21 September: 4th Year Anniversary of Yemen Revolution


The day was observed and the day passed by rather quietly.

The top image denotes the Yemeni Socialist Party flag.

The bottom image attests to child soldiers on the ground.

A hardy people, a geographic locale rich with Ahadith and Islamic folklore has undergone and continues to undergird against the realities of war.


Christine Blasey Ford: Misappropriation of Government Resources

I would like to report out that in the third grade a little kid named Greg snatched the cookie from my lunchbox.  I would also like for the FBI to open a formal investigation.

Unless “unable to remove her clothing” is a new category for federal crime, Ms. Ford seems uneducated regarding her options for recourse for her spotty recollection.

Would Somebody Please Make the Circus Leave Town?


Judge Brett Kavanaugh v Christine Blasey Ford

When age fifteen I had a boyfriend who was sixteen.  One night we were in the basement with his best friend.  I was told we would play a game.

After seating myself on the lap of his friend, my boyfriend switched off the light. I found myself in a tight grip and a hand placed over my mouth.  As the young man removed his hand and kissed me I heard my boyfriend laughing in the background.

Light was switched back on and I proclaimed the men jerks and a few other choice names and went away a bit wiser.  Guys attempt conquest before they learn to court. And girls moving into womanhood innately understand the nature of desire. Both sides want it, but immaturity does not know how to handle it.

My boyfriend went on to graduate from college with a degree in chemistry.   He traveled the world and even lived in Russia with his wife and four sons for several years. Obviously, he matured along the way.

But now that Christine Blasey Ford has come forward in courageous manner with her damsel in distress story I feel empowered.

I really need to make him pay!  Like Ms. Ford, I did not really understand that his friend could have “inadvertently killed me”.  Unlike Ms. Ford,  I have waited too long to seek therapy. Hell, I didn’t even know I needed therapy until today.

And I really want to burn that man, burn his house to the ground, for what he did to me.


Who Knows… Really?


Date of image capture: 16 September 2017

It has been a year.   A year since this image surfaced on a jihad portal.

Serpentine political coils can be hard to track.

And whilst Presidential Tweets about success on the nuclear front may have an element of truth,  the truth is:   Who knows… really?

Who are our friends?  And who remain the friends of our enemies?


Swofford Never Forgets: 9/11 (Part II)

The link has the documentary film by the Naudet brothers. They were filming a documentary about firemen when the call came in for 9/11.  A few time stamps are added for ease of viewing:

Swofford Never Forgets

25 minutes:  The news comes in about the fire in on of the Twin Towers.

27:10 –   “What do we do?  What do we do for this?”

27:40  Screams of individuals on fire.  Out of respect (and probably unable to comprehend) the individual chooses not to show the human torches.

28:50  Image of exterior of damaged building.

29:30  No usable elevators.

30 minutes:  Firefighters with sixty pounds of gear = sixty seconds to climb one flight of stairs. Eighty stories, just to get there.

30:40  Additional footage of exterior of building.

33:54  Footage of exterior of building with dragon’s breath.  Follows through with view from inside the tower with debris falling as individuals attempt to evacuate.

34:50   “Mayday!  Mayday!  There were two planes. They saw the second one hit!”

35:40  “When the second plane hit, then you could see fear.”

36:40  “What are all of those people going to do?”

37 minutes:  “People were coming down burning.”

* Break in video for advertisement.

41:15  Piece of plane engine from Tower Two

43:25  Some of the men you see in these images gave their lives for our nation.

55:06  Inside the smoke-filled building, finding the deceased.

1:02:20  The body of a priest was laid on the altar of his church.

1:19:15  “We lost so much in a two hour period.  Like we got the hell kicked out of us.”

Swofford Never Forgets.




Swofford Never Forgets: 9/11

What is the quickest way to remember the two hundred people who leaped to their deaths from the Twin Towers?


What is the quickest way to remember the three-hundred and forty-three firefighters who died attempting to rescue individuals from the Twin Towers?


What is the quickest way to remember the seventy-one police officers who died at the Twin Towers?


What is the quickest way to honor the eight children ( ages 2-11 years) killed in the attack on our nation?


What is the nature of evil?

Swofford Never Forgets.


IRGC General’s Graduation Ceremony


Eternal Enmity.

Military culture which allows for eternal enmity against an opponent may strengthen cohesion within the ranks.  But the cohesion can also create a shearing force against the Intellectual Battlespace, which is where the real battles must be fought if there are to be lasting solutions.