Time was spent today with a young man who continues to receive unusual opportunities based on his marketable narrative regarding what it means to be a Muslim in America.

Another post will be offered on the page in July.

But for today – tinkering with retro machines, a trip to Chick-fil-A, and catching up with a friendship.


Allison Hrabar: Contribution on Paltry Scale

A flash mob of protesters disturbing the dining experience of patrons at a Mexican food establishment claim “restaurant protests aren’t a specific strategy”.

In actuality, the Democratic Socialists of America are taking a page from a well-established playbook:

Tammy’s Library

In the aforementioned selection, the following sentence can be found in a document known as “Conditions of Admission to the Communist International” (August 1920)

“Systematic and well-planned agitation must be carried out in the countryside.”

If nothing else,  Allison Hrabar is a true believer. She is an employee of the Department of Justice and works as a paralegal specialist. And she is a Communist-leaning activist.

Tammy’s Library

“Equal parts history and spy thriller, True Believer tells the story of Noel Field, a privileged American who signs up to spy for Stalin from his post in the State Department in the 1930’s.”

Another playbook is  “The Green Book” by Muammar Gaddafi.

Reading for the Sake of Nonsense

Having read “The Green Book” in entirety, there is not one page… one paragraph… or one cogent thought in the complete work.  It is not recommended reading.

Here is the deal.  Allison Hrabar has the right to an opinion.  She also has the right to freedom of association with members of organizations of her choosing.   But it seems counter-intuitive to use government property (anti-government tweets sent out during work hours) and free time to engage agitation propaganda with the expectation of maintaining employment.

Allison Hrabar has paltry contributions to offer our vibrant Democracy.



Seven Against Thebes: A Cautionary Tale Regarding the F.B.I.

The magnificent tragedian Aeschylus penned his plays with a view toward the political climate.  Perhaps the most arduous of readings is “Prometheus Bound” – which is a favorite of The Last English Prince.  The prose is exhilarating and the theme robust.  But for today,  “Seven Against Thebes” provides a cautionary tale.

(Scene: Thebes. The Prince Eteocles confronts a crowd of Thebans….)

“For if we win success, the God is the cause, but if – may it not chance so – there is disaster – ….”

The opening scene is set in Thebes as Prince Eteocles addresses the “citizens of Cadmus”.  After the death of Oedipus, his sons Eteocles and Polynices entered into a power-sharing agreement.  They would share the throne, in alternating fashion.  When Eteocles time in office had expired he refused to cede authority to his brother.  Polynices was exiled. Hence, the looming threat of war.

Passionate in his anger, Polynices went to Argos where he raised an army with seven men of rank to lead the troops.   They were confronted at the seven gates of Thebes by an equal number of defenders.  Confrontation between the royal princes at the seventh gate resulted in the reigning prince passing through the gate to remind his brother of the curse of their father:  the brothers would divide the kingdom with the sword.

The next act shows the bodies of the brothers brought onto the stage.  This play ends with a cliff-hanger which finds continuation of the story in Sophocles equally epic masterpiece, Antigone.

“A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election”  can be found on the link:

IG Report

The Last English Prince has not yet tackled the report.  It will require several trays of snacks and an array of drinks.    So there is the disclosure. smile

But having read what is available on-line and chatted up by media pundits,  my opinion is based on a topic which is near to my heart – the value of taking an oath of office.  And while Strzok and Page sounds like a real estate firm,  the identified agents and those merely noted as agents with numerical designation seemed engaged in tampering with the real estate of the Republic.

They may not represent “Seven Against Thebes” but they do represent the underbelly of an agency which has in single-handed manner eroded the public trust for the institution.

Back Story:

It was calamitous of course.  The power-sharing arrangement between the Executive Branch and Houses of Congress had been rocking along in predictable manner for quite some time.   We “voted” and the rest was left to the wizardry of the power-brokers inside the Beltway.  It was when George W. entered his second term that many began to understand the erosive nature of the political winds which shaped our nation.


Jeb Bush was to be “our man” – a man who looked in need of a taxidermy consult because he had lost all animation. The man was fifty-shades-of-beige – but pliable for political exploitation.

Hillary Clinton was meant to be our “lady” – a nice plug-in to follow our “first black American President”.  Unfortunately, the lady was fifty-shades-of-noir (regarding criminal instincts).

But then Donald Trump took the nation by storm.  The oath-takers convened in Thebes. Instead of success, they have been confronted with disaster.

The fatal character flaw is thus:  The one who takes the oath does not own the Republic.  Rather, the Republic owns the men and women who take the oath. The Republic does not serve our political desires and need.   The oath-taker subjugates both need and political whim to the will of the state.

There is no greater need in a true Republic than that of unimpeded political process which allows voters to cast a vote for the President and consequently live with the results of the same. Humility is the requirement for those who take an oath.  And this humility should be the bedrock for all who wield an official shield.

Eteocles and Polynices met their deaths at the Seventh Gate.  It is a cautionary tale for those who take an oath and handle it in such tawdry manner. The Seventh Gate has been opened.  The bodies will be displayed.  And our nation will not fracture. The State of our Union will remain strong.

Kim – Trump Summit: Heads and Heart

Is it just me, or did Kim Jong-un show up at the Singapore summit with a

map-of-North-Korea haircut?

Check out the first image

Check out the map

Not all recognize Trump’s style – but I get it.  Here is a snippet from my e mail sent to a friend on June 10th.

“He is about to humiliate Kim Jong Un in private. Big time. In front of his aides. And then he will humiliate him again by praising the man in public. MSM will gasp about the nice things he will say. I will just sit back and smile because now I have figured out how he plays the game. And he is unbelievably good regarding emotions, psychology, and human need for approval.”

We know which one is the real genius

So Chairman Kim Jong-un can keep his map on his head.

America has a President who is a tough negotiator who has  a Marine Corps Drill Sergeant manner of breaking down to build up:

“It is about mind over matter.  I don’t mind. And you don’t matter.”

Kim Jong-un has been broken down, so that the Korean Peninsula can rebuild in healthy manner.

James Wolfe and Ali Watkins

It is hard to fathom.

A reporter is thrust into the limelight for a Pulitzer prize at twenty years of age.

She breaks major news stories. She leaps over tall buildings.

Everybody wants her: Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Politico, the New York Times.

The truth is always stranger than fiction.

Reporter Ali Watkins received leaks from the head of security for the Senate Select Intelligence Committee – a man who apparently has worse leaks than the average man with benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Nubile flesh meets needy middle-aged man.  A marriage made in hell.  But a marriage made in heaven for the media outlets who knew what was going on and still gave the reporter a berth.

James Wolfe was accountable for receiving, managing, and properly maintaining all classified information provided to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee by the Executive Branch.

Ali Watkins, was accountable to her profession regarding personal behavior.

And yet today, the New York Times and other outlets scream about press freedom and source confidentiality.  It would seem that source confidentiality becomes quite the joke when it is found that the source was a long-term lover who thought pillow talk could move beyond personal vignettes into the realm of security clearance issues.

Whoever knew that journalism was such a sweet deal?


A Paradox

We submit to whom we serve.

It is a paradox, of course: the technology which seems to give so much allows us to achieve so little.

Life without paradox.  Communities dealt with fewer of these issues in an earlier epoch; albeit life was not without challenge.

But it seems that technology allows for magnification of self, delusion regarding personal importance, and perhaps, an imbalanced sense of mission.

The paradox on small scale (no pun intended) can be viewed through this lens.

Click on link.


Theopraxis:   Theos (God)   Praxis (practice)

We become god-like in our own eyes as we both serve and exploit a digital age.