Scholarship Lacking: II

The Last English Prince vents her spleen with members of Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Recently, this post made an appearance minus the disclaimers now noted at the top.

Mohammed’s Last Will and Testament

The “last will and testament” was a copy and paste from the Twitter feed of a woman who runs a police blotter against Islam.

Fine with me. But get the facts right.  She claims Surah 9 is “Mohammed’s Last Will and Testament.”

Far from it.  So let’s put some scaffolding in place.

At-Taubah (Repentance):  Surah 9

Curious fact: It is the only Surah that does not begin with Bismillah.

Surah 9 engulfs the readers in the events which surrounded its creation – the preparation and movement of an Islamic  army against the town of Tabuk. This was one of the major expeditions of Muhammad, unlike the smaller skirmishes of Islamic history.

Revealed in A.H. 9, this date is far removed from the actual historical date of the death of Prophet Muhammad.

Ayat 1-72 came into being as preparations were being mounted for the attack.  Whilst Tabuk was the primary target a flanking target was Christians living on the outskirts of the Roman Empire.

Ayat 72-129 are “after action debriefing” or for the civilian lexicon, a “lessons learned” scenario.

Primary source literature by Islamic scholars provide the nuanced details of the battle of Tabuk.  One of my favorite sources is Zad-al-Ma’ad.

This battle is epic in sentimentality because of the concept of Jaish-al-Usrah, or a distressed army.  Hotter than hell, individuals going AWOL, begging leave, and a promise of Hell for those who did not carry on. (9:50).

During this journey, it is all about the third stage of jihad: aggressive action against an enemy.

Within the Qur’an there are a handful of Surah that are known as couplets.  (source: mentorship under Dr. Yusuf Ziya Kavakci – legal Mufti)

At-Taubah  can be coupled with the victory pronouncement given in Surah An-Nasr.

It is a declarative statement of what happens when a battle is won.  Droves enter the fold of Islam, Allah is a god of conquest, and…. life is good!

An Nasr can be a rallying cry today: Jihad in the path of Allah. This is what happened at Tabuk.

The final sermon of Muhammad was many years later, and the conceptual arches were quite different than what is expressed in Surah 9.


Scholarship Lacking

The next post will tackle the topic of pseudo-scholarship within the Indie anti-jihad blogosphere and Twitterdom circles.

Being 1/2 right still calculates to 100 percent wrong.

We have to get it right. Posts that stir the pot whilst having never sampled the actual fare do more harm than good.

I have sampled the fare for many years now. It is a bubbling cauldron with exotic spices, small bits of cooked meat (easily handled with the fingers) and served with strong Turkish coffee or sweet Sudanese tea.

More than three cups.

And liars continue to lie about their scholarship


Female Genital Circumcision

The rates are 87 % and about 98 % respectively, for the Egyptian and Somali women.

There is an approximate estimate of upwards of 0.5 million young ladies and women in America walking about sans clitoris.

The Last English Prince is at the beginning point of discussing this issue with a member of the Dawoodi Bohra community.

Shari’ah law has possible work-around for this issue but I am still seeking out the right micro-packaging for a full-fledged debate. Cannot use Qiyaas (which would work perfectly) because the Shi’a (D-B is a Shi’a sect) do not accept the jurisprudential concept.  They do accept ‘ilm.  And both Sunni and Shi’a hold regard for ijma and ijtihad.

As the Dawoodi Bohra community works through all of this there are impediments for them, and potential pitfalls for us.

May the best man win.




The Question Must be Asked

He was the first Somali-American police officer in his precinct.

His name was Mohamed Noor.

Justine Damond reported a sexual assault in the alley behind her home.

She came to the police vehicle in her pajamas and was speaking to the officer through the door when Mohamed Noor killed her.

It will be covered up of course.

He killed her when he became enraged that she was in her pajamas.

There can be no other explanation.

Shari’ah Justice in America

Justine was killed by a Muslim man because it enraged him to see her in appropriate night attire.  There can be no other logical explanation. Prove me wrong.


Three days.  Three days after the death of Justine Damond the narrative is released of a “loud noise”.  Mohamed Noor refuses to speak to investigators.  He will not give a statement.

The original release of the story stated Mohamed Noor leaned across his partner and without apparent reason, shot through the door.

Now the narrative is changed a bit more to state “the police” heard a loud noise.  Yet the other officer reported being stunned, not engaging the same action as his fellow officer in what would have been a threat-level action. His initial short statement did not include one of noise variance at the moment Justine was shot at close range.

Practical example:  When the dog barks loudly at our home my spouse and I both hear it. What was “the noise” heard by M. Noor?

Three days.  It took three days to release a “loud noise” narrative for a homicide.

Best guess?  The other officer has been placed under a gag order. Minneapolis PD might know what they are dealing with but perhaps there is a greater truth than the narrative being peddled to media.  But we are being given a narrative.

Ethnography and Islam

The number of dates on a plate should be an odd number.

This was the case when I attended a formal Islamic event.

Do not ask for a knife to cut the meat.

Watch the trouser length.  An area mosque had a skirmish about trouser length.

Hanafi tradition allows date (fruit) wine.  But the criteria is that there must not be a state of drunkenness.  The man, should still be able to distinguish his wife from the female servant.

What is said traveling up the mountain as opposed to down the mountain?  Please do not mix them up.

Do not allow your child to aspire to painting and artistry.  At the day of judgment your child will join Renoir, Picasso, and Michelangelo in hell.

There are dogmatic insensibilities and Islam is a quaint curiosity shop.

Few – know the hidden passageways nor understand how to access the hidden rooms.

Make that …. Islamic nesting dolls.

Islam is signal, symbol and code.

I have given you a few grapes from a forbidden vineyard.

You have entered a secret passageway. What word signals a tautology?

You have entered the curiosity shop.

“The Mosques are our Stronghold”

We easily recognize the quote by  Recepp Tayyip Erdogan, given as part of a speech in 1998.

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers….”

And then we have this:
“The mosques are our stronghold.”
Did these thoughts originate with these individuals?
Take the time to read the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
If too busy, just read this short link:
The Basij – mobilize at the mosques.
What might be viewed as modern era militancy comes from a different era, and the body of work known as Seerah and the Sunnah.
The paradigm is different. It has not shifted from its moorings.