the men who were castrated and left with the family jewels in their mouths, or the concert-goers who were eviscerated so that the last thing they saw was their intestines dropping to the floor.  The story can merely move to the set of windows where the pregnant woman dangled precariously trying to save herself from religio-political fiends.

Perhaps there will be the standard lorry speeding along the boulevard in Nice, knocking over pedestrians like bowling pins. Or perhaps the tourist can watch a fireball erupt under the shadow of the Champs Elysees, as happened today.

Regardless, a visit to the State of Emergency can prove an invigorating experience.

If faint of heart, a visit to the state of Hungary, Poland, or the Ukraine might be advised. These are the states that just might survive and never be stripped of their real names and reduced to “State of Emergency”.

What is the common denominator for Hungary, Poland and the Ukraine?  The topic, is also a delicate one.


Finsbury Park Mosque Attack: Cause and Effect

The Last English Prince does not condone violence.  But it is the flower of a flawed policy and security root system.

This flaw lies within a hybridization of narrative regarding the nature of the threat.

The shoe is now on the other foot

Or perhaps better stated, walk a mile in our shoes:

Two thousand nine hundred and ninety six pair of shoes

Twenty-two pair of shoes

Forty-nine pair of shoes

Twenty-three pair of shoes

Added to the Manchester attack are the 119 injured in the blast.

Vigilantism is the bastard child of a union between inadequate policy and security vacuum.

Vigilantism is the bastard child that knows it is not loved but still wants to survive.

Vigilantism can also be the action of a decent man who has seen too much and now fills the need to step into a bigger pair of shoes than his own.

One of my favorite films is _The Equalizer_ starring Denzel Washington.  A decent man engages edgy retribution against an organization that thinks it is o.k. to beat a prostitute.

As the protagonist embarks on a violent killing spree his message to the perpetrators is that they are out of time.

Perhaps the man seated in the van who rammed his van into pedestrians leaving a mosque looked down at his own timepiece as he put the vehicle in gear and drove toward his target.

We really, really do not have the time to probe around the edges of Islamic terrorism and debulk an ideological tumor.  We have run out of time, and what I have feared for over a decade now is a reality in London.

The bastard is alive, with a howl coming out of the windpipe – and this is how the baby looks.  Just wait… for adulthood.