Roy Moore: Application of Law

Senatorial candidate Roy Moore should be afforded the same rights extended to all American citizens:

  • The right to counsel and representation in a court of law.
  • The right to face his primary accuser – a woman whose tale of impropriety dates back to nearly four decades gone by and involves the memory retrieval of a fourteen year old girl.
  • The right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

None of these Constitutional protections are in play. There is no grand jury indictment, no date set on a court docket, no seating of a jury and no evidence to present.

The media is just the latest kangaroo court. And we are complicit if we allow this senseless chaos and lack of due process.  Being riveted to our seats, not deploying the television remote to engage loftier pursuits is our own indictment.

Roy Moore may be guilty of sexual improprieties. But let that guilt be firmly established in a court of law.  Let that guilt be the verdict pronounced by a jury presented with irrefutable evidence. Because at the end of the day, better a few who are guilty be pronounced innocent than falling into a trap of allowing the innocent to be pronounced guilty without probable cause.

If we hang the Scarlet Letter from the man, we hang the same on ourselves on the day in which we are accused and not afforded due process.

Roy Moore may be guilty of that which he is accused. But accusation alone does not assign guilt.  Guilt is assigned with evidence or a body of the same. Roy Moore, an American citizen, should receive the Constitutional buffers meant to guard against the kangaroo court conducted by CNN and other predatory media outlets.

“… if truth were everywhere to be shown, a scarlet letter would blaze forth on many a bosom…”   Nathaniel Hawthorne


And the Joseph Goebbel’s Award Goes to…

… Lt General Jay Silveria.

It should be distasteful.  It should be extremely distasteful that the Superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy politicize what turns out to be a (predictable) hoax crime.

Racial slurs written by a black cadet

Stern warnings before properly assigning guilt

Why do we believe everything we read? It shows lack of basic intelligence and application of logic.

Why were basic journalism “soft forensics” not applied?  Who, what when, where,why, and how?   Instead, a Napoleonic code of justice was flaunted at the Air Force Academy which found the guilty seeking to prove their innocence.

The “target” of racial slurs created political theater

Lt General Jay Silveria was lacking in leadership.  His message should have been short and to the point:

“We will address this when the investigation is complete.  And at that time our remarks will be delivered.”

Instead, he issued a public thrashing to the organization he is meant to represent, and he gave a black eye to the entire student body which he claims to lead. He grandstanded, showboated, and… made a general ass of himself. All at the expense of the cadets he is meant to support.

My gut tells me that within 48 hours, the story of racial targeting at the Air Force Academy began to unravel.

The story seemed contrived to me – and I have served as a prior direct commission officer in the USNR.

The race riots on the ships during the Vietnam era no longer exist.  We manage to get along fabulously.  And our culture has been one of equality of gender and race for many decades now.  My guess is the Air Force hoped the story would go quietly away and the organization has  been forced back to the table to admit their own complicity in perpetuating a hoax crime mythology.

Where is the public kick in the seat of the pants for Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria?




First Baptist of Sutherland Springs: The Service a week before the majority lost their lives

Poor community with a poor demographic.  Simple Americans honoring the Sabbath.

Undoubtedly, most of those shown (including children) are deceased or injured.

The gunman shot individuals who were already incapacitated in the head.

As of today, ten of the survivors are in critical condition.

The pastor’s daughter, was a special needs child of a different race than the parents.  She also perished in the attack. She died alone, without Dad and Mom beside her.

Pray for the community today




Stephen Willeford: Run Toward the Battle

My sons have been taught the Swofford Doctrine:  Run Toward the Battle. And it is also the Doctrine of the Last Shot Fired. If a shooting is in progress, if you have the firepower to intervene, run toward the battle. And let the last shot fired be the one which comes blazing off your own weapon.

Stephen Willeford does not lack courage. Nor does he lack common sense. He ran toward the battle with a weapon ready to fire. He did not hesitate. And his expertise was such that he was able to shoot into the side, where body armor does not afford adequate protection.

He did not hesitate to jump into the truck of a stranger and give imperative command:


He did not hesitate to later exit the truck, place his rifle across the hood  and challenge the assailant to exit his own vehicle.

Stephen Willeford is a plumber by trade.  He is a hero, by character.

God Bless Stephen Willeford

As for the continuing unfolding tragedy, one couple lost children (a son who was the assistant pastor of the church) grandchildren, and great grandchildren in this shooting. A total of four generations affected by an act of Satanic evil.

What Stephen Willeford did?  An act of Divine goodness.

Added thoughts:

The Last English Prince has a long history of belief in the Constitutional right to bear arms:

Pry it from my Cold, Dead Fingers

I also wrote a piece, “Doctrine of the Last Shot Fired” for Daily Times Pakistan after the Aurora, Colorado massacre.  But at the moment, cannot find it in the archive. I find it a travesty and miscarriage of justice that the man is still alive.

To nail it down completely:  If there is a spree killing in progress, there should be no attempt to ask the individual to drop their weapon; there should be no attempt to subdue with the infliction of a incapacitation injury.  The Swofford Doctrine of the Last Shot Fired is THE LAST SHOT FIRED IS THE ONE WHICH KILLS THE ASSAILANT.

There should be no mercy, no courtesy  “Drop Your Weapon” afforded to such individuals.  Once engaged, they must be killed.

Strengthen your backbone.  If the day comes, run toward the battle.



Sutherland Springs: Welcome to Texas, Devin Kelley

The Last English Prince is a Christian.  There is no conflict of interest between my faith and the right to self defense.  There are individuals in my church who “conceal carry”. And when Texas became “open carry” our church posted a notice of non-allowance of open carry inside the sanctuary.  I agree with that policy. The church is meant to be a place of solace and peace. Displaying a “piece” would be a distraction from worship of the Living God.

Devin Kelley should have planned his massacre in a different state. In Texas, we will “posse up” and deputize ourselves, jump into our trucks, and hunt the one who just hunted us. Start the following at the 2:25 time stamp.

Based on a true Texas story

We shoot back, we form a posse, and we pursue:

BBC link

When I saw the American, Texas, and Christian flag prominently displayed in front of this small country church; when I learned the attacker began shooting prior to entering the church; I knew that this was not targeted against an individual inside. Rather the target were symbols of God, country, and state.

Ibloga link

News media originally stated the assailant had a Dishonorable Discharge from the Air Force. (Duck Dinner)  Now the report is he received the Big Chicken Dinner (Bad Conduct Discharge).  There was a felony assault against his wife and child. Due to the felony assault, his court martial should have enforced the former and not the latter.  There was a lack of marriage between the civil code and the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).

At the end of the day, it seems spree killers have one thing in common: A hatred for America and her core values.

Pray for those who mourn with a special focus on the pastor and his family.  Their fourteen year old daughter perished in the attack. For all practical purposes, the congregation no longer exists in sustainable form.

Cross-Pollination of Thought: Bowe Bergdahl

Always on Watch is a blogging friend who lives on the east coast.

Perhaps the only thing that I might add  regarding this monumental miscarriage of justice is thus:  Bowe Bergdahl suffered at the hands of the Taliban due his own foolishness. Foolishness comes clad with her own distinct rewards.

Bergdahl’s suffering, was inflicted because of his own willful actions taken to desert his post. This should never have had a bearing on his sentencing for desertion and also for the absolutely unbearable consequences which were suffered by those sent to look for him.

Always on Watch

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