Trump Speech on CNN after Super Tuesday

Donald Trump provided a magnificent display of conceptual leadership during his remarks tonight.  He stated he is a “Truth Teller”.  His ability to identify and speak strongly regarding weaknesses in our governance is astounding.

  • The Middle Class:  We have been forgotten
  • Corporate Inversion: He will work to reverse it
  • Trade deficits:  He will call to account.
  • Illegal immigrants:  “Either we have a country or we don’t. Either we have borders or we don’t.”
  • Planned Parenthood:  Yes, fund for women’s health.  Defund for abortions.
  • Islamic radicalism:  A disaster everywhere you look – he will negotiate with the Gulf States to fund safe zones inside Syria for Syrian refugees.  He noted that strong and powerful young adult Muslim (refugee) males do indeed present as a problem within Europe.
  •  Our aging infrastructure:  We look like a third world country
  • U.S. Military:  It will be strengthened. No one will threaten us. Period.
  • Common Core:  He will get rid of it. Our children deserve smart education.
  • Hillary Clinton: Other individuals have paid a high price for lesser offences than her own.  He also noted that the problems she complained about are the ones she had an opportunity to work on in the prior decade.
My own thoughts regarding Hillary’s speech tonight?  She sounded like she was plagiarizing from Bernie Sander’s speeches.
Hillary?  She had a wall of people behind her, many of them young.  The young lady in the hijab behind her was given excessive camera time and it was a distraction.
Donald?  He was introduced by Governor Chris Christie.  Behind the podium were four beautiful American flags.
Best line of the night?   He discussed the assaultive giddy behavior of Marco Rubio this past week and declared him to be like “Don Rickles”.  That was a classic line.
Finally, move over Megyn Kelly.  Make room for the latest journalist who attempted to insult, manipulate and belittle Mr. Trump with his question.  Mr. Trump shot back at him, “What is your name and what is the organization you work for?”
Black list.  Donald is building his journalism blacklist. Play fair, get the chance to ask the question. Make an ass of yourself, and you will lose any future opportunity to query the candidate.
My prediction was that Trump would humiliate both Cruz and Rubio.  Although Ted Cruz did take his home state, I believe that Trump has managed to cement his bid for the White House.  As for Rubio, he “won” the news cycle of last week and managed to place below the twenty percentile in votes in multiple states.  His manic phase last week cost him votes.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Speech on CNN after Super Tuesday”

  1. [Rubio’s] manic phase last week cost him votes.


    But more than that.

    Rubio is now GOP management’s anointed one.

    Last night was a thumb-in-the-eye of the GOP management’s eye.


  2. Thank you, Always on Watch. It was one of the most magnificent speeches I have heard in years because of the content. The content alluded to math and metrics; not “hope” which is merely an emotional longing.


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