Bastille Day: Security Metrics

First thoughts of the day on awakening:

Bastille Day.

What are the security parameters in place?

A look at a metric from 2008:

Operation: Child’s Play

A peek at today:

Ring of Steel

Five thousand officers were deployed in 2008.

Seventeen thousand officers were placed on high alert in 2018.

Simple math expose the complexities which develop when Europe is flooded with Muslim immigrants.

When external controls fail,  internal controls industrialize.

Market growth in per capita security forces mean only one thing:

Loss of civil liberties and sense of personal safety on native soil.

While individuals may mock the usefulness of the canaries in the coal mine, men such as Tommy Robinson serve a purpose on small scale.

An eagle flew into the mine shaft and joined the canaries for NATO and a visit with the English people. Powerful wings carry greater weight.

From 5,000 to 17,000.

Do the math. Consider the metric.


Live Blogging Scuttled for Peter Strzok

Representative Cummings goes full Banana Republic in “go ugly early” fashion by displaying large posters of individuals who have pleaded guilty to charges in the Robert Mueller investigation.  These large portraits have the bold word “Guilty” across the base of the image. I have never seen such a display within the chambers of Congress.

Representative Trey Gowdy asks  Peter Strzok (former Chief of Counterintelligence Section for the FBI)  an initial question:

How many people did Mr. Strzok interview from July 31-August 8th?  The question required a simple numerical response.   On advice of counsel,  the man refused to answer.

Remember:  This is the first question asked and it involves a simple number. There is no real danger to our Republic nor the intelligence agencies by providing an answer.

I suppose Mr. Strzok will consider it a threat to our nation to share what he had for lunch yesterday. It would seem the truth should be a value, not a commodity.

I have scraped more sh-t off my shoe in the last fifteen minutes than has been removed in the last decade.


Word of the Day: Petaflops

Petaflops:   a unit of computing speed equal to one thousand million million (1015) floating-point operations per second.

Many years ago a man who had attended an AI conference in Vienna told me that I had no idea regarding the vast universe of AI (artificial intelligence) available to man.  Since that time,  The Last English Prince has been fascinated with the technology.

This is no longer the stuff of Schrodinger’s cat.  The cat is alive and out of the box. It prowls across the globe – and in quantum leaps –  exists in multiple technological states.

The Last English Prince is self-educated to the level of a cat… a cat observing a television remote in Kantian manner.

Problematic with petaflop technology is the inability to capture both what has not been divulged,  nor what has been spoken in private minus observation or a listening post.

I believe the day will come when we will have the technology to extract words spoken long ago from the walls of a physical space,  the plastic in a driven vehicle, words spoken while seated on a rock in the Himalayas.

Biblical framework for my thoughts?

A Chaldean Puzzle:

“You have plotted shame for your house by cutting off many peoples and sinning against your soul. For the stones will cry out from the wall and the rafters will echo it from the woodwork.”  Habakkuk 2:10, 11

A  Divine Wisdom:

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”
  Luke 19:40

Killing Fields and Hunting Grounds

The one precedes the other.

It is an order of operations.

Acts of carnage invigorate the Intellectual Battlespace (IB).

Blood cries out.  The justice comes with the hunt.

The day we cease to hunt is the day we lose our humanity.

Above the din (or deen) of war, beyond the images with which we are confronted, is the call to humanity.

Whether a drone operator in Nevada, the soldier mobilized into a conflict zone, or the invisibility provided the operational soldier engulfed in  operational tempo, there can be humanity within the soul.  Of that I am sure.

Every 9/11 requires a

Zero Dark Thirty

Every recruiter requires an

Eye in the Sky

Every hacker requires a


And the most recent cinematic reference to the same is

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

The Last English Prince viewed the film this week. Recommended.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Retains Grip on Power

The “win” for President Erdogan and the AKP (Justice and Development Party) was not entirely unanticipated.

Several years ago I viewed an internal document from the AKP which gave the granular details regarding the cell blocks, cell numbers, and solitary confinement pods which contain the many journalists, military personnel and citizens who have moved into the cross-hairs of the political machine.

My gut tells me the aforementioned also voted for Recep Erdogan with use of absentee ballot.  smile

* American Andrew Brunson has suffered within the Turkish penal system and is in need of political muscle to facilitate his return.  The Last English Prince does not support the swap of Fethullah Gulen for the American pastor.  A nation does not swap a knight for a pawn on the geopolitical chessboard.  My statement does not denote any particular esteem for Mr. Gulen and his brand of proxy political aspirations, rather, an understanding of fair-trade-swaps.

Lexington, Virginia: Tourism and Red Hen Restaurant

The Last English Prince has a favorite memory.  It is the remembrance of a week spent in Colonial Williamsburg with a dear friend.

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Yes. Always on Watch and I do belong in stocks.  Absolutely!

But here is the deal.  The week was spent with a view toward pleasant dining experiences and equally wonderful optics.

The owner of Red Hen Restaurant has the potential (in single-handed manner) to destroy the tourism base on which a small city is dependent.

Stephanie Wilkinson kicked a party of eight out of her restaurant. They were not noisy, belligerent, and certainly not raising hell. She made her decision based on personal bias; not best business practices for the industry.

Raising the bar for inhospitable proprietorship by denying a meal to a patron is bad enough.  Further placement a sloganeering message outside the establishment makes Red Hen Restaurant appear blighted – with the look of graffiti.

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The Last English Prince has enough concern for the backwash onto other tourism venues in the city to pen a letter to the Chamber of Commerce. Americans do not want sloganeering and inhospitable behavior as political additive to a dining experience. We want good food, a great glass of wine, and the best of companionship.

If there is one thing my Mama taught me it is that hospitality means one thing:

Make your guests comfortable in your home.

“A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.”   Proverbs 14:1