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Daily Mail showcased a couple of agit-prop images making an appearance after our surgical strike on chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

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We do take such threats seriously.  Unfortunately – threatening and intimidating images are a growth industry.  Moving through jihad twitter sites  is akin to harvesting mushrooms in a forest.  I can always find more. sigh

So for today:  One image to remind us  that prayer for safety is a good thing.



* For those unfamiliar with the term “Ansar” it means “helpers”.  So Ansar Allah transliterates to “Helpers of Allah”.  The historical backdrop for the term is one of the many emotional tethers for Jihad against unbelievers.






Intellectual Monogamy

Communism… Nazism… Islamic gestalt.

Urban warfare in a think tank/fish tank all with the same color, behavior and swish of the fin?

Intellectual Monogamy.

Absolutely not!

Intellectual Monogamy places boundaries on critical thinking.

It limits vibrant friendships and “puffs up” in Corinthian style.

Intellectual Monogamy says “I do” and never sleeps around.

It is faithful to a creed and self-righteous toward others.

Adherence is good for dieting but not for thinking.

Constancy is for those who have taken a military oath of office, and I have been loyal to the same.

But here is the deal:

The Last English Prince does not adhere to Intellectual Monogamy.

I prefer an intellectual battlespace which is more millimeter wave technology than tank.


Acts of War as Signals of Virtue

One blistering air attack with strategic targeting was accomplished over the Syrian airspace last night.

An act of war can be a signal of virtue.

When children die from chemical flames in the lungs, when children are intentionally blinded in a chemical attack we must respond.  For a few hours last night, Syrians became “momentary Americans”.

We are the big dog on the porch with both the capability and the will to respond to acts of war which violate the modern Geneva Convention and the earlier belief system cross-pollinated into the West by the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


Douma, Syria: The Image


The image was pulled from a Twitter feed.  The Last English Prince cannot verify the location nor the situation in play.  But the picture was posted with a plea to Mr. President Trump.  What if this were his son? That was the supplication offered.

The world waits.  And the world follows the lead of the United States of America.

If we do not lead, then how can others follow?

If there was a chlorine gas attack in Douma, Syria; if this child has suffered the effects of a chemical attack,  America must determine both what to say, and also what is our part, if even a small role, in this tragedy.

Damascus Steel: III

Perhaps the most significant metric regarding Islam and impact is to examine the poverty belts of practicing Muslim-majority nations.

A prophet/warlord unable to constrain his own lust, a man conflicted by the role of women on both micro and macro societal levels, created the template under which tens of millions of Muslim women now suffer umbrage.

The Last English Prince will untangle the smallest of Gordian knots.

The Arabic word tawakkul means “trust” or “reliance in” and is frequently tied into the concept of trust in Allah.  It is also a word meant to signal against magic, charms, and talisman.  Moving forward to the topic of omens, which falls under this conceptual arch,  Muhammad had this to say:

“If there were to be bad omens, they would have been in horses, women, and places of residence.” Sahih Bukhari

Follow that through with this thought:

Allahumma innee as aluka khayraha wa khayra ma jabaltaha ‘alayha wa a’oudhu bika min sharriha wa sharri ma jabaltaha ‘alayh. (English transliteration provided below)

This is the prayer which ties into the above statement by Muhammad:

“If any of you marries a woman or hires a servant he should take hold of her forelock, mention the name of Allah and then say:

“O Allah, I ask you for the best of her and the best of what you have made a part of her nature.  I also seek refuge in You from her evil and the evil You have made part of her nature.”

On a side note, Muhammad used the word refuge when seeking safety from Shaitan. So it can be easy to miss the greater link in phraseology.

The first use of the word “forelock” is in the first Surah given by Muhammad.  Most of us know it for the beginning point, “Recite, in the name of your Lord.”  But the Surah in entirety is directed against an arch enemy of Muhammad, a man named Abu Jahl.  The specific verses (ayat) with the use of the noun is found here:

Qur’an 96: 15, 16 “…We will surely drag him by the forelock. A lying sinning forelock.”

Thus ends the untangling of a small Gordian knot.

Should we speak the truth about Islam?  For the sake of Muslims?

Let’s give them the gift of logic combined with free will (non-existent concept in Islam) so they can move forward, with confidence, as former practicing Muslims.

Scholarship and academia defraud their audience when the truth is not spoken. The truths may be as sturdy as Damascus steel, but when the sword is wielded with a concern for the most vulnerable, the deed is the stuff of righteousness.




Red Dragon Manhunters

Tiger Scene from “Manhunters”

The modern film interpretation (“Red Dragon”) contains the same scene.

The Red Dragon analysts who are the:

Manhunters of Mosul

The article demonstrates  how they touch the tiger without actually seeing the tiger.

A few Arabic terms need shoring up and there is a bit of a misfiring on some of the commentary.

Deflection to Mosul and the Islamic State deprives the reader of forward movement in the article to include a strong statement regarding Islam as State.  This is not about Islam in Mosul.  Mosul is a geographic locale. Islam is an ideological gestalt which imprints over existing systems of governance in the West. It is incompatible with Western thought.

Ask me.  Ask me about Islam in Dallas County. The truth brings freedom.