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As an individual who has been involved in both immersion studies (a decade with a legal Mufti) and networking with the Muslim community since 2004, it must be noted that I do not hate Muslims.  I have shared food from the communal plate and scooped it from the edge with two fingers (Hadith), chosen an odd number of dates to eat (Seerah) and observed secret Sufi rites. Islam is a Gestalt which few truly understand.

What I hate are the ideological tethers which do exist within primary source documents which function as a triggering mechanism.  The mechanisms do not only effect the vulnerable and “mentally ill”.  But they can induce a form of mental illness which creates an obliteration of conscience.

This is what the English face. This is what must be confronted with truth, because sunlight is a disinfectant. Have these conversations:  Honestly, gently, and with great courage.

I Stand Corrected….

The speculation of suicide bombers and terrorists with names like Abdul, Muhammad, or perhaps, Ali  is just that.

The kunya of all of these successful terrorists is “Not an imminent threat”.

Yep. “Not an imminent threat” attacked:

Fort Hood


San Bernardino



(I have left a few out – like “Not an imminent threat” who attacked shoppers at the St. Cloud Mall and the machete wielding “Not an imminent threat” at the Nazareth Grill.

  • The Last English Prince – with a kunya of “Snarky”
  • And “Snarky” will never unleash hell on any fellow human being.

Perhaps that should be the job of government?

It is necessary of course. Close your eyes and imagine the little girl without her legs, the little girl with nails in her face, the concert-goers with bolts in their backs.  We must not shy away from the horror of war on British soil, the war which is slouching toward American children in the future. One day – we will lose our own little girls and young ladies. It is not if – it is when.

Allow yourself to weep for the sheer horror of it

And then, contact your Congressman.

What is their part in this?  What new suite of laws?  What legal cordon?

What about Trump’s Muslim ban, as in his words – until we can figure out the hell what we are dealing with?

Nails embedded in a little girl’s face tell us all we need to know.

Pray.  And then make your voice count.

Demand Congressional accountability and flexibility in working with our POTUS to assure we are not the next “Manchester”.

World War M comes to Manchester

I wrote a brief and synoptic analysis for Daily Times Pakistan in 2013:

Incremental Staging for World War M

World War M has most likely claimed the life of a doe-eyed beautiful little girl.

The Youngest Possible Victim is eight years old

Do you have a young daughter?

One mother stated that her young daughter is “petrified” and asking:

“What if they come to my home? What if they come to my school?”

Those who take the oath can suffer from PTSD in a theater of war.

Should children suffer the same?

Who pays?  Who incurs the expense for psychiatric assistance needed for perhaps many little girls who just might now refuse to go to school, refuse to leave their homes?

Society continues to pay for our lack of will to firmly identify and target ideological tentacles which produce scenes like the ones witnessed at Manchester last night.

Until we demand truth… until we demand a truthful narrative from our elected and appointed officials – we will be slouching toward World War M.

We have a hard-earned peace. We appear willing to lay it down.

And what can be said of the West if we allow our children to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness?  A bastardly altar, indeed.

Demand that Muslims admit and take ownership for what are the tentacles of their ideology.  And once admitted they must make a choice. Serve this god.  Or walk away.

But if the choice is made to continue to serve – know one thing.  We know, that you know, that we know. Step into the light.  There are no longer mirrors and shadows.



Eight year old Saffie Rose Roussos is now confirmed as deceased.

Salma Abedi is now being identified as the 23 year old who took her life.


Who Hates the West enough to attack children?

A concert with Ariana Grande would have had a robust demographic of “tweens” – children not yet into their teenage years.

We don’t know yet who mounted the attack.  But if the pattern holds, it will be a Muslim male.

Manchester Terror Attack

No confirmation yet regarding this is a terror attack. But noting an individual bleeding from both ankles, two images with knee injuries, and a witness report of “nuts and bolts flying through the air” this seems to be a Tsarnaev-style attack on children.

Commander-in-Chief: Marcus Aurelius Trump

The speech was excellent on multiple levels.  The delivery superb and spoken by a man who truly understands the authority invested in his oath of office.  Marcus Aurelius spoke.  And it was not to an audience in Rome.  The audience was in Riyadh.

The Last English Price contributes to Infidel Bloggers Alliance and we are sharing thoughts back and forth in the e mail this morning.  Whilst the site is a “barking lot” we all know the truth:  Ibloga is a therapy couch for those of us who believe in Freedom of Expression.  We can lounge on the couch and make blistering comments – some which we truly believe and others which we just make up.  And the psychiatrist – Dr. Constitution – just loves it when we talk.  smile

If you have not listened to President Trump’s speech in entirety you can find it here:

Ibloga Therapy Couch




“Enjoyed talking to the incredible women working hard service center. Great strides being made towards the empowerment of women.”

“Had the honor of visiting 1st all-women process service center in , . Thanks to for the invite!”


  • The above tweets are coming off the FLOTUS twitter feed.  Reality is a bit different.  A “1st all-women process service center” is not about emancipation.  It continues to be about inequality.  And while income may empower it does not give equal status in a place like Saudi Arabia which also has “all women” universities – a place like Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive. A place like Saudi Arabia, where if a woman shows an ankle or an elbow on the street may find herself in harm’s way.

The talk is “sweet” coming from a woman who is fully emancipated.  The truth is bitter, for women in Saudi Arabia.

We can dress it up.  But maybe, the political construct should be presented with naked truth.

Women in Saudi Arabia are at the mercy of their men.

Another small thought:  Why are American companies involved in perpetuating archaic models of male supremacy?

My nation is also at fault for not setting a standard in our business dealings with other nations.

Raise no shout for the newly brokered arms trade deal.

A moment of silence, please.