Logistics Update for Hurricane Maria: What those who love the flag are doing today – their opinion is the one that counts.



Baltimore Ravens take a Squat in London: “Manners Maketh Man”

Manners Maketh Man: Kingsman

It is a defining moment.  The Baltimore Ravens stood for “God Save the Queen”.

Civilized man displays manners.  Civilized man shows proper etiquette.

For everything there is a time, there is a season.

We stand when a bride begins her walk toward the groom.

We stand when a courtroom is commanded, “All rise”.

We stand as the casket of a fallen military member is picked up by the pall bearers.

We stand when young ladies are introduced at the Dallas Cotillion Club.

Yet the Baltimore Ravens chose to take a squat on the field in full view of a nation of people with traditions both stronger than our own, and from which our own traditions found genesis.

The NFL franchises are feeding grounds for the uncivilized man.

“Manners Maketh Man”.   This is the motto of Winchester College and New College, Oxford



Presidential Proclamation: September 24th

The Presidential Proclamation issued today is quite long and it concerns enhanced vetting processes for foreign nationals who wish to come to the United States.  It is a bit lengthy, but worth reading.

Enhanced Vetting Capabilities

There is a hit list of nations who will no longer be allowed to send their citizens our way.

The days of poorly-vetted Refugee Resettlement programs is over.

Keep Americans safe again – whether it be the small disabled American girl that was gang-raped by Somali boys, the shoppers knifed at a mall in Minnesota,  those killed at a nightclub in Florida, or the decent Americans attending a Christmas party in San Bernardino who were turned into human sieves by two gun-toting Muslims.

NFL Players: Fire Their Sorry Asses

NFL players continue to cause the average American to recoil in disgust. The latest: assuming  a squat in London to take a sh-t against America has me barking like a junkyard dog with rabies.

The players CAN be fired for conduct which affects their club and the NFL league. Period.

I wear scrubs to work. But should I choose to confront a client under my care about anything political (berate them for not voting for Trump) I can and probably would be fired for putting a stain on the hospital brand.

One hundred percent of Americans in Puerto Rico are suffering. Many have lost everything. Floridians and Texans are suffering loss of homes and livelihood. And these spoiled brats who will return to their expensive hotels and homes think I give a flying fish about their leftist agitation propaganda? Nope. THEY have to earn my respect back.

Right now, Texas Baptist Men are flying to Puerto Rico to live out of a retrofitted cruise ship (provided by FEMA) to cook hundreds of thousands of meals for the destitute Americans. Meanwhile Stephen Curry and the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors will spend ONE DAY in Washington, D.C. doing “community service”.

These are worse clowns than Stephen King’s “It”. Their malice for our country and her people disgusts me.  Their leftist agitation propaganda built upon a false narrative is heat-seeking in a singular goal:  The removal of the singing of the National Anthem at our sporting events.  If we allow this to happen, the same will occur at college, and finally, high school playing fields.  We are bound together as a people by our traditions.  These traditions, are apart from any perceived grievance, bitterness, or the hatred felt by the one soul with the one life to live.

Boycott the NFL.  Let’s bring the NFL League down to its knees begging OUR forgiveness for their treacherous attempt to wound our great American spirit.  The Baltimore Ravens have already wounded me – with their disgusting display of behavior in front of the lovely English people. What kind of a person?  What kind of a person behaves in such a despicable manner?

Standing for the National Anthem

As a prior Naval officer I was taught the uniform and the burden of rank required prudence regarding my own freedom of expression. I could protest. But I could not protest wearing the uniform of the United States Naval Reserve.

The NFL players are a reflection of the NFL – a 14 billion dollar per annum revenue enterprise. They may certainly protest. But they are highly paid entertainers and their wardrobe mistress should demand they take off their expensive costume and protest in civilian manner.

As for myself, my love for this nation which is a blessing for so many has driven me to significant acts of service.


Tammy Swofford

(prior) Lieutenant Commander, Nurse Corps, Fleet Hospital Dallas

Emergence: The Trump Doctrine

The gestation of an unusual American president is nearing completion. And the world is confronted with the emergence of the Trump Doctrine. This is not Truman and his League of Nations. Nor is it Eisenhower and his “Atoms for Peace”. It certainly is not the nations-building of Barack Obama nor the globalism of Angela Merkel. What Trump proposes – is a foreign policy endeavor which is not chameleon nor chimera in nature. This is straight-up, shoot from the hip stuff.

The manner in which a father (both prophet and king) counseled his son; the manner in which a new leader then strengthened his own hand, is the manner of President Donald Trump.

It really is as simple as the charge given to Solomon when his father, David, was nearing the time in which he would be plucked from the bundle of the living. He counseled his son thus:

* Be strong, act like a man.

* Deal with my enemies when possessed of the wisdom to do so.

* Show kindness to those who stood by me during times of political attack.

* To a man formerly granted clemency, do not now consider him innocent. “Bring his gray head down to the grave in blood.”

The narrative from I Kings chapter 2 is a strong one. Verse 12 concludes David’s polemic with a strong statement: “So Solomon sat on the throne of his father David, and his rule was firmly established.”

We see the emergence of the Trump Doctrine and it is a full-throated male voice. We hear words like obliterate, annihilate, and destroy. These words are echoed by Secretary of Defense, “Mad Dog Mattis” – a Marine’s Marine and cut in the mold of Chesty Puller. Lieutenant General Chesty Puller served in combat in World War II, the Korean Conflict, and happily trudged through the jungles of Haiti and Nicaragua to hunt down guerillas. And whilst he died on U.S. soil at the age of seventy-three, like most of us who have served, he would have been just as happy to go out in a blaze of military glory for the sake of our nation. So the Trump Doctrine is the stuff of a cigar bar with men with epauletes on their shoulders. President Trump is a man who surrounds himself with men of rank – not the LGBT community. Smile

While moving from an embryonic presidency with not much more than a beating heart and a spinal column our President has shown himself capable of showing kindness toward those who have stood by his side weathering all political storms. The magnified dust-up with Attorney General Jeff Sessions was just that. The man stood with Donald Trump throughout his campaign, and in turn, the president stands with him now. In Mark Twain fashion, Mr. Sessions can proclaim, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” So loyalty, fidelity to duty are important to this president. This is not to be confused with Banana Republic politics. The qualities admired are the same which are required to fulfill the vision of this most unusual American president.

Dealing with the enemy? The American president has no qualms. Regarding a man formerly granted clemency – Kim Jong-un – there will be no further clemency. Even as the President announces today new sanctions against North Korea, the president of China has issued his own executive order: No Chinese financial institution will be allowed transactions with North Korea. (September 21st). But our president take it further. As noted during his speech for the UNGA, “We will have no choice but to fully destroy North Korea.” Aside from deriding Kim Jong-un by calling him “Rocket Man” it is entirely within reason to believe that our president will not hesitate if any scenario comes down to us versus them. We will survive. They… may not.

Perhaps the strongest message being sent by President Trump has to do with the establishment of strong and sovereign rule. He is saying the same thing again and again with a small variation in wording. The POTUS supports the concept of strong nation-states which pursue the best interests of the citizens within their own borders without aspiring to bring harm to the peaceful nations to their side. Once again, at the UN the president spoke of strong sovereign nations which allow people control of their lives. Our Constitution and way of life was held up as a reflection of what it means to proudly proclaim, “We the People”. He stated, “In our country the people rule, the people govern. I will always put America first.” He wants you to also take charge of the welfare of those who have placed their trust in you.

The President is against global democracy no differently than he is against socialism. Neither system works well. But both work stupendously well to deprive sovereign governments the opportunity to prove their worth to the citizens they claim to serve. It is time for the world to give witness to the strong, sovereign, and independent nations which Mr. Trump envisions. In fact, this line of thinking is overdue.

So let this journalist break it down for you in pragmatic way. Catch up or stay out of our way. Take care of your own people or step aside and let individuals with governance capabilities and compassion take the lead. Cease the pillaging of USAID and the rape of your national treasuries. We know who you are at we are going to snatch that next bite of food out of your hand and send your bloodline on a beggarly march. Think not, your fate beyond America’s grasp. Men such as Omar al-Bashir, Jacob Zuma, and Robert Mugabe should we awakening to night sweats about now.

We have an unusual American president, a man who speaks inconvenient truths. The Trump Doctrine is simple enough: one which envisions societal homeostasis: Each nation responsible for their own. And each nation striving to be at peace with their neighbors. And for those unwilling to pursue peace – a most difficult future.