The Last English Prince is taking a Sabbatical.

Words seem to have little power against the plans of those who seek to harm us.

In a twenty-four hour window, three terror attacks. Two vehicular attacks in Spain and now the stabbing attack in Finland.   The former two, confirmed as Islamist attacks.  Most likely the attack in Finland will be the same battlefield theater.

Authorities in Finland report the attacker “looks like a foreigner” but he has no identification papers and his name and nationality are not known.

One of the women knifed today had a baby carriage.  I suppose her goal was to protect the child. Will we know her name?

As for us – we will remain politically immobilized until our children are assassinated.

That is my prediction.

Perhaps even then we will lack the political will to rule as civilized men.

In Texas history, there was a rallying cry of “Remember the Alamo!”  The carnage which had ensued at the hands of General Santa Anna and his soldiers was not to be forgotten.

Remember Barcelona!

Perhaps not.  Five minutes into a CNN broadcast this morning the broadcast story-tellers were back to the narrative of Charlottesville.

Words have no power.

Rolling Terror Attacks in Spain

My sister lives in Spain.  It is “Fair Week” in many of the towns. The rolling terror attacks in Spain bring me back to thoughts expressed by Andrew Kurkov in his excellent work, “Ukraine Diaries:  Dispatches from Kiev”.

Wednesday 27 November

Vilnius,  1:40 a.m.  It’s raining.  According to my taxi driver, its supposed to start snowing around 3 a.m.

After midnight, European diplomats ask me the question:  “What should we do with your country?’ I replied, “What should you do with it?  Take it!  And take me too, along with all its other inhabitants.  Ukraine has already had new masters.  The important thing is that the new rules must be comprehensible and easy to implement. That’s what everybody wants.  And that each of those rules should be one line long, forming a single and unique proposal.  Like the Ten Commandments:  You should not kill.  Full stop.  You shall not steal.  Full stop. Etc.  So the Ukrainian citizen will lift his hands to the sky and say, “Oh how simple this is!  How easy it is to live in a civilized manner!”

Islam has no Ten Commandments.


Charlottesville: Political Silo

Charlottesville is a political silo elevated to the status of a Constitutional Crisis by mainstream media.

Today I worked with individuals of many nationalities and colors.  We shared our lives and we smiled a lot. At one point one man asked a tech, “Hey, did you get your head skinned?”  After the man claimed he had not had a haircut I chimed in,  “Hey!  Were you at that rally in Charlottesville?”  Fits of laughter all around.  Theater of the absurd. That is what we think of the political silo.

What did you do today in your town?

Forget Charlottesville.  The story is corrupted. The reporting is narrative-based.

Our nation is o.k.

So what did you do today far away from the blubbering, bravado, and false narratives of mainstream media? Cherish the real America.  It is right there.  In front of you physical eyes.

Charlottesville: You Decide

Do you wish for a narrative which slides us into a Bolshevik revolution and from there into Marxism – a form of governance where none are free to speak and all spy on their neighbors?

Or do you wish for a President who is willing to speak inconvenient truths about what happened in Charlottesville?

He alludes to what I have written:  The marchers had a legal permit to march.

Read both links.  The second link is written by a dear friend.  In a prior time she  was part of a group defending the Vietnam War Memorial from protesters. Because of her defense, I was able to view that wall and better understand the sacrifices of war.

The Bolsheviks are seeking to remove our War Memorials. This is morally wrong.

The POTUS speaks

Always on Watch

What Do You Believe About Freedom of Expression?

If pedophiles with a legal permit to march show up in Dallas, Texas and spend an hour or two marching down the street peacefully, should their right be protected?

The Last English Prince gives a resounding, “Yes!”

The march is not a crime. Crime is when a child is raped.

Peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are Constitutionally-protected rights.

All who organize a peaceful assembly with legal requirements in hand should be afforded the protection required for a peaceful demonstration.

This is not about good vs. evil.  This is about societal homeostasis.

Would I sleep better if such a rally never happened?

Or would I sleep better if the marchers were allowed to pass and return home without injury?

I would sleep better if none suffered harm.

Charlottesville is a display of a breakdown in local, state, and federal management of Constitutional right. The marchers were assaulted. We let them down.

You cannot defend the right of one and not defend the right of all.  That right is freedom of expression.  Minus that right, America ceases to exist.

If the Charlottesville marchers had been allowed the courtesy of marching peacefully this march would soon be a footnote.  Instead, it is elevated to hysterical levels of unwarranted angst.

Our shoulders are big enough.  Perhaps what is lacking is our understanding of and gratitude for this immense blessing known as freedom of expression.

Embrace it for yourself.  Do not deny it for others.