Until we understand Islam and the Concept of Ambush….

What is the one thing that would have stopped a machete attack on innocent patrons of a Mediterranean Deli?


Implements of terror can be a machete, as used in Columbus Ohio; a knife – used to behead a worker in Oklahoma; or the assault weapons used by the Muslim roadies who attacked the Freedom of Expression event in Garland, Texas. Yep, I was there and by the grace of God and good old-fashioned fire-power I am still breathing.

It is symbolic that a restaurant and deli called “Nazareth” was targeted.  The name both speaks of the hope which comes from Christianity and also the slaughter of the innocents which followed.

Innocent patrons of a restaurant were injured by a machete-wielding Somali Muslim.  The patrons threw chairs at him.  But it was a bullet which stopped him. Only a well-placed shot can saves lives.

Police have stated that none of the employees nor patrons knew the attacker.  It was “random”.  But just like a line from the Bourne Supremacy:

“It is not a mistake. They don’t make mistakes.They don’t do random. There is always an objective. There is always a target.”

We do not understand Islam and the concept of a raid or an ambush. This art of warfare has been perfected over the centuries.  It just isn’t any damn fun, if it doesn’t fall in the category of a hellacious surprise!

They don’t do random. There is always an objective running along a bifurcated path.


Swofford believes in the Doctrine of the Last Shot Fired.  That shot, comes out of a weapon wielded by a responsible and armed American citizen.




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