Christmas 2017

The Last English Prince has the unexpected pleasure of the enjoyment of friends from Qatar here for the holiday season.

Gift bag ready to deliver to Fatima. She prefers to be called “Princess”.

The next few days will be spent with a family I love.

Christians and Muslims….

Because Christmas “spells” love.

Christmas Musical Selection



U.N. Jerusalem Vote: The Pawns Move their Pieces

In what manner will the POTUS now deal with the United Nations?  What can be done when a complete body is consumed with narrative-opioid-addiction?

The addiction runs deep.

A small handful of nations stood with the United States and Israel. These nations represent belts of poverty.  So the pawns moved their pieces and the knights put up their shields.

The addictive narrative of Israel and her history with the non-democratic regimes which surround her courses through the veins of the people and effects their bloodlines adversely whilst enriching the bloodlines of the powerful storytellers.

Check out the net worth of any number of storytellers.

Khaled Meshaal heads a criminal international empire which is dependent on the continued  ravage of a body of people he claims to love.  He is the head peeking above the parapet but behind him are dozens of additional puppetmeisters.

Look Beyond the Narrative

As a journalist I always leap-frog to an important question.  Who benefits?  Who benefits from peddling a narrative?  Who benefits from a script for public consumption?

Our leadership has been afraid; afraid to proclaim that the ongoing narrative is like peddling cocaine to children.  This narrative creates both the euphoria and eventual destruction dealt by a powerful drug. How many Muslims have sacrificed themselves in the consumption of this drug?

Presidential courage has been lacking for many decades.  When the POTUS declared a war on opioid addiction the physical stuff was the beginning point.  Dealing with the peddlers of narrative-opioid-addiction is the next step.

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is now taking names.  The American people are taking names too. We want a healthy body to represent us.  Not the perpetual crackheads who vote against us.




Attempted Missile Attack on Al-Yamama Palace

Al-Yamama is the official residence of the monarch.  It is situated in a Western suburb of Riyadh.

It is also the palace where President Trump was hosted by King Salman in May 2017.

Today, a missile launched by Houthi rebels targeted the palace. The attack was unsuccessful.

What is happening in Yemen remains the invisible story; unless, of course, following the Twitter feed of a Yemeni General.

Here is an official statement regarding the attack posted to a Google group:


Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Power Outage

While the Twitter cyber ghetto proclaims a “terror attack” for the power outage at a busy airport,  the reason might be more mundane:

Eleven Hour Power Outage

Take a moment to read an excellent and well-annotated article regarding the corrupt business practices and cronyism which have plagued the airport:

Atlanta Airport Contractors

Here is just a small teaser:

“Airport consultants collect fees as much as $800 million, 2002.
Atlanta‘s mayor in 2002, Bill Campbell,
collected $800 million in fees at the massive airport expansion.
Those fees are more than twice the cost of similar fees at other national airports,
including San Francisco. The Atlanta consultants including a truck hauling firm that had
totaled up 29 city contracts in a decade, construction executives who gave Campbell a
luxury car, and a poker buddy of the mayor who received more than $20 million from
city contracts.”
Think the aforementioned is bad? Read the complete report.  Shoddy workmanship and cronyism can also produce an incidental form of  passive”terror” for those it effects. Who would want to be stuck inside an airport for eleven hours with a toddler? wink
Thank God we have a builder and not a politician in the White House. Thank God we have a man who wants to drain the swamp and remove the Swindlemen from our Houses of Congress.

Shi’a Folklore and Desensitization for Violent Self-Harm

The Last English Prince has spent over a decade on the Sunni side of the house.

And yet as I watch a Shi’a  video tonight I am aware that what I am experiencing is desensitization and grooming for violent self-harm behavior.

What can possibly be more violent than a body being torn in all directions and intestinal evisceration… in the name of a god? And who can be more violent than the man who declares that such events are the destiny of man – something not to be feared, rather embraced?

Islam can be analyzed, discussed, written about in scholarly Western prose.

But when it is “experienced” – what is captured within the intellectual battlespace tonight is not the rantings of a madman.  But it is a deliberate desensitization process which can lead to future operational considerations for a not-so-lone wolf who sets forth with his payload.

Because at the end of the day there is damn sure no such thing as a “lone wolf”.  The “wolf” has become the submissive of an Alpha.  And until we have the kahunas to remove the Alpha, we will continue to endure Islamic terror attacks on U.S. soil.


New York City “low tech” bomb attack and CAIR statement

Readers may review the statement at the end of th post.  Let this be a gentle reminder which was given to readership years ago in one of the first blogs posted via a different social media platform.

Read with a filter.  Always apply a filter to what you read and do a few minutes of research on the side.  The statement issued by CAIR is based on a narrative of mistreatment of Muslims by U.S. enforcement agencies.  So let me break it down to you in bullet (military) format:

*  The “allegations” are made with the family member sporting burn and flesh injuries, in custody and giving witness to his allegiance to Islamic State. He will have his day in court.  But we know the allegations are true.

* Children may have been held “out in the cold”. This is also true, but it was for their safety.  Bombers have a propensity to booby-trap the space they have left behind.  It is also important to properly remove any volatile chemicals. Complete apartment blocks, adjacent homes have been evacuated in the past due to public safety fears.

* A teenager was pulled out of classes. He was interrogated, per CAIR report.  It must be remembered that “time is brain”.   This is the meme for cardiac event and stroke but it also applies to terror investigations of current incidents.  Things move with rapidity and on head-spinning multiple fronts during the first twenty-four hours.  This is trade craft. It is entirely necessary.  There is no time for niceties, and things will have moved forward in legally acceptable manner which will withstand legal challenges. The teenager can get over it.  Or he can choose to move along and build his own device at a future date.

* There is an underlying theme of inconvenience of the Muslim family unit.  It must be noted that literal thousands of individuals in New York were inconvenienced yesterday.  In a day when “operational cages” are immediately constructed around the blocks surrounding an incident, those who were temporarily immobilized in these zones were highly inconvenienced  (CNN referred to the same as “frozen zones”).  These virtual cages are necessary and had this operational consideration been set in motion in Boston, we would have had the two marathon bombers in custody in hours as opposed to days.  Beyond the inconvenience of the day is the impact on commerce in a city which is known for its commercial vibrancy. How many workers lost a day’s wage?  (It is hoped their employers will offer full compensation.)  And how many shopkeepers found themselves without clientele?

* It must be remembered that in the Fatwa Against Jews and Crusaders written in the prior century, a man who was a co-author dyed his beard black (allowed for jihad) and threatened to plunder the West.  Take a moment and think about what happened yesterday. Make a wild guess.  How many millions of dollars will it cost the taxpayers to investigate and prosecute what was described as a “low tech” failed bomb attack?

Bankrupting the West through Acts of Terror



According to ABC 7 New York:

Albert Fox Cahn, the legal director for CAIR New York, read a short, prepared statement on behalf of the Ullah family saying, “We are heartbroken by the violence that was targeted at our city today, and by the allegations being made against a member of our family. But we are also outraged by the behavior of law enforcement officials who have held kids as small as four years old out in the cold and who held a teenager out of high school classes to interrogate him without a lawyer, without his parents. These are not the sorts of actions that we expect from our justice system, and we have every confidence that our justice system will find the truth behind this attack and that we will, in the end, be able to learn what occurred today. Thank you for your time.”