September 21 Revolution: 2021 Commemoration

The celebrations have been somewhat muted this year.

In Tahrir Square in Sana’a – a modest parade, food vendors, and fireworks display:

The official spokesman for the Yemen Army did not post a commemoration, but chose to show a map of current operations to liberate the Province of Marib and additional areas:

Mohammed Ali Al Houthi made the rounds to various projects and a good time was had by all back at the Supreme Political Council HQ:

Yemeni cartoonists also have their say. They are the contemporary counterparts of the seventh century poets who served as political pundits.

And finally, an image added here so that I can educate a bit regarding Islam and her world view:

Images such as the one above remain important for the historical record of Islam and her tumult and travails in a changing world. The English transliteration and understanding of the word “Ibadah” is thought to mean “worship”. In actuality, the Arabic reads more accurately as the word “subservience”. It comes from the word ‘Abd which means servant/slave. There are many men named Abdullah, or slave of Allah. We are less familiar with the name Amatullah, a female slave of Allah.

The word Ibadah also is used to refer to idol worship. Islam does not allow graven images. Statues, minus a head are allowed. To extrapolate this further, I read the Risala of one of the Grand Ayatollah. Chess is not allowed because the pieces are miniaturized idols.

In the West, we preserve our history with statues of our heroes. Islam, being allowed no such quarter, very carefully preserve the image of the men (there are virtually no images of the women) who have shown spirit and fight, tenacity of spirit.

The above image is not really about Colonialism. It is about the man in the shackles, the one who cannot be immortalized in marble or stone.

Tammy Swofford

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Round Rock: Binary Liquids

Part I:

For some journalists, originality can count for more than accuracy. We wish to place a conglomerate of words on the page as an edifice to self – which is otherwise known as our byline. I prefer accuracy. And while not maestro di color che sanno – having no title, office on a seventh floor – observations have been made regarding those who travel the path to Round Rock, who come to a deserved end.

A sustained friendship with an individual who exhibits fascination with explosive packets is what brings originality to the story. The disclaimer, is that my assessment may not be entirely accurate. But interaction provides for a rudimentary profile and future model for journalism.

The binary liquids of acetone and peroxide lay foundation for what is also a binary profile regarding personality and temperament of a non-affiliated bomber. The temperament is like obsidian. Holding it in the hand, it is smooth and strong. But it is birthed with a volcanic center. The center, is not always easily seen.

The personality is binary in nature too. Ambush. Intimidation. These are the binary emotional liquids which fuel the cathedral to self as the device is built. The spire-like wires foretell not of salvation, but destruction as they are carefully placed.

It is not the construction and detonation of the device which bring biological release (aka erection) in the male. That is the warm up. It is the foreplay. Intimidation, is what brings the greater satisfaction.

Scanning the headlines… looking for words like “terrorize”, “fearful” “intimidation”, “bomber” and “victims” gives one hell of an emotional and biological pay-off. The ambush is immortalized by the intimidation. The ambush, finds meaning in the intimidation.

My most recent ambush and intimidation occurred when I separated myself from a greater crowd to head to a second home where the party would continue. The individual ambushed me alone and tucked into a corner near the front door. It was followed by a bit of intimidation. Not being one to take it on the nose, I also returned the verbal ambush and intimidation. At an earlier encounter months before, the individual had made it abundantly clear that he liked to intimidate people in small spaces. Well, it kinda’ worked, on a “game on” level.

There is a great scene in “Red Dragon”. The agent gives the journalist a profile of the killer – insulting and meant to bait – to draw the killer out. While this is very enjoyable to watch, it is my belief that in dealing with binary temperament and personality bombers, the opposite should hold true.

When these events occur, headlines should not use the word “bomber” but merely “individual”. There should be no pronoun use, no qualifiers nor adjectives which allow the perpetrator to pick up the scent of intimidation.

“Bomber Terrorizes Region”. Nope. “This Individual Will be Apprehended” is the better headline.

Victims? Only ages and genders should be noted. “Two Little Girls and their Grandmother have Died.” Nah. “Three Females, ages 4, 7, and 59 have Died.” There can be an annotation in the body of the text that victims will be further identified and honored after the “individual” is apprehended. The bomber blew the flesh off his victims. He should not be able to see the flesh placed back by granular identity markers associated with his victims. There should be no “mangle-a-trois” between bomber, device and victims.

Now while Facebook and social media platforms will flesh out the rest (bad choice of words, here) what must be denied to the Round Rock personality is any headline, scrap of information, which satiates the God of Intimidation.

Basically, deny bombers a media platform. Let it be like the adage, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it….” Let the sound of the bomb blast, the debris field, and the evidence all be confined to the smallest possible geographic perimeter. And for the camp of the journalists? A reminder that sensationalism, projection of fear, and elevation of the bomber to celebrity status further fuels the emotional binary liquids which course through the veins of the perpetrator.

Shut down the circus. Do not let the clown into the press box. And then – deal with the Round Rock.

*Note – I prefer the earlier film “Manhunter” – but both films include a scene with the journalist being coached on what to write.

Round Rock: A Prayer for Deliverance

I awakened around 3:30 a.m. with a succinct thought: “The bomber is in Round Rock.” I returned to restful state and slept for a couple of hours. Grabbing my cup of coffee, I viewed the headlines for the day. The news was breaking. Good detective work had brought to an end, a reign of terror. Mark Anthony Conditt had met his end in Round Rock, Texas. It was… as it should be.

Mr. Conditt was a young adult, not affiliated with any over-arching cause. But most likely, there were components of his personality and temperament similar to that which I had both observed and experienced with another individual.

My earlier journalism interface with an individual who was fascinated with explosive packets had caused me to form a rudimentary profile. The man we were seeking was not a terrorist. Not cut from the same cloth as the Unabomber… or the Boston Marathon bombers. And whilst not having any official capacity to access the investigation as it was unfolding, my heart told me he was uniquely different – in ways the media could not comprehend when reporting out on the story.

When following the short-lived career of Mark Anthony Conditt, it was felt that media mistakes were made with this type of bomber.

Perhaps the following post will lay out more clearly my thoughts – in a bit of a debriefing manner. Let me think about it a bit longer. It is important that I place my thoughts properly on the page.

There is a righteous prayer for deliverance:

“Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength.

 Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth.

 For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah.

 Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.

 He shall reward evil unto mine enemies: cut them off in thy truth.” Psalm 54:1-5

But beyond our prayers, are the small journalism truths which might assist our law enforcement in achieving their goal as they pursue an individual who consistently seeks to bring harm to others. We must work together and in better manner. Because in the future, we will face this again.

Tammy Swofford

Jan. 6 – In Four Sentences

The only ones willing to fire a shot were the individuals who had a badge and had taken an oath.

The only shot fired which killed an unarmed female military veteran, was by a man with a badge.

Many average Americans have just as strong a sentiment regarding guardianship of the Republic as those who have formally taken an oath.

In fact, great restraint was shown by the majority who chose to walk into Congress, feast their eyes on a symbol of the Republic, and walk out peacefully.

Remarks of A Senior Military Officer Regarding General Mark Milley

The Last English Prince posted her thoughts using traveling in convoy as the backdrop for her remarks directed against the actions of Gen. Milley.

This has proven a disastrous eight months for our Republic on multiple levels. The buck stops with the Commander in Chief. His name is Joseph Biden.

Necessary resets which were put into place by the prior POTUS have not only been dismantled, but White House actions have further degraded the ability of the United States to exhibit leadership on both the domestic and foreign stages.

The disastrous rout leaving Kabul, the inexplicable and unimaginable drone attack which killed children are humiliating enough. But the massive invasion across our southern reaches show that we no longer maintain sovereignty nor command and control against foreign threats which will use our porous borders to flood our nation with terror operatives.

At what point do we declare that our White House is in crisis? Or do we watch silently and with trepidation as the administration edges toward the precipice of unsuccessful political resuscitation?

Drone Strike and the Death of Seven Innocent Children

“Terrible mistake” does not begin to even address the issue at hand:

It is a terrible mistake, when you omit the eggs in a cake batter. A terrible mistake, when you forget one of your children at the park and head home without them. A terrible mistake, when you oversleep and miss an interview. The bloodshed of seven innocent children, surely, counts for more.

Who is accountable? Who states, “I am that man. I am responsible.”

Highly recommended film which demonstrates the checks and balances prior to any drone strike – to minimize loss of innocent life. (“Eye in the Sky” with Helen Mirren)

The average age of our drone operators is most likely fairly young. I cannot find any data, but have not done a deep dive for research. They must be able to trust that when they launch their attack, it is a clean and highly justifiable death.

What is the psychological outcome for the individual who piloted the drone and executed by direction, and under orders, the drone strike which killed seven children? Should there be consideration for full military disability with access to unlimited counseling and health services?

Haste and lack of an accurate intelligence assessment and panel, caused to happen what must never, ever be allowed to happen again.

Tammy Swofford

The Taliban: Seeking Legitimacy with the Hands Outstretched

On 15 September, Sirajuddin Haqqani met with a UNAMA delegation headed by Deborah Lyons. In flowery language, the hands are extended. The Taliban is legitimate! Every story generated is a lie! These are ethical giants – except when there are punches thrown and shoot-outs in the palace.

Small steps are taken to show governance acumen. Kabul University lecturers are informed they will receive their pay from the newly established Kabul Bank:

The Finance Ministry is firmed up with a note that all members have “higher education”. (This is a vision test….)

Over in Kunduz city the newly liberated BMO’s (black moving objects) proclaim their emancipation from wearing a brassiere. Who needs one, when wearing a black tent?

And regarding law and order, a young lad has been saved from abductors and a press conference is given. “Victorious Force” continues to parade about in a enviable swag bag of fancy gear.

Yes, the Afghanistan citizens need a bit of help. Unfortunately, transparency does not marry well with the occult business practices of any Muhammad, or kunya knock-off the the Prophet of Islam. Muhammad did, in fact, address corruption in a famous Ahadith collected by Muslim, at-Tirmidhee, and Abu Dawood. I will not place the matn (text) here because it is too lengthy. But the isnd stretches back to Abu Hurayrah (the father of the kitten) – who was a Sahabah of Prophet Muhammad.

But overall, only a small percentage of any aid sent will reach the intended recipients. Does anyone else hear the toilet flushing?

Editor’s note: Prophet Muhammad had a kunya too. Not many can offer it, off the top of the head.

The Last English Prince also retains a kunya: Christian.

Tammy Swofford

Mayor of Hudson, Ohio: Craig Schubert

Cicero held the ideal of government by the best, the most qualified. Within our public school system, it seems fairly apparent the least qualified educate minors into the dark corners of immorality, youthful folly, and destructive behavioral patterns.

Instead of early education on science and the genome map, DNA, mitochondrial activity… kingdoms and phylum… Kreb’s cycle…. we teach that little boys can have two dads:

Children are taught that if they have a penis, it can be mutilated and they can be a girl. If little girls have breast tissue, it can be removed.

Children are taught to hate each other (CRT) and to despise the Republic.

And now: they are taught to fabricate porn screen plays. They are encouraged to write about this topic: “Describe your favorite part of a man’s body using only verbs.” Encouraged to write about sex with multiple partners, orgasm, drug addiction and suicide.

Who is minding the children? Not the best. And certainly not men of arts and letters. We have allowed the profane, the unspeakable, and the underbelly of society to enter the classroom. And our taxes pay them to peddle their damaged goods.

Should Mayor Craig Schubert be successful in removing the school board, the parents should follow through with lawsuits against the school system.

Isn’t it time we take our culture back? And are children deserving of the best and most able of men; on scale of what men such as Marcus Tullius Cicero imagined? Or do we just want them taught how to write porn scenes?

Tammy Swofford

General Milley: Breaking Bad – the Convoy

U.S. Naval Reserves Memory Vault:

The hot, busy weekend had been spent in the field in blazing Texas summer heat. Returning to NAS Fort Worth in convoy the driver of my vehicle, who outranked me, chose to speed ahead of the two military vans in front of us. Her reasoning was simple. MRE’s suck. The vans were barely plugging along. And if we picked up the pace, we could manage a run through a Mickey D’s before returning to the quarterdeck of HQ.

In retrospect, the driver honking and the rest of us waving wildly at the Command Staff as we gunned ourselves ahead of the pack was a mistake. smile

Immediately on return, we were dressed down in public manner, to the great enjoyment of the other members of (Det E. Detachment E) And then each one of us faced the wrath of the OIC individually, with the door of his office closed. I learned a great lesson on that day. “The younger officers and enlisted depend on you to set an example. This is about morale… good order and discipline.”

General Mark Milley? He pulled off a major “Breaking Bad” when pulling out of the convoy. Nah. He wasn’t cooking dope, like in the popular series. But he pulled out of the convoy. And he pulled out in front of the 1.4 active duty military personnel. He broke convoy, in front of the nearly one million military reserve flanks.

He has inserted an infection into the chain of command. And I am unsure how far it has progressed inside the Pentagon. General Mark Milley is a vector which must be dealt with – no differently than a malarial mosquito. His actions, will infect the ranks.

Who the hell do you think you are, General Milley?

Biden: Creating Illegal Immigrant Colonization of the United States of America

My Texas city has approximately a quarter of a million inhabitants. The number of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border in August comes fairly close to the population of our city.

Demographically speaking, the Biden administration is establishing a complete new city in the U.S. every single month. We view dispersion, and a slowing disappearing footprint of the immigrants as they are bused and flown to other cities. It is a government policy of, “Now you see them. Now you don’t.”

We view the faces of the children, the mothers, the families. It is the wrong narrative and a false paradigm. View the tax burden.

View these individuals instead as a complete city with need for: sanitation, utilities with the inherent power grid, potable water and sewage system, road, schools, hospitals, and grocery stores.

Imagine a complete city suddenly popping up in the middle of a rural area – except the city is populated by individuals without needed services. Now, imagine the cost of sustaining a city of 212,000 overnight. Then imagine this new city making an appearance every month, month after month, until Biden leaves office.

Forty-eight new cities during the Biden administration. Consider the burden on the taxpayer. Consider the strain on our citizens, the burden hoisted upon the Republic. Look out your window. Imagine just beyond the horizon, a new city – grown up overnight – and in need of a massive infusion of taxpayer assistance.

Imagine – the nightmare. And remember each damn day, that as a voter, you might be responsible for this cluster.