Nickelodeon Congress

Whilst following the continuous antics of  four Democrat Congressional members known as “the squad” I am reminded of children’s programming.

Nickelodeon Congress

Luckily, most American adults are… well… adults.

The mood within the Democrat ranks is dour.

Democratic Reps.  Cortez,  Pressley,  Tlaib and  Omar should not shoulder the blame for this lack of parliamentary order. They are hijacking both tradition and message.  The onus lies with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Poor leadership is always the root cause of low morale.  The “squad” exist within a chain of command which also contains hierarchical levers of control with the various committees and rules of order.

Ms. Pelosi is the bad mother who allows the three year old to pitch tantrums and then ponder in clueless manner why others do not like her child.  She is the mother who does not discipline the child with an understanding that baby tigers  attain adulthood with a level of previously untapped lethality.

Ms. Pelosi’s unwillingness to wield the authority of her office to bring good order and discipline is sinking her ship.

Do not blame the mouthy junior members of this Nickelodeon Congress.  Lay the blame at the feet of the Speaker of the House.  She should be stripped of her rank because she does not wear it well.


Members of “the squad”


Four horsewomen of the Apocalypse

Reading Assignment

The moment you touch the keyboard of a device you are entering a world which is hidden to the naked eye.

Reading Assignment

Visited with an officer involved in Operation Overwatch in Afghanistan several years ago.  As a systems engineer he noted that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not as potent as we would imagine, yet for mere journalists such as myself, the world of AI remains a fascinating venture.

From my mouth to God’s ear, perhaps, no longer exists.  But it is comforting to know that while AI has many applications it falls short of the powerful reach of the Almighty.

It must also be remembered that since AI is a human construct, the same is lacking in wisdom.



Images of the Day




From the image files for Afghanistan.

This week:

The Last English Prince continues to follow the violence in the Sudan with report out regarding individuals on the ground engulfed in the action as both political actors and innocent caught up in the web of deceit.

In spite of the truce, images continue to emerge of protesters sustaining head injuries, most with a purposeful look.   Truce and progress?  Golf clap, please. Things are in flux and may go sideways again.  Beyond Khartoum, are the tribes dotted along the White Nile. Will they rumble?

As per prior post – “Breaking News” provides a cautionary tale. What is not pre-framed narrative is perhaps collapsed into a different envelope of information.


Continued reading for a future blog on secret-keeping and chain of custody for the same in Islam.

Syria’s Idlib Campaign and a Cautionary Tale Regarding Headlines

This is the headline which has been trending for the last couple of days:


Idlib is a sideshow.

This is the real news.  The image is from June 2019. It shows  Hmeymim Airbase, Latakia, Syria.

Link to Google Map

Editor’s note:  The Google map and coordinates have mysteriously “changed”.  The image now showing on the link is unfamiliar to me. Originally, I attempted to merely include a download of the image with the aircraft and my computer shut off.  The original link DID show the aircraft mentioned below.  It is a brave new world for bloggers who work with OSINT from simple desktop computers without any additional platform or tools.  I do use a TOR browser to enter jihad sites for my own safety.

Here is another link just for fun:

Syria live map

In the Google Map link a Russian MiG 21, Sukhoi Su-24 and Sukhoi Su-25 Grach are on the ground (as are additional aircraft).   The Su-24 is a two-crew endeavor whilst the Su-25 Grach is a single-seat aircraft designed for close support of Soviet ground troops and their maneuvers.

The Last English Prince does not follow the headlines.  She follows the movements.

Idlib is a political littoral. Consider it along the shallows.

The real story involves the platforming and the military footprint of Russia within the borders of Syria.

President Assad?  Don’t kid yourself.  He has come out in the win column.

Always look beyond the headlines for the real story.  Use the brain God gave ya’.