What I Believe

The Muhammadan sanction for female genital mutilation is a barbaric, merciless ritualistic and subjugating practice against little girls.

I believe we need an immigration policy in place.

All migration from Muslim-majority nations to the U.S. require one definitive choke point against issuance of a visa.

Little girls must receive examination from a fully vetted and ethical female gynecologist.

If they have been mutilated – visa issuance for the guardians must be denied.

We want only the best to join us in our continually unfolding democratic experiment.

We do not want the worst – those who condone female genital mutilation in the name of a god.

This practice will not cease until an ethical and modern secular society is willing to declare the obvious:

You can mistreat your little girls within the religio-cultural milieu of your place of birth.

But if you do so – you will not be bringing that belief system to our shores.

Our rights are hard-earned. We will not allow them to be eroded in the name of false piety.


Because Revenge is best served…


Brrr.  It is chilly in my town.

A look back:

Seven years ago a man who is part of a small and influential group of families in my town decided to visit an area mosque.  Bible in hand, he informed his newly found friends that the Good Book tells him he is to love his neighbor. Just wanted to stop by… have a little chat… you know, good community relations.

The uni-enemy replied:  You are an infidel. We cannot associate with you.

Fast forward to springtime and this chilly season:

The mosque has decided to embark on expansion.  To do so, adjacent housing and the commercial property across the street must be acquired.  The business in question, is owned by the friendly Christian man.  Offers made on his property are countered with a head-spinning sum of $$.

It is a cautionary tale.

Community relations are important; memories can be a bitch; and the Biblical Christian charity is now Word-of-God as sword.

‘Tis a bit chilly.

The editor will continue to follow the story where it leads.  And as always, it is human interest which drives most stories because human beings are the most complex creatures of God’s invention. Without “us” there would be no need for journalism.


Surveillance and Exploitation Platforms v Lock up

Every single drop of American blood is precious.  The loss of even one American for the greater good, is the greater evil.

What happened in France should sicken us. A police officer is dead and two wounded – by a man who is a danger to society and the security services knew he was a danger. They left a rabid dog on the streets.

Who will apologize to the innocent if one day there is a body count in the hundreds because we prefer exploitation platforms to a program of vigorously and in expedited manner removing these dangerous individuals from a greater peaceful society in the West?
I believe we need an independent arm within the intelligence agencies whose sole job is to review the forensics related to cases. Grant them the authority to then pick up the phone and speak to the alphabet agencies and set in motion lock up instead of surveillance. “Sorry guys.  You want to leave them in the wild. Instead, our team is going to pick them up and remove them from the public square.”
We need some checks and balances here. The scales are not properly weighted. Hence, things like Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Garland, and…. the next big attack.  Here is my stance: Every single drop of American blood is sacred. Losing even one American in the name of greater good, is the greater evil.

French Blood Runs Cheap

So…. a police officer in France has been killed by a radical Muslim who had a prior record for wounding police officers?  Can’t make this stuff up.

Who Gets to Tell the Family about this Cluster?

The Last English Prince opposes “watch lists”.  My support leans toward lock-up lists.

Find enough evidence to lock the bastards up. And then throw away the key.

A model which is reliant on using known radical Muslims as exploitation platforms

is proven again and again to make the blood run cheap.

From Garland, to San Bernardino, to whatever the hell the next cluster is in the U.S. – my assumption is we will cling to our Trojan Horse. Just like…. the crazy French.

Islam and Favoritism in the Workplace

Is it possible?  Is it possible that our fear of the monster in the closet actually creates a monster?

Does our fear of the word “discrimination” capitulate to favoritism toward Muslims in the workplace?

Ask me.  Does my workplace capitulate?


Latest example is within our sturdy volunteer corps upon which we are dependent for many tasks.   As of late, a Muslim woman in hijab is seated at the volunteer desk. This desk is in the front lobby. This area presents the first public face of my mega-corporate hospital with the zillion dollar services.

Did I mention that the volunteer dress code includes a beautiful red jacket, or at times a red vest? Most of our volunteers are retirees and I have always admired the nicely coiffed white hair with the red jacket accent. It speaks of elegance.

There is capitulation for Muslim staff members too and I worry about epidemiology. Nurses tossed their caps years ago because studies showed we were sporting germ harbors on our heads. The caps had to go for the safety of our clients.

The other day I noted a Muslim nurse leaning over a bed. Her scarf with long fringe was not neatly displayed.  The fringes swept across the patient and bed as she provided care.  I observed again as she entered the next room and repeated the process.

  • Perhaps a fringe of scarf on a petri dish in the lab would provide interesting results.

Meantime, non-Muslim nurses are told to keep the fingernails short, not to wear flashy jewelry or excessive rings.  We are to be utilitarian and drab in our look.  All the same, except for our name badges emblazoned with a bold R.N.

Is a head scarf useful as a flash bang cultural grenade?

You decide.

The Last English Prince believes that a minimal respect for Western culture requires a small measure of accommodation by the immigrant.

I consider Hijab a flash bang cultural grenade.

Dear Muslim neighbors:

In public do not stand out.

In private, stand up and give a shout for your Islamic practices.

But if your only claim to fame is that you stand out, a scarf is not a CV. But it just might be a reminder of oppressive practices toward women.

As Americans we must not create the monster in the closet by confusing discrimination with favoritism.

Americans want to be fair.  Let’s be fair with our fellow Americans regarding workplace compliance with grooming standards. Let’s work against morale problems by demanding grooming compliance. It is a small thing to ask of our immigrants.

Anything less, is favoritism and should be open to litigation by the injured parties.

Mohammad Marshal Khan

“In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful:

There is little doubt that we will have to remain watchful like a hawk to preserve our heritage….”

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz

24 Zilhajj 1419 AH (April 11, 1999)

Watchful like this?

The greatest sin, is to set up a rival unto Allah.  (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol 6, Hadith no 4)

Watchful for the god who requires defense; by which the very act defies the concept of deity? Who wants to serve a “little g”  god who cannot defend himself? His throne lies surrounded by pools of innocent blood.

This doctrine is not one of a Tabari coin. It is the real deal.

Allah and his Prophet must not be maligned. Nor must the written record of their interaction suffer insult.

Muhammad had a woman killed for poetic satire against him. Let that little fact sink in a bit. And then remember what went down in Garland, Texas.

We should shudder to imagine the body count. What is the numerical indictment for such crimes against humanity? Include in the count the generations cut off by the death of our own martyrs. And include the Muslims martyred by their own community.

  • There will be no future generations for Mohammad Marshal Khan.  His death is the death of his own lineage.

There is only one solution for Pakistan and their mighty (Pfffft!) fight against “extremism”.

The United States can take the real coin out of their Diwan.

We can make a simple demand.

Remove the blasphemy clauses from your penal code.  Until that time, the United States treasury will remain closed to you.

Funding Pakistan with our tax dollars means the American people are funding the death of university students like Mohammad Marshal Khan.

Pakistan is not struggling. Pakistan continues to play a game with us.

Facebook and Twitter are also agents against change and modernization