Because not all Islamists are Muslims

While it is true that not all Muslims are Islamists it is also abundantly clear that not all Islamists are Muslims.

Islam is a vehicle.

For the individual who needs a justification to satiate their lust for violence, Islam provides the God who condones the same.  It is a vehicle which places the individual in the driver’s seat.

For the state which needs a deniable flank, Islam is also a vehicle.  It is the vehicle which places the state in the driver’s seat with  a large backseat of passengers.

Not all Islamists are Muslims.  Islam provides the vehicle.  The rest is blood sport.

Quote Found on Facebook

Killing Gays in Five Easy Steps

The Last English Prince  has a  dear  gay friend.

He is fun, loving and kind.

War Footing Against Gays

I believe homosexuality presents my community (Christians) with a moral dilemma which is best approached first with love.

Otherwise, we are reduced to the barbarity of Islam:

  • Beheading
  • Burn them to death
  • Throw them off a cliff
  • Topple a wall on them and create a crushing injury
  • A combination of the aforementioned.

“The easiest one, chop their head off.”

And why is this man barely able to hide his smile as he speaks?  He practically salivates because of the mad dog scampering away in his brain.

Having watched the beheading video of American Paul M. Johnson, Jr. – an employee of Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin – kidnapped and killed in Saudi Arabia – I can attest that the beheading can be botched up a bit and while “easy” for the criminal it lies in the realm of a savage death for the victim.

Do I want my friend beheaded, cremated while still breathing, chunked off a cliff or crushed to death?  Of course not.

But then again, we have that pesky little incident at the Pulse Club.

This teaching is on my doorstep and in my city.  Think I am pissed?


Addendum:  talking with a friend today.

Does anyone else pick up on it?  The smile of nostalgia when this man speaks of “…the easiest one – chop off their head?”

I am a research journalist. When I analyze the facial response I see a smile that denotes memory.  Has Sodagar beheaded a gay while in Iran? That is the question. We may never have the answer.  But he… knows.

Admission: I have also disclosed secrets to the Russians

Another day, another…. yawn…. concocted narrative.

Trump disclosed secrets to the Russians!

Of course the “proof” is “anonymous sources” – which is no proof at all.

So with a sense of fair play I wish to let the readership know about the secrets I have disclosed to the Russian.

  •  My first love was an Albanian dwarf.
  •   I hide chocolate in my lingerie drawer.  (true)
  •   In college I leaned over and kissed a total stranger. On the lips. He was stunned. (true)
  • My passport is fake and I travel under false pretenses.
  • I also have the nuclear codes.  I gave them to Russia with a complimentary amputated digit so they can access the computer.

Sadly, media colludes with these unsubstantiated narratives.  Clapper or Clinton?  Who thought up this one?

Shutting Down Propaganda Media Violence

Having  watched YouTube agitation propaganda produced by a young European adult it was with great satisfaction that I noted Facebook has shut down his account and all new attempts to open an account.

This man’s YouTube needs to also disappear.  When watching vehicles and buildings being blown up with symphonic music in the background it must be noted that something is wrong with the young man’s ‘noggin. There is nothing beautiful about severed limbs and detached skulls.

The fact that this man has also posted a video of a beheading of a child shows a strange fascination with themes of violent death.

I am glad to see boundaries being placed on this young adult and his ability to platform violent themes.  I strongly believe in the concept of “digital tech arrest”.

You may not be physically locked up. But you will be locked out of the digital space and not allowed to peddle your wares across the internet.  I have written about this topic in the past for Daily Times (Pakistan).  And while firmly believing in freedom of expression I do not believe it includes the right to abuse of the freedom for recruitment into violent theaters of operation. British schoolgirls have disappeared into Syria because of such things.  Half-wit Americans have done the same.

His name is Rune Agerhus.  It is time for him to be brought to account.

Rune Agerhus



A Presidential Team: Trump/Pence

We have a presidential team which is complimentary and well-suited for the endurance and strength of the race.  This long haul is in the hands of a man who embodies strength and a counterpart whose hands are blessed with grace.

Put these two characteristics together and the result is meekness.

Meekness takes strength, softens it with grace, and  distills and directs the same toward acts of greater good.

Capable are the Hands which hold the reins of state

Having spent quite a bit of time perusing articles today, pondering what would be suitable for a short post – it seemed good to remind us all of the very active persecution against Christians in the Middle East.



CNN’s Continued Wet Dreams

It would be funny were it not so pathetic.  Just turned on CNN (10 p.m. in the Dallas market).  CNN continues to have wet dreams about a Trump impeachment.  One “expert” pants the word “impeachment” with great excitement.  She practically has an orgasm on camera.

Click.  News turned off.

Here is the deal, kiddies.  The Director of the F.B.I. serves at the pleasure of the POTUS. He is an appointee.  And as such, job security goes only as far as the confidence inspired in the President to keep the man at the helm.  Former Director Comey created a confidence gap and also morale problems within the agency.  A morale problem is always a leadership problem.  The blame cannot be shifted downstream.

The President can fire at will.  It is not an impeachable offense.

Donald Trump engaged a semblance of due process in presenting letters from both the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General recommending that James Comey be relieved of duty.  And then he took rightful authority, the authority based on rank, to carry out his decision.

We don’t have to like it.  We do have to acknowledge the legitimacy of the process.

But CNN needs to quit hyperventilating and climaxing their way through their daily wet dream narratives.