Mayor Eric Adams: The Corruption is Addressed

Wrote about this issue, when Mayor Eric Adams sought to install his brother as a Deputy Commissioner.

Dealing with corrupt business practice requires process and time. I remain grateful for the occasional good news regarding public servants and the slap downs they receive for unethical actions. Problematic, will be additional behavior which may be undetected, or possibly, tolerated.

“Bernard Adams is uniquely qualified for this job, and in order to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, he offered to serve for the nominal salary of $1,’ spokesman Maxwell Young said, according to the New York Times.”

I know, I know! It is distasteful to brag. But I am also serving as a senior advisor for $1 a year. Patriotic duty.

Tammy Swofford

America’s Children: Education in a Municipal Sewage Work Site

Morning thoughts:

Monday 07:45 a.m.

You draw your nine year old daughter in close and she nuzzles your neck. She comments, “Mommy. What is the perfume you are wearing? It smells nice!” You respond, “It is your Daddy’s favorite.” Thanking God again for giving you a daughter, a smile crosses your lips as you head out the door to work. Your child is in the best school in the city. She has a bright future ahead of her, with the educational offering.

Monday 10:00 a.m.

Your daughter is seated in the hallway of the municipal sewage work site. She is about to receive an Edge-Ucation.


“You are having some concerns about your period?”


“Yes. It seems icky. My Mom told me I will bleed once a month.”


“Do you have any other concerns?”


“Well, I like playing with boys more than the girls in my class. But I do want to grow up so that my best girlfriend and I can live together forever. I really like her!”

The counselor smiles pleasantly and gets a mental image of holding the little bitch underwater in the sewage canal with just a strand of hair floating in the e coli flotsam.

“You know what (you little slut!)? I really think that you are a boy! You just haven’t figured it out yet. So let’s pick a boy’s name you like. I will show you how to begin to bind your breasts. And to keep you on track, we will visit twice a week and I am going to help you heal from being born in the wrong body. Your body has betrayed you. It is very common, you know.” The counselor goes on, “But this is our secret. Your parents will not understand. You CANNOT trust your parents!” The counselor relishes the image again: a filthy strand of hair floating on the water. “Give it three months,” she thought. “It took about that amount of time to convince that eight year old boy to consider having his penis whacked off.”

Six months later, a little girl is found hanging in a school bathroom. When the Counselor receives the news she closes the door to her office. Leaning back in her chair, she envisions a small and lifeless corpse floating along in the sewage. She licks her lips repeatedly, as do all psychological cannibals.

*Blogger’s note: The childhood questions posed above were my own, at about nine years of age. I am still my mother’s daughter, fully heterosexual, and grateful for what God has chosen for my life.

If your young child comes home and tells you they are transgender, you need to find out whose hand is holding their head under water in the sewage canal.

Swofford Unleashed: Drowning Our Children in a Sewage Canal

Post to follow:

Viewing Propaganda Tonight

Robert Spencer covered propaganda in this post:

An additional narrative I looked at tonight is the story of the Palestinian girl who was asked what she will do to help “the cause”. Her response, “I will have seven sons and they will take up the Palestinian cause.” Of course, there was an accompanying image:

Boredom must be setting in across Afghanistan. Images of children in uniform are making an appearance:

Meanwhile, I cannot handle one more smug image of IEA leadership boarding flights for Oslo, or points beyond; one more image of them seated in hotels, conference rooms, Livin’ La Vida Loca – abroad – and as far away as they can get, from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is reduced to a Twitter Hell with everyone looking for a bit of market share, but much of the world has moved on. I do think it is funny, that one twitter feed is for “The Ministry of Mine and Petroleum”. Yep. “The Ministry of Mine” is the name of the game for the leadership of Afghanistan. A few fools, are making a fortune. The remainder of the population, will continue with deep poverty.

Tammy Swofford

Biden Administration: Lawbreakers

Twice now, I have noted caravans of multiple white, unmarked buses traveling in convoy through my city. Moving at a higher rate of speed than allowed, motorcycle police escort these groups so there are no stops at traffic lights. Quick movement, with no stops. Both times, even with the tinted windows, it was noted the demographic within the buses was male, some wearing ball caps, most appearing fairly young.

Who addresses the lawbreakers at the highest level of America’s government? And if anarchy is allowed, why is anarchy punished against the average citizen?

Why arrest the man who attempted to transport two illegal immigrants in a coffin, when the U.S. government is on contract with a bus service to provide the same service for illegal immigrants?

Do Americans care about corruption within the U.S. government? And should the lone individual be penalized for human trafficking when our government is involved in complex human trafficking operations within U.S. borders?

Why, do we put out an annual human trafficking report when our own report card is an especially foul one?

A government which mocks the rule of law, will eventually find itself without a nation to rule.

Operation Lute: The Dance of the Golden Snake

Tan and Tiao:

“The pipa (pronounced “pee-paa”) is a four-stringed lute, one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments with over 2000 years of history. The term pipa consists of two Chinese characters symbolizing two playing techniques (denoted as “Tan” and “Tiao” today).

… the name of the instrument pipa originally referred to two finger techniques. The two Chinese characters p’i and p’a stood originally for two movements, i.e. plucking the strings forwards and backwards, respectively.

The Dance of the Golden Snake: Predictive Analysis

Russia against Ukraine is a precinct war. This is about two movements. Russia will continue to pluck the strings in forward manner. The backward movement will be that of China launching a coup de main against Taiwan. The Ukraine is a distraction for the accomplishment of a much grander military strategy. Russia intends for us to keep our gaze focused on one string of events.

Russia-Ukraine is meant to function as a precinct war. And while we are fighting over Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens are going to fall.

Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove:

A weakened America produces a more dangerous world. The rout from Afghanistan with a shambolic Pentagon brought about a greater collapse – the collapse of fear within the enemy camp. Collapse of fear, opened the door to derision. Derision stepped across the threshold of opportunity. And opportunity brought out the age-honored lute and the best instincts of the Chinese. The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove have courted the bear which has roamed among their grasses for many years now. This is meant to be a win-win. What must be done to stop the Dance of the Golden Snake?

Tammy Swofford

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You Months Ago

“This policy of forced universal vaccination is absolutely contrary to all of our understanding about basic viral evolution. We are clearly seeing the development of escape mutants that are resistant to the vaccine. Omicron is not only resistant to the vaccine, but its infectivity seems to be facilitated by the vaccine – and in my opinion, this must stop for the sake of the world.” Dr. Robert Malone

I wrote about COVID 19 being designed like a software model. The vaccine, would unlock a backdoor so that a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) could operate. A RAT infects the computer after we click on the keystroke and bid it welcome.

Our failed drug trials (called “vaccines”) spin off additional vermin into the human main frame . We keep using the same keystroke, fellas. Humanity is being weakened.

My best friend called yesterday. “Guess who is double jabbed, boosted and has Covid?” His daughter.

Worry about our healthcare systems now? Save the worry for a later date.

  • And later today? A warning regarding the Ukraine. My brain is still working a bit.

Next on the Page

Predictive Analysis. Haven’t taken a dive off this particular cliff for a few months.

Streaming consciousness, which will move like either smart dust (or dumb dust) across my brain and settle on the page of the blog.

The great thing about blogging, is that only my readers can fire me.

Shall we discuss the Ukraine? smile

Analysis will make the page soon… before the first shot is fired.

Tammy Swofford

“Dear President Biden,”: A Letter from a Stupid Son of a Bitch

Dear President Biden,

I am also one of those “stupid son of a bitch” who is concerned about inflation.

I wince, filling my gas tank.

Linger over steaks and reach for the hamburger.

Sorry for supplicating you like Oliver Twist.

But the American porridge bowl is dwindling.

Yeah, I guess I am just a stupid son of a bitch.

Sorry, for bothering you.

Enjoy your ice cream.

Tammy Swofford