Red, White and Green Operations on U.S. Soil

The Last English Prince  intended for the prior three posts to be a triad of thought.

But let me ask the question one more time.

Why does the U.S. government allow Tehran to run with a robust agitation propaganda model on U.S. soil?

Perhaps none are more prolific than the Iranian agent/songbird Hamed Zamani:

The propaganda in the video below was:

“Made at Request of Grand Award of “Down with USA Secretariat”

Hamed Zamani flows from tributaries “Pure Stream” and Nasr TV into Youtube’s massive river with ease. These venues are beneficiaries of Tehran’s largesse.

Nasty T.V.

“Jihad” Analysis as Permanent Employment: II

The Last English Prince has spent a number of months observing the Iranian political architecture on the social media platform YouTube. I was drawn away from the Sunni to the Shi’a side of the house due to some real-time events in my city.

This architecture is sturdy and the manipulation and agitation propaganda under Iranian State sponsorship cannot be denied.

Clarion Project (in 2016) provided an abbreviated analysis of one of the videos I viewed yesterday.  The analysis was sloppy, lacked an understanding of Shi’a militancy and history and basic elements of the video had not been addressed properly. (As a side issue, why is this video still available on YouTube?)

Clarion Project runs with a bold banner:

“Challenging Radical Islam.  Promoting Human Rights”

Their challenge seemed a bit weak, for this particular piece.

Here is the question.  And this comes from a former military officer.

Should we challenge or destroy radical Islam?

Take a step back to our last great war.  Did we challenge Nazi ideology or did we seek to totally obliterate it?  Should we have used the model in play today, we would still be fighting an extreme ideology across the European continent.

Let’s ask the basic journalism questions regarding the political architecture on our social media platforms.

  • Who?     Simple enough.  It is Tehran.
  • What?    Recruitment and agitation propaganda videos.
  • When?   Whenever they damn want.
  • Where?  YouTube
  • Why?       Because we let them.

We let them post their videos because a parasitic industry requires a viable host.

We are presented with a moral and ethical dilemma: Remove all of the videos with due diligence and enter a new era of accountability to the taxpayer.

Or we can let the host live, strong legs swinging off the YouTube platform,  and keep a few thousand analysts at their jobs.

Now I may be an intelligence pedestrian.  I may not have the badge and no longer carry the clearance.  But I have kept the military oath.  And to protect and defend means just that.  We should be protected from foreign agency on U.S. soil and there should be a shock-and-awe defense against these ideological products. These videos, in a nutshell, are merely pseudologia fantastica and/or mythomania.

What the hell do we think we are doing?

Child’s play.   Let our mission mature.





“Jihad” Analysis as Permanent Employment

We should be troubled.  And we should demand changes.

It is an inconvenient truth.

How many would find themselves seeking viable employment if not seated at a desk analyzing jihad videos?

If there is money to be made with war, there is certainly a paycheck to be earned by analysts who spend their lives engaged in target practice with jihad videos.

We can scrub ninety percent of these videos from the internet tomorrow. And by staying on top of the problem we can narrow the gap on the remaining ten percent with due diligence. But we just cannot bring ourselves to do it.  Too many are dependent on this cottage industry for employment. Gee!  What would they do?  Where would they go?

Several years ago there was an analytical group (I used the term lightly) in the D.C. area who bundled and sold jihad videos for thousands of dollars.  I had viewed many of the videos myself and found quite a few  of them to be without any real merit or intelligence value. But this cabal – was making money by repackaging a product which should have been scrubbed from the digital space.

Give me the real “James Bond” who put their lives up as collateral for the honor of serving in dangerous hot spots surrounded by hotheads who want to kill them. This is the real work of human intelligence: entering the networks, sitting across from the hothead with a cup of tea in hand.

Don’t provide an eternal paycheck for those who surround themselves with video hotheads in the comfort of their offices with their skinny latte made with almond milk ever present at their side.

Case in point: Have any of them coughed up Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri yet?  Of course not. But this remains a parasitic industry which requires the host to be kept alive to survive.

Analyst v parasite?  There are true analysts worth their  $$.  But I fear our taxes also support a large colony of parasites.


YouTube’s Iranian Fireflies

This morning I spent a few minutes viewing resistance media which appears officially supported by the Iranian state.  One of the videos book-ended oblique references to a nuclear attack.  Another video promoted blood-thirsty behavior (martyrdom attacks).

Both videos were available on YouTube. Throw in a few thousand others of similar genre and a framework is exposed.

I remain perplexed.  While fully supporting Constitutional right I do not in any form or fashion support allowing our media platforms to host what is under Iranian state agency and meant to activate harmful sentiment against our citizens.

While understanding that clicks on these videos serve as “lightning bugs” (fireflies) for our security apparatus there is another consideration.  The firefly use of bioluminescence during twilight is meant to attract a mate.  This little beetle uses a chemical known as luciferin (from the same Latin root for Lucifer) to create light.

So while we seek out those clicks in the dark, Lucifer just might be taking up residence in another heart.

I remain perplexed.  We allow the Iranian state a framework to peddle their resistance media on our sovereign soil.

As a child, my brothers and I would capture fireflies and smear their little “butts” on our arms to provide a momentary moment of glee as the chemicals temporarily lit up our skin.

We have a Constitutional skin. Let’s quit the child’s play; quit allowing the chemicals to be smeared onto our skin.  Surely, other means exist for intelligence collection.

Nature as Intelligence Guide



Trump: Churchill in Poland

President Trump’s speech in Poland has all of the right elements, notable nuance, and sends the right signals.

Trump in Poland

As someone who leads a busy life I tend not to make demands on others to read or view what I choose for them.  The choices… are always your own.

So for streamlining of the video, merely watch from 25 minutes to the 32 minute mark.


  • In speaking of “bureaucracy” it seems the POTUS is really referencing the regulatory vises of globalism which constrain individual markets.
  • Strong upholding of Western civilization, noting our symphonies and works of art and the pride and confidence we should retain in our values.  “This is who we are…”  Yes. This is who we are and there is a place for cultural pride.
  • Migration based on love for our people and values. “We cannot accept those who reject our values.”
  • This is a speech which champions the West and her civilizational benchmarks.

At the 35 minute mark:

“The fundamental question for the West is whether we have the will to survive.”

My thoughts:  For too long, the narrative has been we should feel guilty for what we have attained and even retain a greater sense of guilt regarding what others have not attained for themselves.  In soft form, this is Marxism.  In strongest form, it is psychologically abusive.

Let us be that shining light on a hill. Let us say, “Catch up with us or lag behind. Have good governance or continue to pillage your own. Love us and what we have to offer or choose to stay in the governance cesspools of your own making. But we will no longer be made to feel guilty for what your own hands have destroyed.”

Don’t tread on us.  There will no longer be political tires run across our backs and we will remove the tread marks of globalism which seeks to destroy Western culture and civilizational values.

God Bless our American President.  And God Bless the USA.

Proud. Damn Proud.





Qatar: the GCC States and a Cooperative Initiative

The author is at the beginning point of reviewing a Memorandum of Understanding, and an additional document generated out of Qatar and under the sponsorship of a team of interested individuals who seek resolution of the current Qatari crisis with her neighbors.

In a few days I will be seated across from one of the interested parties who will fly in from Doha. We will work to craft and refine the sentiments expressed in the MOU. It is possible I will also jointly collaborate in digital manner with an attorney in Qatar – a prior jurist from the African continent.

I will write about this in greater public fashion with a submission to an interested media platform, as the interest has been expressed that the ideas proposed receive a wider audience.

Otherwise, updates can be expected on this site.

This is all at the beginning point for journalistic interface and interaction.