Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Pastorius

The editor was carping on the phone yesterday after passing through the TSA checkpoint at the Reno, Nevada airport.  This airport is generally a real snoozer. But bags were being rigorously pulled off and checked for explosives, items examined.  Took a long time to get through to the gates this time.

Pastorius and I were talking about the MOAB deployed in Afghanistan. Had to practically talk in code because using the word “bomb” in an airport is not conducive to personal health.  It would be like flying United and getting dragged down the aircraft aisle like Dr. David Dao.

Glad that I like to fly American Airlines

But back to the topic at hand, Pastorius has the usual scandalous-but-great-to-read post over at Ibloga.

Perhaps one of the best blogs around


Orange Sheets

Whilst there has been angst in some quarters regarding the orange prison garb for enemy combatants held at Guantanamo Bay, it must be remembered and never forgotten:

Orange sheets covered the mangled remains of those killed in Stockholm

Islam is on a war-footing.

No need to cock the ear for the marching of boots.

Listen… for the gunning of a truck motor in France, Germany, the U.K. and now, Sweden.

Listen for the sound of a swiftly-moving truck.

And when this happens in a city in the United States will our POTUS have the courage

to speak the truth?

Place the Western powers in a state of suspended animation for one year.

No push back, no repulsing of ideology, no financial investment in spycraft and military intervention  – yes, imagine the West in a state of suspended animation.

Awaken in a year. Awaken to a new world order.

Islam: Masquerade

Islam looks like this:


The Last English Prince pulled the image from a jihad portal shortly after the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Islam also looks like this:

Eleven year old girl killed in Stockholm Attack

She is identified based on her clothing, as noted by her mother – when still seeking information on her as in missing status. Unfortunately, she died a traumatic death.

Alone. Without her family. On the pavement.

She died alone.

Aqua Marine Parka Coat, Purple Trousers

How do you prepare for such a burial? One coffin or two?

Do you understand?  Or will you only understand when it affects your child or your family member?

Islam masquerades as many things.  But when uncloaked – Hell reigns.

I listened as a female American revert told individuals “We believe just like you. We just believe Jesus was a Prophet.”

Tell that to the Coptic Christians killed on Palm Sunday in Egypt.

Tell yourself Muslims have an identical belief system to the Christian tradition.

Take comfort.  And refuse to imagine your own future nightmare.

Congratulations! You have twins!

Any ground forces military action against Syria is military aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Syria serves as a convenient land bridge for black market armaments, land mass with IRG chain of command oversight, refuge for HizbAllah, and source of dabbling about with nuclear weapons acquisition.

Seeking to “remove Assad” is like using a trowel to take down an oak tree. Iran is an oak.

We will not be successful in this venture and Trump may end up with an undesirable twin meme of his own:

LBJ had his Vietnam. Trump had his Syria.