The Children of LtCol Kato Martinez and Gail Minglana Martinez

As a former LCDR in the US Naval Reserves who had certification in Advanced Burn Life Support I have maintained a strong interest in learning the status of the four children of Lieutenant Colonel Kato Martinez and his wife Gail (killed in the Brussels attack).

The news is tragic

All four children suffered severe burns.  On initial survey of burns, a “rule of nines” is used to determine how much intravenous fluid to administer over the first twenty-four hours of care.  If facial burns are noted, rapid sequence intubation is usually required to maintain a patent airway.

Further down the road: the removal of eschar and the long slow process of skin grafts and physical therapy.

First of all, let me note the obvious:

Daddy is in the ICU.  The children are severely burned. Mom is dead.

Please take a moment and enter “children with facial burns” into a search engine.

View a few images. Imagine the Martinez children lit up like human torches.  And as you imagine the same, view the calm nonchalant looks on the faces of the Brussels bombers as they pushed their Mother of Satan bombs into the Brussels airport.

Think there is no real hell?  Tell that to the Martinez family.

Meanwhile, a friend showed me images  of American military dependents (wives, children, and family pets) being air-lifted out of Turkey this week due to mandatory evacuation orders.   Diplomatic personnel are also only allowed to move about for things which are “mission critical”.

Think Islam is a religion of Peace?  George W fed us a bunch of bull.

Yes, the Martinez children have lost a mother. Yes, LtCol Martinez has lost his wife and is left with children who are suffering in tremendous manner, perhaps even still in a battle for their own lives.

Until…. until bodies are floating down the Thames – Europe and the Western stable powers will not engage the necessary legal (and non-Draconian) means to address Islam in a digital and transnational age.

Perhaps bodies will float down the Thames.  Should it be considered any worse a fate than what has happened to four beautiful American children? I think not.  And I await the floating “parade”.











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7 thoughts on “The Children of LtCol Kato Martinez and Gail Minglana Martinez”

    1. If individuals will merely have the stomach to view images of children with facial burns, my words are not needed. We have to be willing to ponder the excruciating cost being exacted on this family in the name of a false god. Look at a photo. Imagine it to be theophany. There you have it. Just as it has always been, and will always be – a doctrine which brings death.


    2. War Eagle,

      I was at the Garland event as an invitee, and member of the Press Corps. Minus that pile of brass, I might already have already been bones-in-the-ground. You will find a thread of commentary regarding my perception of the event on this site.

      I remain a strong Constitutionalist and especially strongly support freedom of expression, the right to bear arms, and as a journalist, the privacy of my papers and source confidentiality.

      On a personal note, I have raised my sons on the maxim: The Swofford’s don’t take threats, the Swofford’s deal with threats – hence, the right to protect oneself in face of imminent threat.


    3. This story really hit me and made me CRY. The worst thing is it made my stomach turn because I personally know LTCOL Martinez. I ha e known him since I was 16 years old when he was my martial arts instructor here in San Antonio Texas. Today I saw Col. Martinez for the first time since the incident and I did not know what to say but to GIVE HIM A HUG AND GIVE HIM MY CONDOLENCES. All I wish for him is the best and to STAY STRONG.


  1. Since Garland, Texas I have carried everywhere I can carry. The terrorists are already among us.

    I don’t know if the next attack will be like Fort Hood or San Bernardino or the Brussels airport or something even worse, but I will be prepared to protect my loved ones from these savages since my own government is intent on bringing more of these 7th century, cave-dwelling troglodytes into the country to murder us.

    If that day comes, let me be brave enough to say, “Lord if today is truly the day that you call me home, let me die in a pile of empty brass as I protect those I love most!”


  2. No updated status. Part of this might be due to HIPPA laws in the U.S. and the right to privacy. Of major concern is if any of the children (or all of them) are on ventilators still. It is possible, due to the nature of the severe burns. On initial survey of a burn, the sign of ashes around the nares can be a sign of a need for intubation. What some are unaware of is the nature of burns and electrolyte imbalances, disturbances to cardiac function, etc. Burns can also be “to the bone”, and that is something none wish to ponder. I have contacts within the Air Force community and the news is fairly muted and inaccessible. Part of that, could also be due to the presence of Air Force families within the NATO community in Brussels. I know one family there. The pilot, has a wife and two sons.

    The best we can do is offer up our heartfelt prayers for the family unit.


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