Syrian Airspace: Any Given Day


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Eye in the Sky



Ansar al-Furqan: Understanding the Dynamic

Perhaps a decade gone by, The Last English Prince released a white paper titled

“Islam: Sign, Signal and Code”.

The Arabic word “ayat” represents the breakdown of the Qur’an into what the Western reader would call “verses”.  Each ayat, a sign to the Believer.

Had you been seated in the presence of Ali Shari’ati your understanding of the Qur’an as signal, would find significant expansion. Perhaps he really was murdered by SAVAK.  And perhaps it is just a convenient narrative which gives the stature of martyrdom for a noble cause. The story was certainly relayed with sufficient emotional pulse.

Highly recommended reading

If you have spent more than a decade with close friendships and mentorship into the Islamic geopolitical stream it is possible you will grasp the code of Islamic communication over a shared plate of food. I still remember exactly where I was seated when a Jordanian lawyer discussed the Qur’an and nuclear isotopes.

Ansar al-Furqan:  It is just the latest semiosis of political Islam.

If there is just one thing to remember from my morning thoughts, remember this:

Islam strengthens with political confederacy.  This is the cautionary tale for the West.  Democracy allows for Islam to install parallel parliamentary structures which superimpose over democratic institutions.  And organizations such as Ansar al-Furqan remain as the military flanks of the same.

A bit tired today because my work day stretched from eight a.m. until nearly midnight.  So hope the aforementioned makes sense.  Should any care for further discussion my e mail is always open for honest discussion regarding geopolitical Islam from the desk of a solo flight journalist.

We Do Not Kill our Own

The news is ridiculous, of course:

Fake Conspiracy News

We don’t kill our best and our brightest.  And we nurture our young officers.

I was at Camp Pendleton, California for a field exercise when this news broke:

Admiral Jeremy Boorda, United States Navy

The operation came to a skidding halt.

We were met by ranking officers in the Navy.

Hell, we all thought we were going “to war” because nothing short of an act of war should have brought our operations to a halt.

Instead, the somber news was delivered regarding the suicide of one of our own.

We do not kill our own.  And we are a professional standing military which maintains high ethics and valuable traditions.

Bloody pissed off.  That is all.

And for my Navy family:

Eternal Father



Chabahar, Iran: Attack on Police Station


The news of a suicide attack with the use of a vehicular IED detonating near the Chabahar police station is making its way to Facebook pages.

At the moment,  Ansar al-Furqan is being identified as the group responsible for this attack on a port city in Iran.

Four police officers and twenty civilians have lost their lives.

The Last English Prince will continue to follow the news at end of day.

But for now – it is on to the job that pays the bills.

Tammy Swofford



Debridement Along the Edges: Removal of Academic Idealogues from University Campus

Academia is taking a healthy turn. Parents send their progeny off to the university with the hope that education will provide for upward mobility. The investment can prove to be in  ideology – a non-sustainable product except in the area of imagination.

It is interesting that Dr. Anderson uses a human rights platform to peddle his wares. The Last English Prince notes that it is the face of human suffering which is most frequently attached to such venues. Human rights is a favorite trigger directed against an unsuspecting audience.  Idealogues are intellectual spree killers.  Walk into their lectures emotionally healthy.  Walk out feeling mutilated and betrayed by your own government, which may indeed be one of the better civilizational markers of the 21st century.  Nasty business, men such as Dr. Tim Anderson.

See a hungry child standing in the mud at a refugee camp? (That was my view from the desk this morning) Feel the indignation rise up in your soul.

Here is the question to ask: What events preceded the image?

Here is a secondary question:  Is the child standing in mud because of a solitary event in time or a coalesce of events which span decades?

Don’t pick the dog up by the ears.

Education deals with facts. Ideology is a passion brand – just like the latest fashionable T-shirt.  Debrief your children as they return from the university.  And certainly – debrief yourself in cognitive manner when reading anything – including my thoughts.

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Operation Northern Shield

With Operation Northern Shield moving along full-throttle it is rumored that Hassan Nasrallah is taking up residence in a new hide-out.

Who knows?  The man has more lives than a cat.

But the tunnel-busting machinery appears to be working its magic as IDF posts videos of HizbAllah members scurrying away from the collapsing tunnels.

Meanwhile – the Basij is busy beating up university students in Iran.

If you live in America, kiss the ground.

We are the luckiest  people on the face of the earth.

Col. Narindra Bhatia: Our Six Days Southern Sojourn

Col. Bhatia is both professional colleague and friend.  Our introduction came through an English language newspaper in Pakistan:  Daily Times.  I wrote a weekly Friday column and he had written a guest column on POW’s which caught my eye.

From Daily Times I moved to the SCEP journal of Pakistan, and from there to Turkey Tribune, where Col. Bhatia also secured a berth for political commentary.

Our professional lives intersected again at Fauji Magazine, an outstanding veterans journal where both of us have had the honor of standing in rank with other military journalists.

Today, I received one of his articles:

Our Six Days of Southern Sojourn

It is a wonderful feeling – this friendship which has now spanned years and which was forged from our background in both military and journalism ventures.

Col. Bhatia is a reflection of the military professionalism of his nation and for that I am grateful.   The friendship has proven beneficial and it is my sincerest hope that Col. Bhatia will continue to write and share from his life experiences for many years in the future.