Brookings Institution Researchers offer up a Premature Ejaculation

After 9/11 I submitted a manuscript to Foreign Affairs Magazine, “Islam as Government”.  My rejection letter from a deputy editor opined there was no way the magazine could publish my piece, in light of the current climate.  Apparently, the climate has never really changed.

The 24 March issue of Foreign Affairs features an article by Brookings Institution “researchers” William McCants and Christopher Meserole.  In an article distastefully titled, “The French Connection” the authors offer up a premature ejaculation. “Our report is still preliminary and hasn’t been vetted well by peers yet. It’s also based on a very small dataset and should be taken cautiously. That said, we went public with our results early because our initial findings suggest a strong relationship, one we can’t fully explain, between Francophone countries and foreign fighter radicalization”, Meserole told France 24.

Premature Ejaculation

In all honesty, what is really at stake is intellectual dishonesty.  I hate… intellectual dishonesty more than lying, thievery, and throw in adultery.

It must also be noted, who butters Brooking’s bread and funds the researchers.

McCants and Meserole will always have a job

Track with me through what is now the jihad of the month club:  Paris, Egypt, San Bernardino, Brussels and now Lahore.

Read my lips.  The problem is with a text and compendium of thought which is so incendiary that the adherents of the same are willing to set the world on fire.

The authors wrote, “The French approach to secularism is more aggressive than, say, the British approach.  France and Belgium, for example, are the only two countries in Europe to ban the full veil in their public schools.”

Oh my Gosh!  If only we had not banned the facial veil in America, so many would not have perished on 9/11.   Skidding halt!  Put on the brakes!  America has not banned the facial veil.  (But we should, in fact, do so. The facial veil worn in the West is a statement of militancy and future conquest.)  A few yards of cloth is not what separates Muslim women from the rest of the world.  What separates us is beyond physical borders and geography, and akin to adversarial kingdoms. But in the truest sense, the kingdom of peace is being assaulted by a kingdom built upon death. Radicalization does not come from French political culture. What is happening across the world, the assault on the innocent, is based on Islamic doctrinal norms.

I damn hate intellectual dishonesty.

Before Muslims migrated to the West and experienced the French national language, before migration to the West and high unemployment rates and urbanization, Muslims were conquering the known world with a speed and adaptability which blazed through the Persian and Byzantine Empires, across the Indian sub-continent and to the gates of Vienna. Muhammad killed Jews, burned date palm groves, poisoned wells, ordered eyes put out, and took captive women as booty of war. He ordered the death by stoning of a woman who was adulterous, and he approved of suicide missions. There is no Geneva Convention regarding Islam and acts of war.

In the 21st century we face a grave danger of eventual annihilation of our way of life. Islam in a digital age is like a baboon on speed.  Don’t get in the way. And definitely, hide. Radicalization begins with text and stories (Hadith) and it then incubates within whichever space it finds itself. Radicalization is not geospatial in the truest sense of the word.  The space, merely provides for incubation of the thought life and it then provides a place for active outflow from the thought life.

McCants and Meserole  are running an intellectual false flag operation with hastily and poorly constructed conceptual arches. I doubt they even grasp a concept such as Dar al-Ahd.

Let them continue to collect their paychecks.






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