Miniaturized Monograph: Islam and Hypocrites

The Last English Prince has been in the process of revisiting some of the AQ messaging and it is bringing back a few memories.

“Back in the day” when I spent a substantial time investment (or is it better stated, a waste of time?) viewing jihad portals, a video by Adam Gadahn caught my attention because of the messaging within the text.  Titled, “A Believer Isn’t Stung from the Same Hole Twice” there was much speculation regarding what the phrase meant.

I just revisited the text from a Bryn Mawr College document archive.  Their work is appreciated.

“On 4 October a jihadist website posts many links with different download qualities to a new 30 minute video by Adam Yahiye Gadahn (American-born Al-Qa’ida convert Adam Gadahn aka Azzam al-Amriki), “The Believer isn’t Stung from the Same Hole Twice” (once bitten, twice shy).

“Once bitten, twice shy” does not come near describing how Islamic text deals with those who are considered Munafiqun, or hypocrites.  Vast amount of Ahadith, Seerah literature, and yes, the Qur’an – deal with the topic of hypocrisy and attempts  to derail Islam. Portions of the Qur’an are dedicated to a rebuke against a man known as the “Chief of the Hypocrites”.

The title of the Adam Gadahn video comes straight from a “last words” scenario between Muhammad and a man named  Abu ‘Uzza Jumahi.  Taken prisoner after the battle of Badr, he was set free and told to be a good little boy.  The man obviously didn’t give a rat’s ass, because he then took up arms against the Muslims at the battle of Uhud.

Taken prisoner a second time, he requested clemency.  Muhammad pronounced his fate telling him the Believer does not let himself be stung from the same hole twice, and ordered him put to death.

The root Arabic word for hypocrite has an accepted mirror in the animal kingdom: the lowly mole – who is fond of making a home with two openings so that he may scurry down one and exit out the other in time of danger.

My journalism craft has placed me across the table from Islamic men with distinct political talents and global agendas.  I learned to extend my hand and firmly announce that I was in the camp of the Christians – because in the past I have been mistaken for a Muslim. If it were found that I were in the camp of the Hypocrites the results could be disastrous.  My statements clearly note both my political positions and the purpose of establishing a colleague-based relationship.

In our culture, we just blow people off who we consider two-faced. Islam punishes.

This Christian understands Whiskey-Islam – the distilled product.  smile

Munafiq:  Hypocrite   Munafiqun: Hypocrites

The “un” provides plural form, especially when considering Sunni literature.

Here is another example:

Muhaddith:  a collector of Ahadith

Muhaddithun:  The collectors of Ahadith, such as the Sunni scholars included in the Kutub al-Sittah (or what are known as “The Sound Six”).




Parsons Green Tube Attack and English Insensibilities

The foster parents are 88 and 71 years respectively.  The “21 year old Syrian refugee” looks much older than his stated age.  Why not?  Why not create a legend as an unaccompanied and perhaps orphaned minor to gain access to Western economy?

Two suspects from the same foster home.  It is possible the couple snoozed through weeks of a bomb-making factory and active terror cell harboring within the walls of their formerly peaceful abode.  Under their noses. The whole damn thing.

The English surprise me with their insensibilities



Miniaturized Monographs: Single Combat Amirate

Go out (into battle) light and heavy and fight with your wealth and yourselves in the way of Allah.  (9:41)

And fight them until there is no more strife or dissent and until the deen is all for Allah (8:39)

What the West calls “Lone Wolf Attacks” are better described in Islamic folklore as  single combat amirates.  The boulevard in Nice, France; the Manchester concert center; and most recently, the Parsons Green tube station attack were all single combat amirates.

As Jihad is Fard (or an obligatory duty) upon the ENTIRE Muslim community, it is permitted for one individual to commit an act of jihad – hence fulfilling the obligation for the remainder in the community.

Not only is the individual encouraged to “sally forth”, to emit a rallying cry (Allahu Akbar!) and to inflict maximum damage, but the individual is allowed to thrust into a crowd of innocent bystanders with the purpose of being a Shaheed – and of course, taking as many with him as possible on Allah’s Hale-Bopp Comet ride.

These displays by the individual also serve another purpose. The display is meant to cause a chain reaction where the next individual is then heartily encouraged to sally forth and emit their own rallying cry.

Recommendations for our English cousins who seem to be struggling a bit:

There is a 24-48 hour window in a post-attack environment for a likely additional “Sally forth!” event.

A target group of males ages 16-34 will be the most vulnerable to the Islamic signals which have been sent out because of the most recent attack. To further break it down, the most vulnerable will present as those who have consumed a psychological diet of jihad products from internet venues.

Remove them from the public square for 48 hours.  It should not be punitive. Rather, it should be presented as removal to allow for a reminder as to the expectation of civil behavior required by Western culture.

Sort out the hotheads.  But then again,  you have so many – where, exactly, do you start?

Miniaturized Monographs: Jihad

“Wrap them up along with their wounds for they will be raised on the Day of Raising Up and the veins on their necks will be flowing with blood, their colour will be the colour of blood and their breath the scent of musk.”

(Testament of Muhammad regarding the Shaheed from the Battle of Uhud.)

We can place a human footprint on the moon.  We can manage a space station.  And yet – another attack on a London Tube.  Five attacks on the English this year. Five attacks on Western civilization.

Perhaps an occasional miniaturized monograph regarding Jihad will assist the reader.

The Last English Prince will put up a shield against Dhu’l-Fiqar.

Flat Tire Factories

The Last English Prince remains disappointed in the Flat Tire Factories of scholarship.

Too many of them…. subsidized by our tax dollars.

These sacred cows of anti-jihad graze contentedly amongst their pastures laden with their work.

From the beginning, we got it wrong.

Misidentification of cause and effect

There is no “Bin Laden Doctrine”  that “No Muslim Territory should become non-Muslim.”

There is only Islamic Doctrine. There is only Qur’an, Sunnah/Ahadith, Tafseer, Seerah, Mahgazi, Shamail, Dalail, Na’at, and the travels of Muhammad.

Osama bin Laden was a gear.  ISIS is a gear. HizbAllah is the same. Iran… one of the bigger gears.

Islam is the machine.  Until entering the machine, engaging the machine directly – the production of flat tires will continue.

Locutus of Borg

All – must be assimilated to Islam